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Collecting Data and Filtering Data

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 23, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint

I would like to be able to create a cusomized list that can be used to input data in various sites and then display that data in another single site. Somewhat like a help desk in that each sub group of users has their own site(s) and can input and monitor data in the list. The people working the help desk would be able to see all of the data entered at all of the different sites, but people at the differnent sites can see only their data. Note Im using Help Desk as an example.

I thought perhaps a connection to a SQL table to store/filter all of the entries depending on the site accessing the data using some internal Sharepoint functions to determine the site entering the data etc. Just not sure. I think some people refer to this as a roll-up but I think it's more involved than that.


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Disable filtering on a Dynamic Data list view.


I have an entity set of NotificationTemplates, and each one of these has a collection of zero-many SmsTemplate entities. When editing or viewing a NotificationTemplate, I have a link to View SMS Templates. That link takes me to a List view for the SmsTemplates entity set, filtered for the NotificationTemplate I was viewing.

How can I prevent the user changing this filter to show SmsTemplates for another NotificationTemplate? That is, I want the filter, but it must be read only. The drop-down just mustn't drop down, it must just display the name of the NotificationTemplate that these SmsTemplates belong to. To view SmsTemplates for another NotificationTemplate, the user must click View SMS Templates from that other template.

This was originally asked by myself on SatckOverflow at: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3514373/disable-filtering-on-a-dynamic-data-list-view

Collecting data from multiple servers

I have a list of about 500 servers that I am trying to connect to and collect various amounts of information from these servers through one query. I'd like to have something that doesn't involve OS batch scripting or using SQLCMD as the SQL Instances range from SQL 2000 through SQL 2008 R2. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas on what to do to accomplish this?Big Ern

ASP.NET Dynamic Data Filtering not working

 Hello. I am trying to use this DLL to make searches on dynamic data pageshttp://www.codeplex.com/DynamicDataFilteringI pasted the following code, but nothing happens    <cc1:DynamicFilterForm ID="DynamicFilterForm1" DataSourceID="GridDataSource" runat="server">             <FilterTemplate>                                             <table>                <tr>                    <td>                        Nombre activo</td>                    <td>                          <cc1:DynamicFilterControl ID="DynamicFilterControl3

Filtering Chart data based on querystring

i need to present chart that is based on the list but i need it filtered by query string. is this even possible to do?

BCS Data List - Unable to Allow Filtering

Hello,   I'm using the BCS Data List to display values from the 'Contoso Inventory List' on the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 demo machine.  I'm unable to allow user filtering of data - the options appear grayed out.  Here's what I did: Dropped a BCS Data List web part on my page Selected my External Content Type Data appeared as expected I then clicked the 'Edit View' link to modify the BCS Data List view The selections under 'Items to Retrieve' are grayed out - with "Retrieve All Items" selected by default.   I had hoped to use 'Retrieve items specified by the user' which in SharePoint 2007 BDC gave the user filtering options.I'm hoping someone can help me understand what I'm doing wrong.     Thanks!   Steven   ps - I get the same behavior with different SharePoint sites and External Content Types, so I don't believe it's a problem with my SharePoint site.

Advice on collecting data in a time series

Hi everyone,  I just wanted to get some ideas of what you would think be the best way to collect data/numbers that are part of a time series?  Let's say I'm collecting monthly data from the users, related to some product and I'd like to be able to provide them a simple and efficient way of entering these numbers based on some month end period.  So for instance on 6/30/2009, they could enter some numbers for a set of data points that pertain to that product.  Would one of the data controls (such as GridView or DetailsView) be sufficient to do this?  I know the GridView isn't so much able to save data but I believe the DetailsView has some functionality for that. In the end, I'd really like to provide a seemless way to do show this and ability to enter and save this.  Any ideas would be appreciated.Thanks

Data View and Scheduled Start & End Dates Filtering

I have a data view that needs to display all pages that are current and the closing date is greater than or equal to today's date. The issue I am having is that the data view is displaying pages that are have the a future scheduled start date or the scheduled end date is past, i.e. something that has a start date of tomorrow, is displaying and a page that has an end date of yesterday is displaying. I can tried to filter the data view on the scheduled start and end dates but I can't see it in the Filter Options of the 'Common Data View Tasks'. I have also tried adding XSLT Filtering but am unsure how to set it up.  I have added the following as an XSLT filtering [@PublishingStartDate<=$Today or string-length(@PublishingStartDate)=0] I am wanting to check whether I have done this correctly or not. Some pages won't have a scheduled start date but all will have an end date. Below is the code from my data view: <WebPartPages:DataFormWebPart runat="server" ShowWithSampleData="False" AllowRemove="True" AllowHide="True" SuppressWebPartChrome="False" PartImageLarge="" ViewContentTypeId="" ExportMode="All" Dir="Default" MissingAssembly="Cannot import this Web Part." ID="g_fdf00570_38e8_4df9_8ab3_5ca3ed974c41" DataSourceID="" IsIncludedFilter=""

inserting one table data to another after filtering nulls and duplicates

hi i have tbl_ip i want to filter nulls and duplicate to my tbl_ipfilter can u suggest me a stored procedure for this. data of tbl_ip is like below . ip NULL NULL NULL

About Filtering in Dynamic Data



Is there a way in which you might provide an answer to the following:

(A) In what I call "Bulk Insert Mode" (which is just staying in the Insert page after an insertion has been made) I would like to have available all previous selections I already have made in the dropdownlists of the previous entry. All other might as well be "reset" for fields like dates, text, numbers, etc.

I need to implement this feature as to make data entry easier to the end user. e.g.:

Imagine you are entering products into a catalog and the products table has (let's suppose) 20 Foreign Keys belonging to reference data as : type of product, type of package, brandname, type of transaction, accounting code, country of origin, warehouse code, userlogin, dataentry, color, container type, type, shipment number, etc.

As it is now in Dynamic Data after an insertion has been made it takes yoiu back to the List page and if you choose Insert again then everything has been already reset and you have to start from scratch ...all fields are empty and the dropdowwnlits are set to [No Set] ... pretty ugly, uh? (... ooops ! sorry for the oxymoron)

(B) I'd also like to know the way in which I could implement cascading among filters considering its inheritance (I don't know the

Filtering My Data based on Boolean



I have a Gridview on my aspx page that is filtered based on a series of fields.

One of these fields is a drop down list 'Status' the options are; 'Read', 'Unread' and 'Both'.

The SQL Stored Procedure expects serveral parameters including a bit parameter for the field 'Read'.

If the Drop Down list has Read or Unread in it my Stored Parameter works but if it has Both in I am not sure what to pass to the Stored Procedure to get it to give me all records or basically ignore the Read field.

Can anyone help?



MDX Query Filtering Out Data That I Want


I am still learning MDX and am struggling with a query that is feeding a SSRS report. What I am trying to do is provide a data set that breaks down the measures by Product Family, Machine and then Product Code. This is a parameterized query from SSRS where the three groupings are all multi-select parameters.

I have been experimenting with Non Empty and the NonEmpty function trying to eliminate rows that contain all NULL's for all measures. The query below does accomplish that. However, during my troubleshooting, I noticed one case when I failed to eliminate the null rows. In that case, there was one row that had 2 columns with data. All the rest were NULL. No matter how I formulated the query I could not get that one row to show up with the others AND have the rest of the rows with NO data filtered out.

The query below I captured using the Profiler & Excel and then hacked it to give me what I wanted. The result set includes many columns that are percentages so my desire was to use the Aggregate function in the report for the grouped roll-ups to ensure that I am getting the appropriate aggregates. Speaking of which, how do I have the rollup aggregate values restricted to only the data displayed in the report? In other words, what I am seeing is that the aggregate is for the entire grouping including items filtered out of the report. For example, I see t

Workflow email and the link to collecting data page



I’ve created a workflow in SharePoint Designer 2007. The workflow is collecting data from user and update the item in the current list and is running ok to send Task Notification email to the user.

My 2 questions are:


1. How to customize the email?

Here is the notification email:

Task assigned by [Admin’s Name] on 10/20/2010.

To complete this task:

Filtering Joined Data View Web Parts


Hi All


My requirements:
There is a list view of briefings on my homepage. End-users will need to open a briefing, take a quiz related to the briefing, and then upon passing the quiz, the briefing will be removed from the list view on the homepage.

Current structure:
Briefings are kept in a 'Briefings' list. Upon completing a quiz, an entry is generated in a 'QuizResults' list, with either a Pass or Fail Status. There could be hundreds of briefings, and there will be around 1,000 employees needing to take the quizzes.

I have linked the data sources 'Briefings' and 'QuizResults' and created a DVWP in SPD. First showing the title field from the Briefings list, and then adding the 'Status' and 'Created By' fields from the QuizResults list as a joined subview. the two lists are joined by a common field, 'UniqueRef' (a UniqueRef is common for all records in QuizResults relating to a record in Briefings with the same UniqueRef).

I am aiming to filter the joined list so that it only displays the title from the Briefings list, when the following occur:

Briefings\@UniqueRef = QuizResults\@UniqueRef  AND  QuizResults\@Author = [Current User]  AND  QuizResults\@Status != 'Pass'  [ie quiz has been taken and not passed]

SQL replicaton - collecting data



I have master SQL server with DB Central and a lot of satellite SQL servers with DB Client. I need to collect data from log tables(LogTable) on Client(each client has own ID in log table) to one big table on Central(LogTableCentral).
-Data must go only from Client to Central
-On each Client I want to have only data for this Client
-I need solution with minimal amount of work on client side because of count of clients
-Central is MS SQL server Enterprise, Clients are MS SQL server 2005, 2008

-data can be collected periodically(for example: every day at 01:00)

Thanks a lot

sql profiler stops collecting data


Dear users,

SQL Server 2008 Enterprise.


I set up security logging through SQL Profiler for SQL Server 2008 Standard editions.

After that I created a stored procedure and turned on the autoexecution to turn on SQL Profiler automatically after SQL agent stops.

I set it up probably in September this year and it ran until 10/22/2010.

I experience this twice so far since I set up security logging.

I don't see TRACE STOP message in SQL PROFILER file.

I wonder what stops logging information.

If you look at the line,

set @DateTime = DATEADD(d, 2000,GETDATE())

it should run 2000 days which is about 6 years. I wonder why it stops and what I should fix.


--For your understanding I am attaching the T-SQL I ran to set up logging. Thank you very much.

USE master



-- C

Having trouble filtering data view inserted on DispForm.aspx by field value already on the page.

I have a DispForm.aspx page showing, of course, the names and values of fields of an item within a custom list that I have created.

I have inserted a dataview of another custom list onto this page.  Of course, when doing so, SharePoint Designer allows you to create a filter for this view.

I would like to filter this dataview using a value of a field of an item of the FIRST custom list (a value already shown on this page).

I mistakenly thought creating a data view parameter of "Form" source was the solution, but it is not.

Is there a way I can capture data appearing on the page (from the original DispForm) and use this value as a filter?

Any assistance would be most helpful.

InfoPath 2010: how to filtering data picker to fridays


Is there possibility to available selecting only fridays from date picker control in InfoPath 2010?? I would like to use date picker but want that user can only select one day in week. This day should be Friday. I will be appreciate to help.

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