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EL 5.0 is it worth it?

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 23, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net

I have used EL in the past (2.0) and I remember it being a real pain to install and deploy. Has it gotten any better and is it worth the effort?

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Is it worth upgrading from 3.5 SP1 to SP2 if I don't want any of the new features?


I am currently running SQL CE3.5 SP1 and have a lot of problems with crashes, access violation exceptions, strange lock errors etc. Is it possible that upgrading to SP2 might help at all with stability, or does it only add new features, not any bug fixes?


Is this worth the effort?


This post comes as a result of a discussion related to this post in the Database Design forum:


I used this table for test purposes:

create table dbo.someTable
( record_id integer not null
  constraint pk_SomeTable primary key
  constraint ck_someTable_Record_Id
   check (record_Id > 0),
 filler char(50)


Worth it to start a new project using WPF


In a previous thread "Is WPF dead or going to be" http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/wpf/thread/7edc8165-e1a6-4451-ac9c-f112d1d17957 JamiePattison asked, "if its worth learning WPF in case its not used in future". The thread primarily discussed life, death and uncertainty. I am starting this new thread because its focus is quite different. My questions is quite simply: Is it worth committing business resources to developing a new project in WPF?

Since this is the WPF forum, I would expect a lot of support for WPF; I welcome that support. While there are rumors than MS is planning to drop WPF, as far as I can tell they are only rumors and should not be of immediate concern. I am not interested in comments on the viability of continuing to use a dead or dying technology; that subject is irrelevant to the question.

We are developing a suite of programs which will mostly operate on Wintel desktops, laptops and tablets. Some programs will be used by trained experts in the back office; others will be designed for general users in a particular field of study. Some programs will have all information on local machines; others will access information from remote servers. One or two

How to use friendly url's, performance costs, and if it's worth



I am building a web app (a web community) in which about 1000 users will have its own website (standard but customized), and I want that website has a friendly url like http://www.mycommunity.com/petersmith      

With this url in the address bar, I want to show the initial customized web page (called for example: initial_page.aspx) but without showing that page name and extension file, so, only http://www.mycommunity.com/petersmith . I am thinking to use that name of the user at the end of my web address (petersmith) to search in my database which user number is that name, and display the customized data and design accordingly.   

After that, once the visitor has logged in that initial page, I want to show the main page of that user's website, and I think it would be nice to continue displaying in the url the name of the user (http://www.mycommunity.com/petersmith/main_page.aspx). What do you think about this? It has important costs? The user will appreciate this detail of personalization of his website? I think the website http://www.myspace.com does a similar thing with their users, but I ignore if the

8 Of The Best AJAX Frameworks Worth Considering

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