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Process must exit before requested information can be determined...

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 24, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net

Hello All!

I wrote the following lines of code within the even handler for a Process_Exited event. The really weird thing is that on the fifth line I get the error "Process must exit before requested informaiton can be determined. (When trying to access the Exit Time & Exit Code)

            Private Sub AssociatedProcess_Exited(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles AssociatedProcess.Exited
                Do Until AssociatedProcess.HasExited = True
                'The process has exited.
                Console.CursorLeft = 0
                Console.WriteLine("{0}: {1}. Exit Code: {2} ({3})" & vbCrLf, _
                                  Date.Now, AssociatedProcess.StartInfo.FileName, AssociatedProcess.ExitCode, If(AssociatedProcess.ExitCode = 0, "Success", "Fail"))

Does anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening? I cant make sense of it.

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CrystalReport:- The report you requested requires further information.

Hi Guysi am trying crystal report first time and i used xsd file  in this example and when  i tried to run this example at that time i got one page which ask me a database name and user name and password but It not allow me to write Database name.and it have one check box of integrated security. so now what to do i get stucked plz can any one help me?i have tried on other pc to but i got same request page.i want a solution which not ask me this id pass all the time.

The report you requested requires further information?

I have this prebuilt crystal report used access db with out logon information. It works in the dev. using VS2005. When I created a build and installed on the server, it popup the following info when invoked the crystal report. The report you requested requires further information '\\xxx\yyyy\TestDB.mdb Server name:                   [\\xxx\yyyy\TestDB.mdb] Database name:               [\\xxx\yyyy\TestDB.mdb] User name: Password: [] Use Integrated Security                                            [Log On]   Any idea why or any suggestion?  

The process exit code was "9879465" while the expected was "0".

Hello All, Was hoping for assistance in detemining why this error is occuring... I have an SSIS package using an "Execute Process" task that calls an external VB program.  The VB program reads XML to connect and download Oracle data but fails with the above message... This is captured in SSIS logging: -1073573551 0x In Executing "K:\BillingSystemLoad\BillingSystemLoad.exe" "K:\BillingSystemLoad\Daily\WOM_OCR_ORDER_COMP_Daily.xml" at "", The process exit code was "9879465" while the expected was "0".  Can anyone tell me where to researh the datacode -1073573551 number or point me in the direction to resolve? Thanks for any help, Curtis

The step did not generate any output. Process Exit Code 0. The Step Succeeded


Hi All,

We have a job which calls a dts package. The status after the run of this step is The step did not generate any output.  Process Exit Code 0.  The step succeeded.

What does that mean when it says Did not generate any output?


Thanks very much, Manoj Deshpande.

The merge process could not retrieve column information for table 'dbo.xxxx'. Verify that you have


Hi, we have a merge pull replication in SQL Server 2008 R2 (publisher) and SQL Express 2008 (subscribers)

The publication contains almost 200 articles.

We are having trouble in only one article.

When we update / insert a row in that table, all the subscribers fail to sync with the following error:

The merge process could not retrieve column information for table 'dbo.Tipo_Movimiento_Caja'. Verify that you have sufficient privileges on the database and retry the operation. (Source: MSSQL_REPL, Error number: MSSQL_REPL-2147201016)

Cannot synchronize the subscription because the schemas of the article at the Publisher and the Subscriber do not match. It is likely that pending schema changes have not yet been propagated to the Subscriber. Run the Merge Agent again to propagate the changes and synchronize the data. (Source: MSSQLServer, Error number: 25007)

The script of that article is really simple, and it has no join filters:

exec sp_addmergearticle @publication = N'IPoint_Pub', @article = N'Tipo_Movimiento_Caja', @source_owner = N'dbo', @source_object = N'Tipo_Movimi

ASP.NET Architecture - ASP.NET Worker Process - HTTP Pipleline - Http Modules and Handlers

"ASP.NET is a powerful platform for building Web applications, that provides a tremendous amount of flexibility and power for building just about any kind of Web application. Most people are familiar only with the high level frameworks like WebForms and WebServices which sit at the very top level of the ASP.NET hierarchy. In this article I'll describe the lower level aspects of ASP.NET and explain how requests move from Web Server to the ASP.NET runtime and then through the ASP.NET Http Pipeline to process requests.

How to get more information about the exceptions that can happen in SharePoint 2010 projects?

In case there is an exception anywhere in the SharePoint 2010 project (most common place an exception would happen is during deployment of your SharePoint project, custom deployment configuration or custom deployment steps), there's a registry key EnableDiagnostics available for you to use.

Information about sessions


Some questions about sessions:

I know sessions information is stored in the form of cookie and you can use qurystring for that if you set cookieless session in web.config. But I don't exactly understand the scope of a session.

What I believe is when you login to a website, a session cookie is created and the scope of that session is within that page only. If you close the browser that session gets killed and when you open the browser again and go to that site then a new session is created ie a new session is created on every request. Is this correct?

But I have seen in many websites, even if you close the browser and open it again the session is not killed, how does that happen?

Can anyone clear out and explain the scope/lifetime of sessions


ERROR [HY000] [Informix .NET provider][Informix]Database locale information mismatch


Hi, there is an upgrade to my infimacs server and my web application encounter this error after the infimacs is upgraded.

Below is the information on the server before/after the upgrade.

Before            After

---------       -----------  

Solaris 8      Solaris 10

IDS 9.40     IDS 11.50

The web server where the web application hosted is running IBM Informix Connect 2.81. There is no such error before the upgrade is done.

As a developer, i have IBM Informix Client-SDK 2.90 installed on my local pc and debug the page where the read is needed from infimacs but no such error found.

The error come out only when it is hosted on the web server where IBM Informix Connect 2.81 is installed.

I have gone through many articles and it suggest me to set the environement  variable in the server :  DB_LOCALE=en_us.819.

I haven't try this solution but i think that this might not be the best solution.

Is it possible to to to have this settin

How to send an email with information in query string


First I will say I googled (Binged to make Bill happy) for this but could not find anything, perhaps I am not stating what I need correctly;

I have a website that a customer creates orders (for a printing company) and after the order, I would like to email the customer a link to view the status of their order;

I need to send the CustomerID in the link so on the returning page if a CustomerID is detected in the querystring, I "auto login" the client and open the "Dashboard" for the order page for that customer.

Can anyone point me in the right direction as to how to send the link and how to parse the querystring to get the values from the link;

Thank you if you can point me in the right direction.

For Multi-Language website which process is better in asp.net


 I want to build multi-language website in asp.net 2008 and asp.net 2010. So, which process is better for building application? Using either Local and Global Resource or New Folder to make separate according to language?


Application performance should be good and also easy manageable.


Please suggest me in which way I will build the application either using resource or folder. If there is any other better solution then please share.

need information about ironpython



 i have installed visual studio 2008.it works fine

now i want to try ironpython. :)

so please give me details of step for installation and which sources require to start ironpython in visual studio 2008.



CLR Inside Out: In-Process Side-by-Side


The new .NET Framework 4.0 maintains backward compatibility while allowing core innovations by using a new feature called In-Process Side-by-Side. Learn about how it works and some problems it didn't solve.

Luiz Fernando Santos, Jesse Kaplan

MSDN Magazine December 2009

.NET Visualization: Visualizing Information with .NET


Having the capability to draw pictures usually isn't enough for a good information visualization platform. The key to building a visualization platform is capabilities such as interactivity, generating metadata, and overlaying related data. You need a level of flexibility that lets you render any data in any way at any time.

Laurence Moroney

MSDN Magazine August 2009

Team System: Streamline Team Projects With Process Templates


See how you can streamline your team projects using Process Templates in Visual Studio Team System (VSTS)

Brian A. Randell

MSDN Magazine December 2008

Security Briefs: Threat Models Improve Your Security Process


Using threat models to drive your security engineering process helps prioritize the code review, fuzz testing, and attack surface analysis tasks.

Michael Howard

MSDN Magazine November 2008

Security Briefs: Reinvigorate your Threat Modeling Process


In this column the author outlines some approaches to threat modeling that can be employed by development teams of any size.

Adam Shostack

MSDN Magazine July 2008

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