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Needing help.

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 21, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Windows Application


I've a C# program which uses a MDI form as main form. when a window displays inside its client area and I maximize it, afterward every window I show in the MDI client area appears Maximized, while its max button is disabled and its windowstate property is set to Normal. How do I must prevent such action?

Thank you, Toraj Azizi.

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How do I get the ordinal position of a control without knowing, and more importantly, not needing to

Hello, How do I get the ordinal position of a control without knowing, and more importantly, not needing to know it's parent type? For example, this XMAL: <Parent of unknown type>      <Control Name="Control_1" />      <Control Name="Control_2" />      <Control Name="Control_3" />      <Control Name="Control_4" /> </Parent of unknown type> How do I get "Control_3"s ordinal position within its parent control? I know that I can do this:     UIElement p = (UIElement)Control_3.Parent; or even:     FrameworkElement p = (FrameworkElement)Control_3.Parent; but neither of those allow:     int i = p.Children.IndexOf(Control_3); nor     int i = p.Items.IndexOf(Control_3); If the parent is a StackPanel, I can do:     StackPanel p = (StackPanel)Control_3.Parent; and then I can do:     int i = p.Children.IndexOf(Control_3); I really do not want to have to cast the parent to a specific type, that would be a pain since there several types that could have children or items. Regards, Robert

Needing two different years pulled from same select statment

Making a sales,cost table equal for one year select all sales from dbo where year = 2008 select all costs from dbo where year = 2008 but now i want to put beside this table select all sales from dbo where year = 2009 select all costs from dbo where year = 2009    How can i achieve this in one table?   Thanks for all the help

Problem with users needing sysadmin server role to connect to db

When we create a new user in SQL Management Studio 2005 and give it just the public server role, it does not allow us to connect to the db. We found that we had to give it the sysadmin server role in order to allow it to connect to the db. We are using a UDL file in order to test connect. It seems that this is true for all users we create in SQL Management Studio 2005. Is there a way where we can change it so that users are not required to have the sysadmin server role in order to connect to a db? We would like it so that if they have at least the public server role, they should be able to connect to the db.



Hi guys

i have a sharepoint site as you may well know from my previous posts.

the site apprently has around 12000 links..

the problems i have is i cannot find a site or any program for free which will generate me a .XML site map for my SEO

is there somthing built into sharepoint or can any1 recomend a free tool or online program which will generate a site map for me?


Thanks in advance.




Needing a Total based on a dynamic total in a column grouping


Hi, Please help

I am using RS2008
I have a Tablix with a row grouping by Location and a row field Totalling the current employee count for that state

I have three adjacent columns grouping by Month, based on what month is selected in the multivalue-parameter, one column returns back number of employees joined for those months. second column how many left for those month. The third column the total headcount for those months

FOR Example if the parameter selected was Jan, Feb, March, the below would be returned

                                 JOIN                   LEFT                  HEADCOUNT
     CURRENT      Jan  Feb March         Jan Feb March         Jan Feb March 
WA     15              2    3    4        &nbs

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