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Shared calendars and Exchange Web Services Managed API

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 23, 2010    Points: 0   Category :.NET Framework



there are many users and their e-mail addresses with calendars in our company. All the calendars are shared with one Exchange account, that means, by logging in with this special account, I can see in OWA all the users' calendars.


My problem is, that when I try to find appoitments of some of the shared calendars using EWS (Exchange Web Services) API, I always get just calendar of that special virtual user (created just for sharing).


Here is what I do:

ExchangeService service = new ExchangeService();

service.Credentials = new NetworkCredentials("myspecialaccount@domain.com", "password");

service.Url = "https://myexchangewebservicesurl";

CalendarFolder folder = CalendarFolder.Bind(service, WellKnownFolderName.Calendar);

now when I call folder.FindAppoitments I get only appoitments (actually I get nothing because the account has no appoitments) of the account I used in credentials, but I want to have an option to choose some of the shared calendar.


Does anyone know how to do that? Thank you very much..

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SQL Server Tables and Exchange Web Services sample does not include email body

I've sucessfuly implemented the above, very useful example. However, I cannot work out how to include the Body of the email with the reast of the data. Can anyone shed some light for me? Thanks Robert

Sharepoint Managed Metadata Services and Office 2007

Is there a patch or a workaround which would allow you to fill in metadata information pertaining to a column(which is a managed metadata type) from office 2007 client application. Currently it is greyed out and says Edit in server. Thanks KI am what i am

How to resolve Shared Services Provider creation failure?

I would like to ask for support regarding this problem: SSP provisioning will be retried periodically. If you correct the error that caused this failure, provisioning will subsequently succeed. To stop provisioning from being retired, delete the SSP. I'm creating a New SSP & everytime I create, I received that message. I tried to reset the IIS already, restart the machine, but still I received that error after I create a new SSP. Wait for soonest advise!

Shared Services Administration Issue

Hi, I have done all the steps in create new SSP, But at the end, When I tried to click on my SSP Name on the left navigations (E.g http://sharpointportal/ssp/admin)  I am not able to get Admin Home page. For me its showing "Page cannot be displayed" I am not sure where it went wrong. please help me for solve this issue.

Shared Services Administration Issue

I successfully configured the central administration sharepoint services and Shared services administration. the url like: http://sharepointportal/ssp/admin. But it is not working. Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage error displayed. please give me the solution for this issue

Where is the Office SharePoint Server Shared Services

We want to enable Excel Services on our sharepoint. I think I have to somehow enable Shared Services. I googled, but on all the pages they say: "On the Application Management page, in the Office SharePoint Server Shared Services section, click Create or configure this farm's shared services."

But on our Central Administration site there is no Office Sharepoint Server Shared Services section.

On another page is says: On the SharePoint Central Administration Web Site, Click SharedService1 (in the quick launch part under 'Shared Services Adminsitration'). But this link is not on our Central Administration web site.

I'm logged in als the System Account of the sharepoint. (tfsservice account).

Am I missing something? Or do I have to install something to het Shared Services?

Synchronization for Shared Services Provider 'yyy' has failed. Event ID 5783


Hi all,

Hoping someone can shed some lights on this issue -

I'm getting 5783 application log warning (details below) one in every minute in my WFE. Time job status says Shared Services Provider Synchrorizing Job succeeded on this WFE (xxxWEB01) - but aborted on Application server (xxxAPP - where my CA is running) [see below]. Though there is no 5783 warnings in Application server logs. I also noticed if I disable the "Shared Services Provider Synchrorizing Job" - I don't get the warning on xxxWEB01.

I tried deleting old databases through the Sync STSADM command following this post with no luck.   

This is a MOSS 2007 server farm with SP2 applied and 1 WFE, 1 Application server and 1 SQL 2005 server.

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advanced!


Event Type: Warning
Event Source: Office SharePoint Server
Event Category: Office Server Shared Services
Event ID: 5783
Date:  9/23/2010
Time:  12:39:59 PM
User:  N/A
Computer: xxxWEB01
Synchronization for Shared Services Prov

Exchange Web Services - Attachments not working


I am trying to attach files using the Exchange Web Services in C#.   I generated a web reference in my C# project by pointing to the wsdl within EWS.  The path is <EWS Server>/ews/services.wsdl.

When I run this line of code:

esp = _esb.CreateAttachment(reqCreateAttach);

I get the following error:

{"The request failed schema validation: The element 'CreateAttachment' in namespace 'http://schemas.microsoft.com/exchange/services/2006/messages' has invalid child element 'Attachments' in namespace 'http://schemas.microsoft.com/exchange/services/2006/messages'. List of possible elements expected: 'ParentItemId' in namespace 'http://schemas.microsoft.com/exchange/services/2006/messages'."}

reqCreateAttach is of the type CreateAttachmentType.

It contains an array of FileAttachmentTypes.

Please help.

Shared Services account error


While troubleshooting an error in SharePoint 2007 I went to Central Administration > Application Management > Manage this Farm's Shared Services. I then pointed at SharedServices 64bit (Default) and clicked on the down arrow to bring up the menu. I selected Edit Properties and got the folowing error:

An unhandled exception occurred in the user interface.Exception Information: The specified account name is invalid.
Parameter name: account

It would appear as though an account is not set properly but I don't know were to go to change it. Ideas?

Thanks in advance,



Overlaying Exchange Calendars


I'm currently playing around with Calendars in Sharepoint and I have a couple questions.


I know it is possible to overlay an exchange calendar on a calendar. Is it possible to overlay multiple exchange calendars (from different users) onto 1 calendar. This functionality is kind of realized with Group Calendars, however I would prefer it if each person didn't get their own line, so under Friday the 22nd for example, it would list everyone's appointments/events/tasks color coded by person.


Is it possible for Sharepoint to set Events or Appointments in someones outlook calendar? I.e would it be possible for me to create an appointment from 1-2 in sharepoint, and have my status be set as away due to that appointment during it, much like creating appointments does in Outlook? I imagine this would take some kind of workflow with approvals but I can't seem to find much on it.


If anyone could tell me if these are possible or not either OOB or by custom code, and if they are any help or a point in the right direction would be appreciated.




Performing MTD/YTD calcs over multiple calendars and regions in analysis services


I have the following situation in my cube:

Shop A uses calendar Cal1. Their 1st sales month starts Jan 5th. Shop B uses calendar Cal2. Their 1st sales month starts Jan 10th. Shop C...etc

I need to produce a daily (reporting services) report with the actual calendar date as a parameter. The list of shops is also a multi select parameter. If a user selects the 15th of Jan, I need to show the combined MTD sales for all shops selected in the parameters. So that would mean the first 10 days of sales for shop A and the first 5 days of sales for shop B etc. Note this means the MTD calc has to work over sales months rather than calendar months. 

Any ideas on how best to set up my dimensions/attributes to make this work?

I am implementing multiple calendars using a bridging table between my date and calendar dimensions. It is the technique described here: http://duncansutcliffe.wordpress.com/2010/06/11/a-better-date-dimension/

I can not hard code the calendars as there is a requirement to possibly add more

Two Calendars on One Page in Reporting Services


Hello I have an attenance calendar, they have the attendance for each day and each site one is Alpine the other San Diego.  I need two calendar to show on one page, so if they calendar is for the Computer Certification Training (Alpine, San Diego) I need both to show on one page.  How can I do that??



September 2010 Monthly Progress Report

Computer Certificate Training
Start Date- 5/1/2010
End Date- 10/31/2010

Shared Services Provider Creation Failed


I am trying to setup a SSP in Moss 2007. There was a default SSP but it became corrupt due to some backup software that was installed on the server. I had to remove it through the stsadm.

When I noe attempt to create a new SSP I keep getting the following error message:

Shared Services Provider Creation Failed. Check the Event log.

I check the event logs and there is nothing in it.

Anyone any ideas on this?


How to Connect SQL Reporting Services to a SharePoint Document Library (Shared Documents)


Hi experts,

I've read 1 article and already tested it, and it works for me to connect reporting services with SharePoint List



But my concern now with the same approach how can i connect to SharePoint Document Library (Shared Documents)



I've 1 shared document link, inside there we store all the pdf image that we scan. and each image created we define field/attribute at Edit Properties. Meaning we just not store the pdf image but also information input.


I've contact the owner of blog for long time but no response. Please advise Thanks in advanced.


Im using : SharePoint 2007, SQL 2005 & Visual Studio 2005

Can you use calendar overlays to show two Exchange 2003 conference room calendars in Sharepoint 2010


I want to use the calendar overlays to show an aggregate view of multiple conference room calendars on a single sharepoint 2010 foundation webpart.  The calendars are resource calendars held on an SBS 2003 server.  Is this possible?  I get a 404 error if I try to navigate to https://myowaserver.contoso.com/EWS/exchange.asmx with IE.  If I try the calendar I get the  following error:

Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel with authority 'myowaserver.contoso.com'

These are the entries in the overlay calendar:



is SBS 2003 not supported?

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