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Named Set working in excel but not in Browser....

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 23, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Sql Server


I have a problem in the named sets.

I have a dimension with 6 levels and I have to calculate the standard deviation for each level, only for the siblings. I used Siblings to calculate the stdevp but it was not working with the filter, So i had to use named sets.

The problem is, this calculation is working fine in the Excel, even with the filter, but in the SSAS browser, filter is not working. Could anyone please suggest me the solution for this, or to calculate stdevp for siblings with some other way, that should work for the filters also(Filter here should be on the same dimension for which the stdevp is being calculated)?.

here are my calculations:

Named Sets:


[LEVEL2] : [DIM_A].[A].[LEVEL2].

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In sharepoint excel working fine in office 2007 but not in office 2010


Hi All,

we receive error  while trying to create excel sheet using the template we have uploaded on the SharePoint 2007.


This occurs on a machine that has Office 2010 installed. Earlier the machine had Office 2007 and everything was working fine.


Can you let me know why is problem is coming and how to resolve this.



Sanjeev Tiwari


Working with Excel

Hi all,    I'm working in VS2005 and my task is following,   1. Need to open Excel file   2. Then call a macro function of the Excel   3. Close the Excel filefor this i'm using Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.ApplicationInstead of Interop what else i can use to do this Excel operation?Thanks!

SharPoint 2010 : Open word and excel documents within Browser without installing office Web App on S

guys, SharePoint 2010 how can i have the word documents and excel sheets open up with in the browse windows without installing Office Web App on the server, all i want to give users is the read access. Also i did not install anyting on sharepoint server to have pdf open up in the browser and yet it does. thanks in advance. sameer   thanks sameer

How to open a word document,excel sheet in web browser?

I want to upload a word document and excel document and then i want to view that document on the browser itself using asp.net and c#. How i can do this. Please send me proper code and explanation if possible.

Target audiences not working in excel services web part

My appologies i posted this originally in the pre-2010 forum So i'm reposting here: We have recently upgraded to Sharepoint 2010 and we're experiencing problems with the "target audience" field being available to the users. I am not the CA admin though so it'll make this a bit tough to get solved if the problem is there. What i'm looking for are the suggestions of things for me to forward to the CA admin to change or check if anything. We have a seperate Virtual Machine that is running 2010 that has this option available to users on that farm for some reason. however on our corporate farm we don't have that option available. Plus on top of this the quick launch items are not working with audiences as well to turn off the headers to links that have nothing in them due to security trimming on document libraries. I'm hoping that this being a more of an overview of things to check would help others who may have this problem as well. I've seen resolutions such as rebooting the server and such, however that's a bit lower level and we need some higher level things to check that may resolve the issue. Think the simple stuff first to check and lets work down the list. Doesn't matter how stupid it is but can we get a more compiled list of things to check to make sure that target audience visibility to users is enabled? Thanks!

Sharepoint export to spreadsheet gives two extra columns in excel 2007 named as type and path, is th

When i export a list in excel 2007, it creates two extra columns named as type and path. At the same time this behaviour is not exhibited in office 2000. Is there any way to remove these two columns without using code ? Is there any configuration settings required for this, to remove it on the fly ? Thanks Ravish Verma

Excel does not open in the browser even after office web is installed and integrated with sharepoint


guys, i have installed and configured office web apps with sharepoint 2010 after which i

a.  i created SA instances for excel , word viewing and powerpoint,

b. activated office web feature and deactivated "opening in the client application" feature

now word opens up fine in the browser but excel still opens in the client application, any suggestions?




Ajax AsyncFileUpload control not working in IE7.0 and IE8.0 browser in Integrated Windows Authentica



I am facing problem using Ajax AsyncFileUpload control in IE7.0 and IE8.0 browsers. 

It is working fine in local environment, when you deploy the code in Windows Server 2003 (IIS6.0) with Integrated Windows Authentication mode it is not working properly in IE7.0 and IE8.0 browsers. 


I am doing the validation in client side using OnClientUploadStarted, OnClientUploadComplete it is working fine but once click on any other button (server side) getting the error Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage (Diagnose Connection Problem) in IE7.0 and IE8.0 browser. Same thing is working fine in other browsers.

Excel "View in browser" or "Edit in browser": Unexcpected Exception


Hey everybody

We are using Sharepoint 2010 (Enterprise), Office web apps is installed.

Powerpoint & Word web apps work (view or edit in browser).
When we click on an excel 2003 file we recieve the open in excel dialog (read-only / edit).

Wen we click on an excel 2007 file we get an unexpected exception.

I used the ULS viewer and the correlation id to retrieve the stack trace below:
System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.  
 at Microsoft.Office.Excel.WebUI.XlViewer.OnInit(EventArgs e)   
 at System.Web.UI.Control.InitRecursive(Control namingContainer)   
 at System.Web.UI.Page.ProcessRequestMain(Boolean includeStagesBeforeAsyncPoint, Boolean includeStagesAfterAsyncPoint)

Exception follows on the heels of:
Name=Request (GET:http://bekrbsv313:80/sites/medical/_layouts/xlviewer.aspx?id=/sites/medical/Scrum/Sprint.xlsx&Source=http%3A%2F%2Fbekrbsv313%2Fsites%2Fmedical%2FScrum%2FForms%2FAllItems%2Easpx&DefaultItemOpen=1)

does anybody have a clue?

I'm getting desperate :-)

Link button and tabs Not working Chrome Browser


Hi forumians,

In my project i have tab navigations (like 4 tabs in a page) when i click on the tab i will get that corresponding tab fields.

for tab navigation

i use

Menu item

my code is below

<asp:MenuItem Text="Personal" Value="0"></asp:MenuItem>
<asp:MenuItem Text="Education" Value="1"></asp:MenuItem>
<asp:MenuItem Text="Experience" Value="2"></asp:MenuItem>
<asp:MenuItem Text="Awards" Value="3"></asp:MenuItem>


the tab control is working well IE, FIREFOX,

But not in chrome browser i cant do the tab navigation and link button clicks and Ajax calendar control also.


kindly tell some way to fix the problem







XmlHttpRequest not working with iE (Working with all other browser Except IE)


Hey Friends, I am trying make 1 simple chat application like gmail,facebook etc. I am using VS 2008 and code AJAX.

I have wrtten one javascript code for sending and receiving messages from other page. Even its working fine with other browser except IE.

I am using XMLHttpRequest Object.

Here is my javascript code....

<script type="text/javascript">

var sTimeInterval;
function timedRefresh()
sTimeInterval = setTimeout("SetUrl()",4000);
function GetXmlHttpObject(handler)

var objXmlHttp = null;
if (navigator.userAgent.indexOf("Opera") >= 0)
alert("This example doesn't work in Opera")

var xmlHttp = null;
if (window.XMLHttpRequest)

objXmlHttp = new XMLHttpRequest();
objXmlHttp.onload = handler;

Developemnt tool bar is not working in IE8 browser


Hi all

       I am using IE8. I installed IE development tool bar when i used IE7. Right now Developemnt tool bar is not working in IE8 browser. 

I can view Development tool bar in                  

   View--->Explorer Bars



 I am able to select the tool bar. But it does not dispaly anything to debug...


Can Anybody give the solution




Ramadurai Jayaraman

Client need to open auditing reports in excel application not in browser


Good day,
I encountered with this issue in MOSS 2007. Auditing reports was opened from common SharePoint auditing page.
This page contains hyperlinks to auditing reports.
When any user tries to open this hyperlink, "open file" dialog does not appear, instead of this a IE browser silently open in text XML format.
I suppose that common behaviour is when user open a hyperlink, report will open with excel application through "open file" dialog.
For example, hyperlink in SharePoint contains URL:

Named set stopped working in 2008 R2 / working in non-R2


this code was perfectly working in non-R2:

/* Proforma population */
 AS OpeningPeriod([Date].[Date Hierarchy].[Month], 
    Ancestor(Tail(EXISTS([Date].[Date Hierarchy].[Month].Members,[Dataset].[Dataset].[Actual] ,'Financial Account Measures')).Item(0), [Date].[Date Hierarchy].[Year])):
    Tail(EXISTS([Date].[Date Hierarchy].[Month].Members,[Dataset].[Dataset].[Actual] ,'Financial Account Measures')).Item(0);  

  [Relative Dates].[Relative Dates].[Proforma]
  SCOPE ([Date].[Month].[Month].Members, [Dataset].[Dataset].[Dataset].Members);     
    this = null;      -- zero out all months
  END SCOPE;     
  -- set actual from first month of current year to current period
    SCOPE ([Dataset].[Dataset].[Actual]);     
      this = ([Dataset].[Dataset].[Actual], [Relative Dates].[Rela

Working with excel in asp.net


I am uploading an excel file ( containing int values )using the fileupload control. I need to work on one entire column in the excel sheet.

I want to copy contents of the file either in an array or a table and then work on it.

Can anybody suggest a better way of working on the excel since .


Named Set Subtotal for Excel


I am trying to create a named set that will exclude certain members from a dimension. Unfortunately, when that set is used in excel, it does not return a subtotal which is expected behavior. Teo Latchev has blogged about this  as well as posted on this topic with a workaround however it is not working for me...when I include the [All] member, the total it provides is for all members, while I need it to be the sum of the listed members only ...I have tried a couple of tacks with the same result:

select {Measures.[Units]} on 0,
-{[Department].[Department].&[-1], [Department].[Department].&[-2],
[Department].[Department].&[19], [Department].[Department].&[20],
[Department].[Department].&[23], [Department].[Department].&[24],
[Department].[Department].&[25], [Department].[Department].&[27]}}
on 1
FROM [cube]

OR explicitly listing them...

select {Measures.[Units]} on 0,
{      [Department].[Department].&[1]

ms excel in Web browser


I used the following link for help in my windows 7 and use it manually 



eg the method given for "Let Me fix Myself"

Here is used for accessing the files



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