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Gesture recognition on InkCanvas on XP

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 21, 2010    Points: 0   Category :WPF


I'm currently developing a small app in WPF that requires gesture recognition, so I ended up using the InkCanvas. Everything works just fine on my desktop and laptop (running windows 7) but the app must run in another computer (an Asus Eee Top running windows XP). I've read that I had to install the Tablet PC SDK and the Tablet PC Recognition Pack, but I'm unable to install the Recognition pack because it complains about an unsuported OS: apparently it only suports XP up to Service pack 2, and I'm running SP3.

Are there any other alternatives?


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Hand Gesture Recognition and Event Handling in WPF using Kinect



I have created an application which uses OpenCV API for Hand Gesture Recognition.It recognizes the hand movement and the event is handled as per hand gestures.I wish to know whether it is feasible for Kinect Sensor to act as an alternative for Hand Gesture Recognition in my project.Please note that my application is a windows desktop application which runs on WPF using C#.net.

There is no relation between my application with Xbox.I wish to know whether kinect is applicable only for Xbox apps/games or it can be applied to normal windows applications which uses windows forms or WPF?



Going Places: Gesture Magic


Windows Mobile 6.5 is the first version of the OS to expose gesture support to developers. Marcus Perryman explains how five touch screen gestures are handled, detailing message routing, the physics engine and some handy tips and tricks.

Marcus Perryman

MSDN Magazine February 2010

Talking Windows: Exploring New Speech Recognition And Synthesis APIs In Windows Vista


Windows Vista includes a built-in speech recognition engine exposed through a number of new APIs that will let your users interact with your app using speech rather than a keyboard or mouse. Here Robert Brown explains speech recognition and introduces you to the APIs to use in your upcoming Windows Vista applications.

Robert Brown

MSDN Magazine January 2006

.Net with Microsoft Speech Recognition Engine



Just out of interest, is there any good resource out there for programming .NET Application with some voice command, using the Microsoft Speech Recognition Engine?

If I can just get to writing a simple application which takes in a speech for few seconds and return a word that will be good enough. Of course it might not be that easy.

Thanks in advance.

Adding Accelerometer to Detect Shake Gesture




Inkcanvas Recognizing and replacing shapes

Looking for some sample code or guidance for doing the following below. Thought this would be somewhat common.....

1) Using InkCanvas to allow drawing of shapes
2) Forcing the inkcanvas/inkanalyzer to limit its recognition to specific shapes (ellipses, circle, rectangle) 
3) Replacing the drawn and recognized shape strokes with a proper shape control that has a textbpx inside the shape

(Using 2010)


InkCanvas Clipboard



I would like to know how to copy ink canvas element to clipboard?

Right now what my application can do is copy element to ink canvas itself.

Thanks in advance.:)

watermark in InkCanvas



is there a way to get watermark text/image on inkCanvas?


voice recognition


I need to implement a voice based shopping cart in my application. There are not much products in my website.I have only "talking credit" to sell. At the time of signup i capture all the payment info. So next time when he comes for top-up he will say only the number which corresponds to a particular amount(say 1-$10,2-$203-$30 etc ) .Here I want to use the voice recognition. When he says something, i need to check with the available options, whether this is a valid option or not and if it is a valid option, i need to process a credit card using any payment gateway. I have the payment processing code. so that is not a problem. But about the voice recognition part, i searched the internet but got only examples showing windows application code and most of them in VB.net.

this is not possible to implement in C# web application or what?

Also if i write the customer said option in a textbox, can i do the option checking and payment processing in the textbox text changed event?

Please  advise.

inkcanvas how to move all selectedobjects and strokes


I have a inkcanvas and some uielements and strokes are selected .


is it possible to move the full selection as it was a single objects?

Problem with selection in InkCanvas



I have following problem. When I use selection with pen (button on the side - Lenova x200 Tablet) inkCanvas does not changes mode to Select, so it added new stroke. With eraser I do not have that problem.

Can I switch mode by my self with some Events or something else...

Tnx in advance

Keybinding gesture wont capture in treeview, SHIFT+Down



In a treeview I have this





KeyBinding Gesture=&qu

InkCanvas MouseLeftButtonDown event not getting fired


Here I have a very simple problem... i.e i am trying to capure the mouse device with MouseLeftButtonDown event but it seems to be not getting fired...


    private void MyCanvas_MouseLeftButtonDown(object sender, MouseButtonEventArgs e)
      Start = e.MouseDevice.GetPosition(MyCanvas);


    <InkCanvas HorizontalAlignment="Stretch" VerticalAlignment="Stretch" 

this code is not getting fired please suggest.....

Prabhanjan Kumar Mahapatra

Can it be done? Delimited String Splitter TVF with Automatic Delimiter Recognition


The request for T-SQL scripts answers located in the following thread:


This thread is not for scripts, it is for discussion.


Kalman Toth, SQL Server & Business Intelligence Training; SQL 2008 GRAND SLAM

Multithreading Dynamic Shape Drawing on InkCanvas?


note: Multithreading code adapted from here http://elegantcode.com/2009/07/03/wpf-multithreading-using-the-backgroundworker-and-reporting-the-progress-to-the-ui/


The Problem:  The line is not rendered consistently, only on the mouseleftup event.

Scenario: 1. Michael clicks the Line button on the toolbar

2. Michael brings the mouse over the ink canvas and clicks the left mouse button

3. While moving the mouse to the right to draw a line, he notices that nothing shows up.

4. On releasing the mouses left button, the line finally renders correctly.

I realize that i most likely need to multithread to accomplish this.

To begin i have  a basic WPF setup, menu bars, borders, toolbars, and i have an ink canvas. The goal of this project is to familiarize myself with image editing and drawing programs. I created a basic Line2D class.


 public class Line2D
  BackgroundWorker worker;

  MainWindow window;
  InkCanvas canvas;
  Line lineToBuild;
  public Line2D(InkCanvas curren

saving WPF inkCanvas to image makes black background



i am saving inkcanvas but it saves black image




rtb = new RenderTargetBitmap<

About recognition a bar code in MOSS 2007



I'm searching the possibility for MOSS 2007 to implement a tool or feature or other in order to recognize a bar-code printed on a document (f.e. a pdf) acquired by a scanner. In other terms, how give to MOSS 2007 the OCR capability.

Many thanks for your suggests.

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