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Graph vizualisation?

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 21, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net

hi all!

do you know if Miscrosoft has made a graph vizualisation control like MS Chart?

I believe it does not matter if it is for win or web, if it is able to geneate bitmap/png.

I am aware of Microsoft Automatic Graph Layout - but it is not perfect as MS Chart is!


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using reflection to emit properties to the top of the entity graph


I've got a class

  public class Criminal

public HouseholdMember[] LiedAboutFSHousehold { get; set; }

      public HouseholdMember[] FoodstampTrafficingHousehold { get; set; }
HouseholdMember inherits Person, as do many other classes.  

  public class HouseholdMember: Person


What I&#

Giving Custom Colors for Graph values in SSRS2000


Hi All,

        I am stuck here with the color for the graph values i want to give custom colors for each values present in the graph, is it possible in SSRS2000.

 Problem Statement : Suppose if i want to display two data fields as bar graph

                                 Data Fields are : Vegetable Count and Fruits Count

                                          I want Vegetable count to be in Blue Colour and I want Fruits count to be in green colour.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Anish Shenoy

SSRS 2008 Graph Type?


Greetings -


I am required to plot the following graph in an SSRS report.


Sum of Total Credits to be shown on Positive side and total sum of Debits for a month on negative side. I have created a query which retrieves all the expenses for the month and sums them up before feeding the same to the graph for plotting. Both values returned are positive integers.


(Sorry for the diagram below, i tried to paste an image but it didn't work)

Graph messes up subreport?!?

Hello all, I'm using the built in graphs in SSRS 05. The report has a graph on top and a subreport below. The subreport contains the detail for the graph this way it displays like a Data Table in Excel. The report is 18 pages, displaying one page per department. The parameter for the subreport is the department number. For some reson I get "Error: Subreport could not be shown" on six of the pages. The graph on top displays correctly though?.. If I delete the graph and render the report with only the subreport I do not get any errors. Any ideas on what could cause this? Thank you in advance - Lee

Line graph in .rdlc

Hi ALL,             I have to desing line chart graph in .rdlc report, can you please help me, i have decimal values on Y-Axis and date time values on X-Axis , i have two series of product, according to product value during specific time i need to display line graph for each product.please do needfull to me.

SSMS 2008 & Activity Monitor's Processor Time graph is disabled

Hi,I just upgraded one of my SQL 2005 clusters to SQL 2008 with CU9.  Now, when I connect to it with SSMS, either from my workstation or directly on a cluster node, the % Processor Time graph in the Activity Monitor screen is disabled.  The other three graphs are fine.  If I connect to a different SQL 2008 server, the % Processor Graph is fine.  I don't see any errors in any app event log.  Has anyone else seen this behavior?Thanks!

Bar-graph style - how to keep columns in relative height of size of "graph"

Hi, I need some input for this and imagined that someone else had seen something like it: I have a box, let's say a grid, where there are some bars in it. These bars could be rectangles in a ItemsControl. The grid has a fixed height and width - but the rectangles' height (and width) are set a from a collection of numbers. These numbers go from 0 to 200 - but in periods the numbers only go from 1 to 10. If I use absolute numbers, the rectangles will be tiny in height or width if the numbers are between 1 and 10 and the Grid is 200 in height and width. How do I make the size of these rectangles relative to the tallest one? I guess I could do some calculations 'behind the scenes' in code, but is that really necessary? Is there no other way? Thanks! --Anders

Problem in Visualisation of graph

HI all, I have to create a graph like below I want data in this format as below   | |                                           b________                 b________ |                   a_____                               a________ |_____________________________________________ 0      1           2      3              6               7                  24 time   X- axis -- Time Y - Stand jsut for single name.showing dotted but consider as simple y axis. Name A suppose to perform two work a,b and he perform a in 2Am to 3Am while b in 6 Am to 7 Am,now i want to create the bar chart as above please suggest how to do.   but after doing some work aro

How to graph a Load Test Result manually


I was wondering if you have a plugin or list of scripts that I use if i will manually generate graphs and reports from a Load Test result.

1) Webtest Elapsed Time vs Load Test Elapesed Time

2) Key Indicators
* Pages/Sec
* Avg. Page Time
* Errors/Sec
* Threshold Violations/Sec
(It's Min, Max and Average)

3) Page Response Time (It's Min, Max and Average)


Display Real Time data in Graph


I want to display real time data in graph , the data is coming from database every 5 sec.

Please Can anyone help me?

Is it possible to create a graph like this in SSRS?


I am new in SSRS and got the request from user to have report as below. images by uppicweb.com

I think the difficult things are

1) The total column in left hand side.

2) The small up/down inside each series. Thank you for the comments.

Scattered line graph


What chart type and properties should be selected to display a scattered line graph.

How to set the category x-axis to dispaly date lables with 7 days of interval, regardless of data is present or not for that date. If data is not present then line should be skipped on graph. Thanks for help in advance.

Problems with Line Chart Graph


I am writing a report to create a line chart for performance testing. The performance is based on request to 3rd party and getting response for 3 different call types. Time is measure in seconds and the process is ran after every 1 hour. Following are the details about my report.

Timestamp is the X axis, Response in time is Y axis and CallTyes form the series. The graph is pretty good when I diplay it in the BIS 2005. However when I deploy to Dev server, I only see the markers. Cannot see the lines connecting the markers. Can someone tell me what is the reason for this? I have no clue why is this happening on the server. I have selected both the SimpleLine Type and Smooth Line type but still the same issue.


'Object graph for type 'TYPE' contains cycles and cannot be serialized if reference tracking is d



I have datacontracts as below

  public abstract class ThisClass
    public abstract ThisClass Parent { get; set; }

  public class SomeClass: ThisClass
    public abstract ThisClass Parent { get; set; }


I tried solutions in below blogs


as well as I tried to apply ..[DataContract(IsReferece = true)]

But still i get below error message in SVC trace.

There was an error while trying to serialize parameter http://tempuri.org/:data. The InnerException message was 'Object graph for type 'SomeClass' contains cycles and cannot be serialized if reference tracking is disabled

Anybody has tried above scenario?

Please help, thanks in advance.

Regards, Nakul

SSRS 2005/2008 - Chart with bar graph not generating on subsequent executions of report even with mo


For a report executed from Report Manager that has a bar chart component, regenerating the report via refresh or view with same input parameters either gives a different result that is garbled or an empty chart (2008) or no chart at all (2005). I have the report set up to not do any caching, so that does not seem to be the issue. Is there some chart option I may need to set to get the proper chart display.

Real Time graph with Ms Chart



I have requirement to build a real-time graph. Although if we use Ajax real time feature in MSChart it refresh the graph image after specified [provided by us] time period. This will tell users that the graph is refreshing every (say) 10 second.

Is it possible that user will never know the graph is refreshing with instantaneous data update? 



Line Graph is not showing up in SSRS 2005


I am creating line graph using BIDS 2005 ( VS 2005). When I select chart type line , I do not see a line graph insteady Scatter dots in graph surface. I have tried to add screen capture in this question but for some reason I can not paste here. I can easily switch my chart type into Columan,Bar,Pie, XY (Scatter),...etc except Line chart. Any idea or suggestion greatly appreciated!!! Thanks,



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