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PowerPivot Refresh Issue

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 20, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint

I loaded a PowerPivot workbook with data from SQL 2008 R2.  After building some pivot tables, charts, etc. I noticed that I had misspelled a word that was being used inside a slicer.  I changed the spelling in the database and did a manual refresh of data into PowerPivot.  The refresh said it worked fine, but the value did not change in the slicer.  So anytime I tried to select the misspelled value in the slicer I got the following error:

Query (3,22) The level '&[Eigth Grade]' object was not found in the cube when the string, [DimGradeLevel].[GradeLevelDesc].[Eigth Grade], was parsed.

I finally had to remove the entire slicer from all worksheets/pivot tables, save and close the workbook, then reopen.  Upon reopening, Excel gave me the message that it had to remove some unrecoverable content.  I then added the slicer back to the worksheet and it appears to have cleared it up.

 <<spoke to soon>>...

The spelling in the slicer has been updated, but it is still unusable (same error).  It looks like I'll have to rebuild everything..

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Page Refresh Issue

Hi All,   My web application is on .NET 1.1 using C#. Page is not getting loaded properly, need to refresh page couple of times then the desired functionality works. Let me how to resolve this problem. Was trying to refresh with javascript but not able to write javascript it was getting into loop, page was continuously refreshing.   Let me what coluld be the reason for page not getting worked as expected, only works when page is refreshed. Let me know what what could be the issue, is it server issue where the application is. One more thing application works fine on my local machine when deployed to other TEST envrionment, it does not work.   Please help me on this.   Thanks Abdul 

Page refresh issue


Hi guys, my first post here.

Here is the problem I have. I am developing a content management system for the website in ASP 3.5/Visual Studion 2008.

I have a form with the gridView in it. I also have a delete button in each row of the gridview. When a user clicks a "Delete" button, the application retrieves jobId and other variables from the grid and deletes that job from the database.

It all works fine, but in one case. I am testing all scenarious now and here is one of them:

When  the user deletes all jobs from the GridView the application responds with "There no jobs to display" (AS PLANNED), but if I hit F5("Refresh") button at that very moment I see that the application grabs the last jobId it deleted from the database and tries to delete it again. My database procedure responds with the Error message and I see the gridView appear on the page(with the row last deleted), even though there are no jobs in the database.

My question is: how do I get rid of the variable values that the application keeps even after the last Job has been deleted from the database? Where are those valies kept, viewState, enviroment variables?

Sorry for the long explanation, don't see the way to explain it shorter.

Thanks ahead!

2010 Visio Services Data Auto Refresh Issue


I have published vdw diagram in Sharepoint 2010 Shared Documents. The diagram data is linked to SQL database.

When I view the diagram in the browser, unless I click dedicated "Refresh" button on the top left at the sharepoint page, data is not updating.

I have changed all the SP 2010 Global settings to minimal value = 0 (as per previous post called 2010 Visio Services Data Refresh Issue).

Still you need to click dedicated "Refresh" button on the top left at the sharepoint page in order to see updated data.

In the article called "Visio Services for SharePoint 2010" is stated that new Visio service supports AUTOMATIC REFRESH.

Am I missing something? Is it possible to have a visio diagram with AUTOMATIC REFRESH published in SharePoint 2010?

I can do some workarounds like publishing in web parts page that has auto pooling, but my understanding was that the Visio diagram refresh is event based on data change only - means if data do not change 10 minutes there will be no calls?



Classic vs Claims-Based mode for web apps and the issue of PowerPivot


TechNet documentation http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc262350.aspx#section2 Plan authentication methods (SharePoint 2010) that was just (Aug 5th) "entirely updated and revised" states (I have bolded the part I question):

"For new implementations of SharePoint Server 2010, use claims-based authentication. With this option, all supported authentication types are available for Web applications. There is no practical reason to select classic-mode authentication for new deployments, even if your environment includes only Windows accounts. Windows authentication is implemented the same way regardless of the mode that is selected. There are no additional steps to implement Windows authentication when you use the claims-based authentication mode."

But PowerPivot requires classic mode -- http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee210621.aspx says "PowerPivot for SharePoint is supported for SharePoint web applications that are configured to use Windows authentication." And then of course there's Dave Wickert's post http://p

SSRS 2008 w/CU6 - Parameter Default Value Refresh Issue.



We are experiencing trouble with a parameter default value (parameter 2) not refreshing when it's parents parameter value is updated (parameter 1).  The problem parameter (2) has specified values in the available values, and has a dataset that loads the default values depending a parameter above it.

The first time that parameter 1 is selected, parameter 2 is updated with the correct default value... BUT, when parameter 1 is changed, parameter 2 does not update.

If I change the problem parameter's (2) available values to the dataset where the default values come from, it works fine, but that doesn't fill the business requirement of this report.  I also tried setting parameter 2 properties to "always refresh" but that doesn't appear to refresh the default values.

What else can I try?








SSRS-Cascading dropdown Refresh issue


Hi All,

Any solution is there for this below issue.Any hot fix available?.I tried lot of ways to do this but ...So Please update me it is very imp issue for me right now.

Issue :

i have 3 parameters, Country, State, City and all are multi-valued. State is depend on Country, City is depend on State. Default value is set to all avaliable values [Select All].
This issue is if user changes the Country value(1st parameter) ,and cascading refresh State (2nd parameter), the City(3rd parameter) list will not be refreshed.




Cascading params in SSRS -Refresh issue


Hi All,

Any solution is there for this below issue.Any hot fix available?.I tried lot of ways to do this but ...So Please update me it is very imp issue for me right now.

Issue :

i have 3 parameters, Country, State, City and all are multi-valued. State is depend on Country, City is depend on State. Default value is set to all avaliable values [Select All].
This issue is if user changes the Country value(1st parameter) ,and cascading refresh State (2nd parameter), the City(3rd parameter) list will not be refreshed.




RSS Feed Refresh Issue



   We are running SharePoint with the Bug Database template; working extremely well.

   Just enabled the RSS feed, and have subscribed to it using the feed client integrated into Lotus Notes 8.51.

   The feed displays new defects when they are opened; however does not update the defects when they are updated in SharePoint.

   At a bit of a loss; we are not too familiar with how RSS should work.  Should it update?  Did some research and came across some discussion about SharePoint caching updates; but could not find anything about how to turn this off?

   Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



IsapiModule Error 500 Issue


I am about exhausted trying to figure out this error:

HTTP Error 500.0 - Internal Server Error

Description: The page cannot be displayed because an internal server error has occurred.

Error Code: 0x8007007b

Notification: ExecuteRequestHandler

Module: IsapiModule

Requested URL: http://localhost:80/ReportServer

Physical Path: c:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.2\Reporting Services\ReportServer

When I enable Failed Request Tracing Rules and view the log output I am supposing that the actual problem is in the 2nd call where there are 2 backslashes before the actual filename in the specified path:


CALL_ISAPI_EXTENSION DllName="C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\\aspnet_isapi.dll"


MVC2 issue - Stuck. Trying to create a cms with nested partials


I am currently trying to display multiple items on a single page. I am not sure as to how to tackle this. What I have is a database table that has all the page data in. I have this run as a PagesController and this works fine. However what I would like to do is, if say the Products page is selected via the menu, I want to pull back not only the Products page html but also get all the products, and even be able to pull them through via category. I was trying to use a partial view, but I can't get it to work. The same would be for other pages, having partial views to display the other content, ie if Gallery is selected, the page html for Gallery shows and it then can push to a partial view that pulls all the gallery images from the gallery db table and so on. 

Maybe I am tackling this the wrong way. I have the pages stored in the db to allow for a CMS system I have setup. Maybe I need to use models for all the other items(Products, Gallery, Videos and such) and use the partial for the page html?

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am confused.

xpath issue


Hi i am using xpath to loop through each node,

the xml is below i can get the value of "link" but i cant get the thumbnail value, have you got any ideas how i can do this, my code is below.



     <link>test 1</link>
     <media:thumbnail url="http://test.com/image.jpg" height="75" width="75" />



     <link>test 2</link>
     <media:thumbnail url="http://test.com/image.jpg" height="75" width="75" />


public void FindLinks(XPathNavigator p_xPathNav, DataTable dt)
            //run the XPath query
            XPathNodeIterator xPathIt = p_xPathNav.Select("//item");

            //use the

User validation Issue in xlsx file



I am validating user from Login.xlsx file. It was working fine by validating email and password from that file. For testing i got new file same contents of file but added some more user names.

So after that when i validating the user i am getting the following error "Data type mismatch in criteria expression".

But when i replaced the new to old one it is working fine. The contens of both files are the same. So why this kind of error happened.


Multiple Paramatized Threading issue


I need the funcitonality to have two methods run concurrently of each other and the parent thread (aka the method that makes these two calls) to halt until BOTH are done. After the threads are done, I need to perform logic on the returns of the method, so it is essential for both of them to be complete before the parent thread continues. I have searched the internet and tried varous attacks, and I always come up with the same result, this being the parent thread continues operation after the first thread finishes, leaving the second thread running.  Can someone show me a quick example of how I can do this. I have tried checking states of the threads, halting the threads, but I always end up with the same thing. Any help would be great. Thanks.

Data Truncation issue with Enterprise Library Logging WriteLog stored Proc


Hi ,

I'm using Enterprise Library Logging  feature for logging. The issue i am facing is when the Logging message is too large(more than 65534 chars) ,complete data  is not logged in the Formatted Mesage column which is  of data Type nText .

I am able insert complete data if i try inserting from Sql insert Query from sql management studio. Do i need to add any attributes to data base listener or do i need to change the sp.

 Is there any way to increase the WriteLog stored proc param size in EnterpriseLibrary.Logging config file ? . Please let me know.


Thanks In Advance.

Word Automation Issue in Windows Server 2008 Hosting



The problem I am posting here is that I was facing nearly 2 weeks around. Any body comes with this stuff please help.

Word Automation in sample ASP.NET(C#) application.

I am using Microsoft.Office.Inetrop.Word Assembly for automation. Here I am reading a XXX.dot template file and fill the contents with dynamic data.

When i am executing my code in localhost:someportnumber the automation is working fine and I could get expected result and when I am hosting in my inetmgr(Windows XP is my OS) it is also working fine.

But the problem is that when I am hosting in my production server(Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition) I am not able to perform automation and results in the following error.

Data: System.Collections.ListDictionaryInternal
Message: Word has encountered a problem.
Source: Microsoft Word

The code gets failed in the following line:

ApplicationClass wordApp = new Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word.ApplicationClass();

Document wordDoc = wordApp.Documents.Add(ref oTemplate, ref oFalse, ref oMissing, ref oMissing); // Error in this line

I cannot able to proceed further. Can anybody please help me in solving this issue?

Thank you.

With Regards,


If Statement Issue



This is very strange to me. I have spent 2hrs looking into this inside out , but dont seem to get it

I have an if statement that inserts data into the database. But i check to make sure the name is not entered twice. Now when the name is already in the db, then it should insert else put out a message saying its already in the db

My code works fine except that  when its not in the db, its inserts but still puts out the message that says "Name is already in use" Not sure if am not seeing something. But thought i did bring it to the forum. Here is my code...Pretty simple

Protected Sub btnAdd_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnAdd.Click

        Dim objConnection As SqlConnection
        Dim objCommand As SqlCommand
        Dim strSQLQuery1 As String


        ' If there's nothing to Add for then don't search
        ' o/w build our SQL Query and execute it.
        If String.IsNullOrEmpty(txtAdd.Text) Or Leadbank.SelectedValue = "000" Then


Toolbox: Issue and Defect Tracking, Automate IT Tasks, and More


In this issue, issue and defect tracking, automating IT tasks, and more.

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