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light Box

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 24, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net


i want to use ligh box effect like i have login control and i want to show login control in ligh box effect so its like if i open on login link login control wil show and same time we can control click anywhere in page ??


can u help in thse ? pls?? 

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The default keypad on Windows Mobile is not at all finger friendly, there is no way you can use it with your fingers. I have trouble using the stylus with it too. But there are many freeware option available to make the SIP ( Software Input Panel - check the Glossary ) finger friendly. Some of these are HTC Diamond keyboard, Blimkeys, PocketCM Keyboard and then now we have PDA Keyboard v1.0 Light Edition from pdamedia.biz. When you hit the blue button it goes into fullscreen mode , then you can use both your hands for typing.

RIA: Light Up SharePoint With Silverlight 2 Web Parts


Find out how to integrate SharePoint and Silverlight by creating a Silverlight media player and deploying it as a SharePoint Web Part.

Steve Fox and Paul Stubbs

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How i find out light and dark color range??



I am showing preview of text in text box.

But if text color is light(Like white) and i want to show that text preview than text is not visible because textbox background color is white.

Can i get the range of dark and light color so i'll change textbox backgroun color accordingly.

Thanks in advance.

Light Weight PopUp

The article Light Weight PopUp was added by bhaarat on Wednesday, September 01, 2010.Hello Friends Here we have a javascript and CSS code to create a light weight popupson Code Behinddiv> input id="Button1" type="button" value="Click To Popup" onclick="ShowDiv('DivOrderSearch','DivLayer'

How To Update Database When The System Shut Down By Light Problem

Hi,I want to update the User LoggedIn Status to 'False', when the system shut down by light problem, or when the user click the 'Browser Close Button'Please help me in details.Thanks in advance.



I been tasked to create a traffic light system report in Reporting Services 2005.

We have a DUNDAS add-on feature installed, but they don't have any features.

Can anyone suggest other means of creating this.


Silver Light

Hi, I am using Visual Studio Professional Edition 2008. Is it possible to install silverlight. If possible I need help

Silver light web part could not be displayed while using it with ADO.NET service in SharePoint 2010


I have created a silver light application which leverages the ADO.NET Data Services in SharePoint 2010 and trying to achieve the CRUD functionality through ADO.NET data service. For that I have added service reference by specifying URL as http://<server name>:1111/_vti_bin/listdata.svc to my silver light application in visual 2010. Now I have written the desired code in MainPage.xaml and code behind by using DataGrid control (System.Windows.Controls.Data) of silver light 4.0. I have build the application and pasted .xap file in to ClientBin folder of 14 hive.

Now I open a web browser and put the site URL as http://<server name>:1111/. On home page itself I have added a silver light web part but when I configure it by specifying the URL as _layouts/ClientBin/<xap file name>.xap it shows me the regular error saying &ldqu

Light box and server events


Hello frnds

i am using light box in one of my asp.net website

On a linkbutton click, an application form opens in a lightbox. this form contains a dropdownlist.

till now it was working fine. but now i have to change some coding. 

Whenever a value is selected from that dropdownlist, its selectedindexchanged is fired. At this moment my form with light box gets disapper. 

what i want is, it should remain on screen as it is when any of the server side event is fired.

is it possible ?



After registering the "zkemkeeper.dll". I can't use the control in silver light, wpf even aspx. can

After registering the "zkemkeeper.dll". I can't use the control in silver light, wpf even aspx.

 The control in tool box is disabled. This is the issue I had faced.

Cannot get SPCalendarItems to Open in Light Box


I am having to do a custom visual web part in VS2010 because the calendar view does not support filters/connections out of the box (OOTB).  So, I am filtering list results and programatically creating a SPCalendarItemCollection and feeding it to an SPCalendarView datasource.

Everything works fine with one exception, when I click on the event it does not open in the standard light box.  OOTB does this just fine.  I cannot see a way to change this behavior. 

Light up your NuPacks with startup code and WebActivator

Wow, it's hard to believe that it's been less than a week since NuPack went public.  We were hoping to get noticed, but the attention we got was way beyond my wildest expectations!  The buzz on Twitter has just been phenomenal, and for the most part the feedback has been very positive.  Thank you all for that, this is very encouraging for our little NuPack team :)   NuPack as a noun for the packages   Before I get into the meat, I'll just say that I want to start using NuPack as a noun that refers to the packages.  So rather than saying "There is a NuPack package for Spark", I'll say "There is a NuPack for Spark".  Or to use NuPack teammate Rob Reynold's catch phrase. " There a NuPack for that! ".  Hmmm...(read more)

How can I add new rows in my Gridview? (sansan if you out there shed some light here pls!)


Hi all,

I have a aspx page which fetches data from one table every few seconds and it 'caches' my previous rows; so does the following:

1 - Fills Gridview with data from table;
2 - After 5 seconds it 'caches' the previous rows in the Gridview by calling FetchData();
3 - Fills Gridview with new data from table again;
4 - Compare old rows with the new ones if they are 'contained' inside the 'cache';

So every 5 seconds I call the FetchData() function:

	private void FetchData()
		// Save Previous GridView values in a list
		var cachedList = GridView1.Rows.Cast<GridViewRow>().Select(a => new
			instanceID = ((Label)a.FindControl("lblInstanceID")).Text,
			CommentsBackup = ((TextBox)a.FindControl("txtBoxComments")).Text

		// Load New GridView values. Here I execute the GridView1.DataBind();

		// Save the new updated rows (new rows/data) in a list
		var newRows = GridView1.Rows.Cast<GridViewRow>().ToList();

		// Loop through previous rows and concatenate comments if different
		foreach (var oldRow in cachedList)
			// Find the row and update comments   
			var newRow = newRows.Find(a => ((Label)a.FindControl("lblInstanceID")).Text == oldRow.instanceID);

			if (newRow != null)

Sliver light 3.0 installation


On my machine ,i have  VS 2008 profession edition,sp1.

Installesd silverlight sdk and sliverlight tools 3.0 exe.But i am not seeing any project type with  silver light ,when i am creating new project.

Light version of Visual Web Developer?




I don't like dragging and dropping stuff, even I don't like to see them at all. I would like to ask if Microsoft provide a light version of  Visual Web Developer that only provides source view only?



Creating a data application using Silver Light

This article for beginners deals about creating a data application using silver light
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