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Authenticate users using email id instead of username in FBA

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 22, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint


We have a web appliaction configured with FBA (sql and LDAP) and users are authenticated using their username. Now we have a requirement to authenticate users using email id instead of username. we have one solution also that requires to change entry in web.config file for membership provider but it doesn't suffice as it works only for newly added users and not existing ones and site is already in production environment with large user base. Any suggestions to meet this requirement?



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how to make login control allow users to login by either username or email address


how to make login control allow users to login by either username or email address 

Security: Authenticate Users Across Organizations Using ADFS


Jack Couch looks at how to set up ADFS and when to use it; he then shows how to connect to an outside organization to offer single sign-on.

Jack Couch

MSDN Magazine December 2007

Password recovery by entering email not username



I am using the ASP.Net password recovery control.  By default the user needs to enter their username before an email gets sent out to them.

If it possible instead of entering the username, email is used instead?  Alot of my users forgets their username but not email.


send email to all users with certain rights

Hello,  I'm using Sharepoint Designer and Foundation 2010. I am a new admin and appreciate all the help I can get.  Here's what I'm trying to do.   I have several business workflows that call for notifying the users of a particular site. Rather than set the workflow to email specific users or even a group of users, I'd like to set the workflow to email anyone within a certain rights level. For example, I want to notify all users with Contribute level rights whenever a new document is loaded or modified.    Is there a quick way to do this?Beth Singley PBM Graphics

Cannot create email alerts for multiple users

Hello, I created an email alert for a document in a library. In the "Send Alerts To" box, I added multiple user names separated by semicolons and saved the alert. However, when I open the alert again, only my user name appears and the additional user names are gone. Why is this happening and how do I fix this problem?  Thank you in advance.

Lotus Notes users get "Authentication Required" when viewing an alert email with a graphic

(This is a SharePoint 2007 question, but I only see SharePoint 2010 in the Forum options...kind of odd since SharePoint 2010 has not been released.)If our users open email alerts in Lotus Notes, and the email has an image, they are presented with a prompt for credentials that says:"Authentication RequiredEnter your username for Unkown at sharepoint.ourcompany.comUsername________________________Password________________________[ ] Save these in an Account in my address book[OK][Cancel]"Emails without graphics do not prompt for credentials.Does anybody know why this happens, or how we can fix it?

Calculating email address from AD Username in a form

I have  a change request form that has a requied filed where the user enters a valid username.  In my view for this form I want to display this users email address based their username but I when I look at calculated values the username files is not one that I can do calculations from.  Does anybody know how to do this sort of calculation?

Adding users with SPweb.EnsureUser("Username"); where Username does not come from the Network/LAN/Ac

Like the title states, I can add users who are listed in active director.  However,  for some testing issues i have going on with permissions and security, I would like to add a list of 'Users' from a database table i created;  programmically of course. How do i get my sharepoint application to understand this?   Regards, max

Problem sending an email to all users of a sharepoint group

Here is what we did so far: 1. created an OU in AD and delegated full control to Sp service account 2. Configured incoming email settings 3. on sp site created a new group with full control permission 4. created an email distribution group for this group with an email address 5. in CA approved the distribution group to be created in OU 6. In Ad we can check the OU is there with the specified email address 7. added users to the group, but when we send an email to the group email address it does not forward to the group members. Please advice  

Authenticate users by Request.UrlReferrer


Hi All,

I am working on an app where users are only allowed access if they click through from certain URLs. I.e. I need to authenticate by using the referral url and I am using Request.UrlReferrer to achieve this.

I am guessing that the Request.UrlReferrer can be tampered with by malicious users to gain access...

Is there any way I can achieve the above scenario securely?

Look forward to your replies.


Send email to admin upon CreatedUser, with new username


I think what I want to do is quite simple: User creates a new account.  Upon save, I have an email that goes to the user saying "thanks", and then I trigger another email in my CreatedUser function that goes to a site administrator.  I want to put the new users username in the body of this email.  I'm using a .txt file for the body of this email, and I'm assuming I have to pass it in somehow, but I don't know how.  Any ideas?  Here's my function as it exists (and works, but I get nothing in the username since I'm not declaring it anywhere):

    Protected Sub CreateUserWizard1_CreatedUser(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs)
        'set the path to the emailtemplates directory programmatically
        Dim AppPath As String = Request.PhysicalApplicationPath
        'set the StreamReader to a specific text file that contains the body for this email
        Dim srAdmin As New StreamReader(AppPath & "EmailTemplates/NewRegistrationSiteAdminAlert.txt")

        'create the mail message
        Dim messagetoiea As New MailMessage()
        messagetoiea.IsBodyHtml = True
        messagetoiea.From = New MailAddress(myemail@domain.com)
        messagetoiea.[To].Add(New Mail

SPD Email only works when I type actual e-mail, but does not send to users or groups


I've viewed other e-mail related posts on this forum and have not seen this specific question, so I'll ask.

I've got an approval workflow that I created in SPD.  It works, but when I try to attach e-mail to it, the e-mails do not send to the e-mails associated with the user or groups profiles in SSP (User profile properties). 

For testing purposes, I tried creating a simple workflow that only sends one email to one person.  This doesn't work.  I try sending it to 2 different specific e-mail addresses instead of trying to do a "This specific user" or "Current item:Created by" or something else chosen by SPD: 1 of which is a personal e-mail, another is an e-mail that is assigned to a user's profile in SSP.  Both were received.

So basically the situation is what title says: SharePoint Designer workflow sends an e-mail when the e-mail targets specific e-mail addresses, but not SharePoint users or groups.  So basically DOMAIN\username does not work, but user@domain.com does work.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I'm using Moss 2007, SP1.

Workflow generated email - Username lookup


So I have workflows generating emails, and if I refer to the person who has generated the service request, they are displayed as "Domain\john.smith" which is ugly to say the least!


Is it possible to access the AD and just refer to them by their first name?

Send Email to multiple users


Hi everyone

I have a problem with a workflow.

I use MOSS 2007 RTM
I have a custom sharepoint list with several columns where one (lets call it MailRecipients) are of the type 'Person or Group' with the property 'Allow multiple selections' set to 'yes' - this works fine, and I can create items, select multiple users from AD and so on.

Then i create a workflow using Sharepoint Designer 2007 and uses the action 'Send mail'.
I then want to send a mail to all the people selected in the column 'MailRecipients', but this column isn't present when I try to selected the column for the 'To' field in my workflow.
When I disable the proptery 'Allow multiple selections', there are no problem using the column in the To field in the Workflow

How will I be able to use the People or Group column (with 'Allow multiple selections' enabled) as a 'To' value in a workflow 'Send Email' action.?
I've tried making my own Custom Workflow action but have serious problems with this. Keep trying though!

Hope anyone have more experience with this part of MOSS 2007


Søren Bjerre, DK


How Do I authenticate users from different domain of IIS?


I have the IIS webserver on Domain A.  I have many users on Domain B, C, D, E. 

I've set the NTFS security permission for each user and his/her domain to the webserver's security ntfs permission folder.  But it is still not authenticating.  So what do  I need to do to enable this feature?  I am using windows 2003 webserver.


Event id 55555 on Moss servers. Users getting problem to authenticate.


I am frequenty getting this Event id 55555 on Moss servers. Users getting problem to authenticate. Please help how to fix this event on my sharepoint farm.

Error description: Error occured while retrieving customer details from Webservice. Thread was being aborted.

Users display as "domain\username" rather than "firstname lastname"


Hi All,

     In my new 2010 setup, I see domain\username instead of their firstname lastname in the top-right-hand corner. How and where can I set up to show firstname lastname. I apprciate your response.



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