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Search returns nothing, crawler works fine(i believe) in MOSS 2007

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 22, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint


i did some research in the forum before posting, but i can't seem to find a real solution for my problem, even though there are many threads discussing similar or maybe even the same problem. I will describe the problem in short, and then if someone can help me out and needs more info i can give more details etc.

So, i am new in my enterprise, and also to "real" informatics (recently graduated master 2) and i am supposed to administer the internal IT of the company. The SharePoint expert of my company just changed job, so i was kinda hired to replace him. The problem is, i have limited experience with SharePoint, just had my 70-630 yesterday but i am no expert. 

The problem with our SharePoint is that the search won't work(doh!). The crawler is working fine, we get things indexed etc, but then searches return nothing. I tried playing with scopes but as far as i can see, it's not that. What's weird is that apparently the search worked fine at some point in the past, then just mysteriously stopped. I discussed with the ex-admin and we tried to fix it, but we couldn't get it working.


I am kinda stuck, don't know where to look and which settings i need to check, on what le

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Perform search within a document in MOSS 2007

I have a Collaboration site collection created by me. I have a few set of documents(preferably word docs) in the document library. Using default search functionality I am able to search for documents by title( and also by metedata in advanced search page). But as per client requirement they want search functionality to search words within document also.Can anyone help me out with this?

People search in MOSS 2007




I don’t know much about the search settings in SharePoint. I have a requirement like I want to enable the people search for one of the SharePoint site which was created by someone else.


I know that people search will be activated by default if we choose the site template as collaboration portal, but in this case I am not sure about the template they used to create. By the way is there any way to find out which site template they used to create the site; that is apart.


What are the settings required to enable the people search in MOSS 2007.  

Search documents by document types in MOSS 2007


I want configure search in a way to search all types of documents within a sitecollection.

Anybody has any idea.

Thanks in advance

How can I add custom Search Paging webpart in the Search results page in MOSS 2007


I have created a Basic webpart page and added Content editor webpart to extend the functionality of Advanced Search webpart. This is working fine. Also added OOB Search Paging webpart int his page. But when the number of items returned by the Search Core results webpart exceeds the Page size (10) then when I click on the next link in the Paging webpart then all results are lost and retrieved from All Sites scope. Is there any way to hook into the Search paging webpart.?

Please note that in the Content Editor webpart I have used custom search scope.

I need help with regard to this.

Thanks in advance!.

SharePoint List Search in Moss 2007






Is there anyway to search the specified sharepoint List in the current site in MOSS 2007?




MOSS 2007: Search in one site collection shows No Results


We have two site collections in Production (using MOSS 2007):




Under AAM:

Internal URL


Public URL for Zone


Internal URL


Public URL for Zone

We have two Content Sources:

1) It has address: http://server.domain.com 

2) It has address: http://projectserver 

Full crawl is performed every Friday evening.

But the crawl is working only for /sites/ but for /pwa/ it throws an error:


"The crawler could not co

How to develop a custom search webpart in MOSS 2007


Hello All,

I have a requirement where i need to develop a custom webpart in sharepoint 2007. The functionality of the webpart is to search the sql database  tables and display the results based on the sql queries.
Can anyone point me in the right direction to build out one custom search webpart.

Do i need to use consumer-proivder webpart to do that. Beacause i wanted to show the results in a separate grid on the same page.

Any pointers are greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


MOSS 2007 Search - All Sites vs. This Site


Environment - MOSS 2007 Enterprise SP 2

I noticed that the search bar in SharePoint defaults to "All Sites".  I have a dropdown arrow where I can change it to "This Site" which is relative to whatever site I am on.  How can I configure the search to default to "This Site" instead of "All Sites"?

Search Service not starting MOSS 2007 after SP2



I installed SP2 on my MOSS 2007 Farm last weekend and search is not starting now. When i try to start using


stsadm -o osearch -action start -role IndexQuery -farmcontactemail sharepoint@dynegy.com -farmperformancelevel Maximum -farmserviceaccount <userAccount> -farmservicepassword <Password> -defaultindexlocation D:\Sharepoint_Idx -ssp SharedServicesDynegy


I get the following error.


 'start' action failed. Additional information: Time out has expired and the operation has not been completed.


Starting the office search service takes me to the error page with the following message.


An unhandled exception occurred in the user interface.Exception Information: Time out has expired and the operation has not been completed. 

Troubleshoot issues with Windows SharePoint Services. 


Search was working properly before the Service Pack 2 install.


username() function in InfoPath 2010 returns blank when used by FBA authenticated user. works fine f


username() function in InfoPath 2010 returns blank when used by FBA authenticated user. works fine for Windows

What gives?? I *REALLY* do need to get this working!


MOSS 2007 Shared service provider failed (SSP) in "Search settings"


I click on "Search settings" in SSP then the following error: "The search service is currently offline. Visit the Services on Server page in SharePoint Central Administration to verify whether the service is enabled. This might also be because an indexer move is in progress. ".

My SSP work fine last time, but for now it fails in "Search settings". I checked very carefully.

   Office Sharepoint Server Service (OSSS) is started, "Index Server Default File Location" in OSSS is D:\MOSS_index.

   "Path for index file location" of SSP is D:\MOSS_index with full right permission is ok and shared. But i checked folder D:\MOSS_index and folder   D:\MOSS_index is empty, guid folder in D:\MOSS_index was lost.  I checked "Search Administration" in SSP and found that "Items in index" is 0 and "Crawl status" is error, "Default content access account" is error.


MOSS Search and Excel 2007


Hi All,


I am facing a issue with MOSS 2007 search and excel 2007  files. We have a document library that the client uses to store a number of internal reports. Some of these reports can be quite large and complex. I have noticed that any Excel 2007 file over around 1.5-2MB cannot be properly searched, however  the crawler successfully indexes the file. If the file name is searched then the file is returned in the results but if the contents are searched the file is not returned. If I save one of these files in Excel 2003 I can successfully search the file contents. I already have MS Filter Pack 1.0 (x64) http://support.microsoft.com/kb/946336/en-gb installed but can only seem to search the contents of smaller Excel 2007 files, the same file saved in Excel 2003 is fully searchable.


MOSS 2007 search images


I have moss 2007 and the search does not seem to be indexing all the images in any of the photo libraries.

There are like 45 images in one list that have the filename bear then some number.  These are all TIFF and JPEG files.

When I search "this list" in the search and search bear, I get 7 results returned instead of all 45.

I also tried searching by the keywords column and nothing was getting returned.

Any ideas?  I did do a full crawl and checked to make sure all the image extensions were added to the file types to be included in search.

Site Directory Search MOSS 2007

I have a web running with a site directory template and I added a tab for a search page which contains all the standard search page parts.  The scope is set so that the list items will show (as well as the lists themselves, but I digress).  The problem is that clicking a list item link takes the user to the list item as opposed to the url that the list item contains.  I'm trying to figure out how to set up a managed property linked to the crawled property that the url field would correspond to.  The idea being that I can add that property to the search core results part and work the xslt to fit the link in there.  Am I approaching this the best way?  Any suggestions?
David Musselman

Search with HTTPS MOSS 2007


I've a site with MOSS 2007 extend to SSL to guarantee the remote access from the office out .

The problem is with SSL, I can not use the paging of the Document Libraries and Lists and i cant not filter this results.

The site show this error:

Código de error: 403 Prohibido. La página debe visualizarse en un canal seguro (Capa de sockets seguros [SSL]). Póngase en contacto con el administrador del servidor. (12241)

Error Code: 403 Forbidden. The page should be displayed on a secure channel (Secure Sockets Layer [SSL]). Please contact the server administrator. (12241)

The error is because the URL lost the (s) in the https when i try to change the page or filtering the library

How can i solve this problem?
Why have only this problem with the paging or the filter and the rest of the navigation is correct?



MOSS 2007 search Limit


Hi Everybody,

I am working on sharepoint 2007 enterprise search .I want to search only top 10 results on the results page out 250 results

Any Help?

Like Cricket

MOSS People search returns no results


I've done a fresh install of MOSS 2007. We have a farm with 1 web server, 1 query server, 1 index server.

I'm having issues with our people search. Our My Sites are on a seperate web application http://mysite

I have imported the user profiles from AD with no errors. My sites can be created with no problems. The only issue is when using people search it returns no results.

I've checked the crawl logs and im getting 2 errors

Error in the Site Data Web Service.

Error in PortalCrawl Web Service.

I cant see anything in the event viewer relating to this. The normal content search is working fine. Can anyone help me?

Thank in advance
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