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QuickLaunch Bar Customization

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 23, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint

Hi This is Arsha..

sharepoint left navigation based on roles
In my sharepoint site i have left navigation with some links in it in home page .I need to
show only few links based on login credentials like administrator have few links users have few links.how to devolop
that thing inn sharepoint

Can u pls help me my friends...

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Dynamic page customization in WebForms



I am developing an ASP.NET Webforms application for job advertisements. The application is hosted on my own server and enables registrated users to publish job advertisements with the possibility to submit job applications directly from web. The application essentially consists of two parts: job advertisements and job applications sub-apps. 

The job advertisement application uses RESTful approach, implemented as ASP.NET routing and makes no use of different state variables (like viewstate). I provide custom layout of job advertisement webpage for every client using XML serialization of my internal JobOffer class and using XML ASP.NET control with custom XSLT transformation sheet plus CSS to render the custom design. It is all fine and works perfectly.

The second (job applications) part provides users with a custom webform, which is partically dependent upon the original advertisement (regarding the minimal education level, eligible citizenship or work permissions, licences etc.) and can be tweacked using custom CSS. There is, however, no possibility for custom layout of the elements on this page, which provides a multi-tabbed navigation for different parts of job application. Hence the question 1 (see below).

The application is not ready yet, but I intend to keep it hosted on my own server and provide just some ki

Team System: Team Build 2008 Customization


See how to modify the default behavior of Team Build, extend your builds with custom tasks, and make use of the enhancements in Team Build 2008 SP1.

Brian A. Randell

MSDN Magazine March 2009

Wiki page customization


I am using a wiki library. I added one multiline field to this library and one date column.

1. How can i control number of lines entered in the multiline text box? By specifying the no. of lines only displays small textbox it doesn't stop us entering more.
2. When the user goes for edit i wanted the date column in the top. How do i acheive this ?
Vijaykishan | http://v2attechhorizon.blogspot.com

Search Customization and Development Options in SharePoint Server 2007

Examine the powerful platform of SharePoint Server 2007 search for the end user and developer. Learn about the built-in Web Parts for search and writing search queries for your applications.

Video: Microsoft Office 2010 UI Customization (Custom Task Panes)

Learn about building custom task panes, one of the most widely used ways to enhance end-user productivity in Office. Developers can use custom task to bring the end user information and data from virtually any source, whether via WCF, Web services, BCS, or SharePoint Lists. (Length: 5:34)

WPF Ribbon theme customization

Hello everybody!   Is it possibile to customize the builtin wpf ribbon themes?   Thank you very much!

Room and Equipment Reservations - Customization of Availability Time per Resource

Hi All, My user wants the Room and Equipment Reservations' look and feel be customized. We are using MOSS 2007. The objective is to change the color of the Time Reserved in the Reserve a Resource link per resource. This can be found in sharepointsite/Lists/Reservations/Availability.aspx. For example: Resource 1 = All Time Reserved is in color Red. Resource 2 = All Time Reserved is in color Blue. Resource 3 = All Time Reserved is in color Green. I used SharePoint Designer 2007 and found out that the Time Reserved is using an image named blueGradient.jpg as background image for container. I tried modifying this but I ended up replacing all for every resource. I tried adding background-color for the code below as well, but is yet unsuccessful in customizing it per resource. <tr>      <td nowrap="" class="resource" style="padding-left:2px; padding-right:2px"><a href="/{$directory}/DispForm.aspx?ID={$id}" onclick="javascript:this.href = unescapeProperly(escape(this.href)); GoToLink(this); return false;" target="_self"><xsl:value-of select="$fieldvalue" /></a></td>      <td class="resource" style="width:100%">       <div class="container" style="{$STA

MySite customization

  Hello All:   I have been asked to disable blog and document sharing within MySite, first of all is it possible? Secondly, if it is possible then it can only be done by modifying the MySite template? or in other words by creating a custom MySite template? Thanks    SharePoint Developer

Refinement Panel Customization with Managed Property

Hi, I've customized the refinement panel with a Managed Property I've created myself. The refinement panel takes into account this managed property and disply it well. However, if this Managed Property is multi-valued, then each entry in the refinement panel does not split the multi valued column into different values and display a single value like : Enter Choice #1;Enter Choice #2;Enter Choice #3; and of course in that case the refinement does not work. I did the same thing in MOSS 2007 with the codeplex faceted search web part release 2.5 and it was working fine. Upgrading to release 3.0 however seems to produce the same issue as in SharePoint 2010. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Hervé

Advanced search box webpart customization

Hi, I add the Advanced search box web part on to a page and if I uncheck any of the check box in edit mode, the search wouldn’t work and throw a JavaScript error like “'***TextBox.value' is null or not an object” ·         Show "All words" search box ·         Show "exact phrase" search box ·         Show "any words" search box ·         Show "none of these words" search box It looks like a bug of sharepoint 2010, I am not sure if anyone see this before? Is there a walk around for that?

Search Results Customization - Display Document LibraryTitle Instead of Document Metadata Title

I am running a pretty basic SharePoint 2010 setup that is being used as an intranet for my organization.  This also includes service up internal documents to our users.  Currently, our documents are displayed on various pages using the CQWP and are organized by title as dictated by the document library title.  As part of the search capabilities of this site, I have implemented a basic search page to return results on the documents from this list.  The problem I am running into is that the search results are displaying results based on the metadata title of the actual document instead of the assigned document library title. My questions are this: How do I change the search results so they display based on the document library title? How do I view what columns are currently being crawled by the search capabilities? Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to provide!

Chart toolkit customization

Hi group, I'd like to customize an area WPF Toolkit Chart so that: the x-axis starts from 1 rather than from 0, because all my values begin from 1 and with the default settings I have an empty space to the left. a horizontal red line showing a treshold is drawn across the whole extent of the X-axis at a specific Y value. I think I could do this by adding a fake linear series where each value is equal to the treshold value, but I still have to change its color to red, and remove the points from each intersection. show the value label on the data point for each point of the area series. In my chart I have just this single series and I have removed the legend, so I'd prefer to show the point label directly on the surface, above the point itself. How can I accomplish these tasks? (2) is just a trick (or is there a way of drawing other objects on the chart surface?), and (3) would require a template. But I'm new to the charts and I do not know their structure. Could anyone give a hint? Thanks!

Cube Customization

Hello guys, im working in a BI project and i want to publish ssas cube info to a Sharepoint Server, probably using excel services. At the moment that i create and publish the pivot tabel the dimension attributes are displayed exactly the same that in the ssas cube, but there this attributes are always organized alphabetically. My question is if there is a way to organize it by my priorities. Another throuble that im facing is that i cant name two attributes with the same name even if they are in different display folders. Is there a way to customize the display off the dimension attributes, in ssas or in the pivot table? Thank You for your time!

GridView control customization

Hi,I have a GridView with data binding to a DataTable at runtime. I have implemented soring in both directions (AllowSorting = True property of GridView + my code to perform sorting). Once you click column name it sorts ASC, second time DESC.I would like to have additionally to a column name two links or two icons in each column name which can generate events responsible for sorting only in one direction. Can be two separate events or one with parameter saying which order ASC or DESC users requests. In this scenario column name will not be clickable.As I understand the way to achieve it is to customize GridView control. Can you share with me some example?Many thanks.P.

error message customization in create user wizard, change password wizard


Hi All,

Create User Wiard and Change Password Wizard contain error message literals. They display error messages when a user is trying to sign up with an username that already exists and so on.

These error messages are pre-set. How can they be customized. In particular, how can they be adjusted depending on the language.

How is this usually best achieved?

Thanks a lot.


Inherited Quicklaunch not displaying..


Publishing site.


Nav Setting



<SharePointWebControls:DelegateControl runat="server" ControlId="QuickLaunchDataSource">
      <asp:SiteMapDataSource SiteMapProvider="CurrentNavSiteMapProvider" ShowStartingNode="True" id="QuickLaunchSiteMap" StartingNodeUrl="sid:1025" runat="server" />
<SharePointWebControls:UIVersionedContent UIVersion="4" runat="server">
     <SharePointWebControls:AspMenu id="V4QuickLaunchMenu" runat="server" EnableViewState="false" DataSourceId="QuickLaunchSiteMap" UseSimpleRendering="true" UseSeparateCss=&q

Hiding Quicklaunch, Master Pages, and Site Administration pages...


In most of our SharePoint 2010 solutions we've hidden the QuickLaunch through these CSS modifications attached directly to the v4.master:

#s4-leftpanel {  display:none; }
.s4-ca {  margin-left: 0px;  background: transparent; }

That produces a very good result on content pages not meant for use with QuickLaunch. However, it ruins the Site Administration and Site Collection Administration pages in many places, as you remove useful links, e.g. group memberships. We've fiddled with the idea of creating a separate master for each content page, but we don't know of any automatic way of applying that custom master page to a new page. We know how to do it manually, but we can't expect the customer to edit each page after it's been created and apply the custom.master.

How have you guys dealt with this problem?

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