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Custom theme appears in Theme Gallery but not in site theme chooser

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 24, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint
I have a custom theme that I have uploaded to the two sites that I am configuring. In both cases, the theme appears in Theme Gallery, but not on Site Settings > Site Theme. How do I fix this?

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Custom Theme for entire Site Collection

I created a theme with custom css for sharepoint 2010 Is it possible for me to use my custom CSS and have it be a selectable theme from each site without me having to modify the master pages of each site that wants to use the theme?

Could not edit " jquery.ui.theme.css" because it is not in the Web site.

I add jquery 8 (css, development, and js folders) to my ASP.net project, everything is fine but when I open a page design I get the following error: Could not edit  "MyProjectPath\ jquery.ui.theme.css" because it is not in the Web site.     do you have an idea about it? Thanks in Advance  

Site Theme in MOSS 2007

Hi,   Can you provide me a code/program to list the site themes applied to all the site collections in my web application.   Regards, Garima

Deploying a custom theme as a farm solution

Hello,   I am a beginner to Visual Studio 2010 + Sharepoint 2010 - I have created a custom theme and would like to deploy it to my dev Sharepoint farm as a solution.  I've added the "Sharepoint mapped folder.." (..TEMPLATE\GLOBAL\Lists\themes) and added my thmx to that folder in the project.  When the solution is deployed to my dev farm the custom theme gets added to the 14 hive \TEMPLATE\GLOBAL\Lists\themes folder but when a new site is created the theme is not available from Site Settings->Site Theme or in the Theme Gallery.  What am I missing here?

Hide 'site theme' in MOSS 2007.


Hi experts,

I have applied customized theme in my client company SharePoint portal. Now, i need that the site theme link in the Main Page site setting  be hide, so that any person despite what access they have cannot change the theme. Is there any way for me to do that? I have look at SharePoint Designer 2007 and locate the directory, but it not available. I want to hide, not to remove, so that in future if there any theme changes, i can do it without problem creating back the link or what so ever.

Thanks a bunch!

Need to change site theme dynamically in MOSS 2007



I'm searching for a web part (or some code easy to implement) that allow to change site theme everytime I click on a link. For example, suppose that I've three colored circles: Red, Blue and Brown. If I click on the red one, I'll obtain the Red theme site; if I select the Blue one, I'll obtain the Blue theme site, and so on. Basically, I need something to personalize look and feel of my site depending on users preferences.

Thanks in advance.

Set the theme for each user for a SharePoint 2010 site.



i want to give each user to set there own theme , in a site and when they login again on the given site they should found there own theme for there login only.

so for each user can set there own theme and when ever he / she login again they should see there theme , in the site.

thanks and regards

james bond

SharePoint My SIte and My Content Theme


I have created my site and themed it properly.

But when I hit on the My Content, it preserves the old theme!!

Can anyone please let me know how to set the theme for My Content in the My Site for all the users?


Thanks in Advance....


When using a custom theme, there is no custom files added to "_themes" directory.


I've been working on customizing some Sharepoint 2010 Team sites and have read through many helpful articles on how to create and edit custom themes. The most consistent method is to create a base theme in Powerpoint which I've done.

I then install this THMX file in the themes library and apply it to my pages which seems to work as expected. The one inconsistency with what these articles say and what is happening on my end is that there is no numbered directory created in the "_themes" directory when I view All Files. These articles explain that this directory is created every time you apply a theme to your site so you can further edit the images and CSS associated with the theme. All I see in this "_themes" directory is "Custom.thmx, CustomPreview.thxm."

Is there some site setting or permissions issue I should look into to have this directory available to me?


Attempted to perform an unauthorized operation Error when customizing theme of a new site


I am just trying to change the color of the site.  when I click apply, i get this error.



Attempted to perform an unauthorized operation.


Troubleshoot issues with Microsoft SharePoint Foundation.

Correlation ID: 6164e755-f413-4e3b-a79b-be7bf7739f42

Date and Time: 11/23/2010 1:18:20 PM


Any help will be greatly appreciated

WPF Ribbon theme customization

Hello everybody!   Is it possibile to customize the builtin wpf ribbon themes?   Thank you very much!

Anounmouse user Theme Issue

Hi All, I am using sharepoint foundation 2010,my problem is when anounmous user visit my site it's shows diffrent css file , but when registerd user enter in to my site it's show diffrent CSS for home page. I have already created custom theme through powerpoint and uploaded it on sharepoint 2010 and it's working fine for all  registered user. But some how anonymous user view is not picking up CSS from the Custom Theme. Please help  

How to customise theme secondary colors?

When editing a theme it is possible to set the primary colors and the secondary colors are auto-generated. Is it possible to customise the secondary colors somehow if I don't like the auto-generated ones?

SystemParametersInfo in VB.Net for detection of HighContrast theme

Hello I am working in VB.Net 2010, framework 2.0. I want to detect weather high contrast theme is applied or not and so I want to use SystemParametersInfo function. Can anybody tell me the sample example for this? I am using the structure Type tHIGHCONTRAST cbSize As Long dwflags As Long lpszDefaultScheme As String End Type but everytime i am getting the "lpszDefaultScheme " as NULL. Thanks in advance for any suggestion

Applying theme on tabs.

Hi,   I have a web application. In which user can able to create one or more tabs. Also I would like to introduce the following .   Selecting themes on ever tabs. All tabs will be on the same page. So user can have theme for each tabs.   How will I apply the theme for each tabs when clicking on them ?    See the sample website url ; http://dropthings.omaralzabir.com/   In this how will I apply theme for each tab when user clicking on it ?Suresh.

How to detect high contrast theme applied or not

I am working in VB.Net 2010, framework 2.0. I want to theme my application and I want to detect that high contrast theme is applied or not. I am using "Microsoft.Win32.SystemEvents.UserPreferenceChanged" events but exactly how to know which theme applied?. In the event of "Microsoft.Win32.SystemEvents.UserPreferenceChanged", controls many times after changing the event and so it is becoming difficult to know which theme is applied. Can anyone please tell me the exact way to know high contrast theme is applied or not???   Thanks in advance.

Setting theme to windows application

Hi I am having Vista Machine & I am developing windows application with VS2008. When i run my application it is showing the current windows theme by default. I want to apply XP classic theme to it. Can you please suggest me how to set my winform as well as control style to XP classic theme. Means after developing my winform application on vista if i run that application on any of the Windows OS it will show me XP theme not the default theme of that operating system. Is there any way for doing the same ? If yes please share it. Thanks, Devendra
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