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Audience for managers

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 20, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint

(I'm assuming audience creation is administration and not customization)

My organization wants an audience for people with subordinates / direct reports, but I can't find a profile property pertaining to this.  Am I overlooking it?

If not, has anyone accomplished this before?  The work-around is to create an attribute in AD and populate it on the HR to AD push.

Thanks in advance

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Can't find AD security group while creating Audience rule


Hi guys,

I'm trying to create audience rule : all members of AD group. But when I try to choose a security group I need I can't find in search window. Though I see another groups. So in a whole the problem is I can't see all the AD groups but only some of them. It doesn't depends on on its type (global or local domain).

What could be a reason?

Audience Configuration Question

I'm not sure if this is the right forum, but this appears to be the most appropriate location.  I'm trying to understand the targeting feature and there is one specific issue I can't seem to figure out.  When creating an audience rule  using the "User" and "Member Of" settings, the "Value"  field is described as "Enter the name of a Windows security group or distribution list".  However, when I click on the "Book" icon to browse the list of available items, the (limited list of) entries that I see in the selector by default are all SharePoint Sites, NOT any type of "Windows security group or distribution list"...and there appears to not be any way of selecting/finding actual Windows or SharePoint security groups.  Where are the default values that are shown in this browse control pulled from and is it possible to control WHAT shows up in this list?  Why does it show SharePoint sites? This is currently set up in a small DEV environment with everything on one server, so there is no AD integration, all users/groups are local to the server. Is it not possible to set a rule where a user is a "Member Of" a Sharepoint group?  Thanks  

No Audience Targeting Option in SP2010 WebParts

Has anyone found a fix for the missing Audience Targetting option in WebParts?  Every book I have read, SP2010 Standard should have that as an option.  I have it enabled in my list but doesn't show up except in Content Query WebParts.  The books say it should be able to be used in ALL webparts.  Is there some other feature that needs to be enabled??

Target Audience in Share Point 2010

Hi there, We've managed to migrate  MOSS 2007 to MOSS 2010 for one of our customer. Everything went well except Target Audience. Sharepoint2010 does not seem to recognise the AD groups and no matter how many times I reset them, I see the error of "No exact match found". Appreciate if someone can advice.   Thanks.    

Audience Membership and Rules

Hi all Im having trouble adding a rule to my audience that includes all members of a distribution list or security group in AD.  This is how it looks in 2007: http://img716.imageshack.us/img716/6788/moss2007.gif The members of the audience are populated by users being a member of 'NTU All Staff' as seen here: http://img716.imageshack.us/img716/3535/moss20072.gif Im trying to emulate that in SP 2010 but cannot seem to surface this (or any other) distribution/security group when i add a rule to an audience.  On creating a new audience called 'All Staff' and assigning an owner (not sure what this actually does, or who should own an audience), i go to create a rule to includes members of a group and get the following: http://img36.imageshack.us/img36/906/moss2010.gif Is there something i am missing here?  Can anyone shed any light? Cheers Asher Fast, Cheep, Good. Choose any Two!

Creating an audience in a SPListItemReceiver

Hi, I want to create an audience in a ItemUpdated event of the SPListItemReceiver class. When i use the code beneath i'm getting an Access Denied error. Strangly when I'm using the exact same code for a console application it works perfectly. So my question would be "Is there some difference between the context of an console app and a SPListEventReceiver." Thats the only explantion I can think of at the moment.   The code I use: SPSecurity.RunWithElevatedPrivileges(delegate { AudienceManager audienceManager = new AudienceManager(SPServiceContext.GetContext(new SPSite(Properties.SiteId))); AudienceCollection audienceCollection = audienceManager.Audiences; Audience audience = audienceCollection.Create(audienceName, audienceDescription); }); The error I get. System.UnauthorizedAccessException was unhandled by user code Message=Access Denied Source=Microsoft.Office.Server.UserProfiles StackTrace: at Microsoft.Office.Server.Audience.AudienceGlobal.CanAccess(UserProfileApplicationProxy userProfileApplicationProxy) at Microsoft.Office.Server.Audience.AudienceCollection.Create(String AudienceNameOrg, String AudienceDescriptionOrg, String OwnerAccountNameOrg, AudienceGroupOperation GroupOperation) at Microsoft.Office.Server.Audience.AudienceCollection.Create(String AudienceName, String AdienceDescrip

MOSS 2010 Issue with Target Audience

Hi there, We've managed to migrate  MOSS 2007 to MOSS 2010 for one of our customer. Everything went well except Target Audience. Sharepoint2010 does not seem to recognise the AD groups and no matter how many times I reset them, I see the error of "No exact match found". Here is the scenario : Application pool user has necessary rights as MOSS able to find AD groups. However, once MOSS locates AD groups and after we assign relevant AD group to a particular web part, save the web part and if I happen to edit the web part then we found ""No exact match found" in the Target Audience. One more thing, this behaviour is happening only for HOME page. For this reason, we tried to recreate the entire webpage, but the issue ""No exact match found" still remains.   Kindly advice. Thanks

Multilinguale content with audience targeting



I have created multilingual site using the variation feature.Requirement here is that Site should support content in multiple language as well as it should be audience targeted.So like If content is "Message of the day".It should be in multiple languages and based on the audience, content should be change.

Please suggest me best approach. 



Programmatically add target audience field



I have a list I'm creating on the fly and also creating the fields for that list... I have created a HTML filed like so:

 HtmlField htmlField = new HtmlField(pollsList.Fields, "HTML", "HTML_Field");
      field = (SPField)pollsList.Fields.GetField("HTML_Field");
      field.DefaultValue = " ";
      field.Description = "Short text field can add link to discussions";

What I cannot seem to find any help with is how can I create the Target Audience field for the list???




Audience Setup issues


We have the UPS set to import various Security/Distribution groups from AD and I'm trying to set a Web Part to only display for members of a Group that contains "New Employees" only.

This seems to be something that should be possible, however the Audience filtering does not actually work.  And if I edit the web part again, the audience field contains a garbled description of the AD group name and an error below.

CN=NewEmployees,OU=Distribution Groups,DC=XXXXXXXXXXXX,DC=com

No exact match was found. Click the item(s) that did not resolve for more options.

Obviously, I've put XXXXX is in place of the actual Domain - though I'm not sure why this is not working as desired?

SharePoint Audience Targeting


Hi ,

I was trying to control SharePoint Audience targeting for single document library or list from code behind but looks like we dont have any control over that

I know that we can control this situation by adding Audience Field As XML to library or list

but what I am looking for is like having API to do this for us

anybody is known to such thing?

Warm Regards, Bhushan http://www.passionatetechie.blogspot.com

Show or hide programmatically based on audience


I'm trying to either show or hide a datalist control based on a users Audience.

      AudienceLoader audienceLoader = AudienceLoader.GetAudienceLoader();

      string audienceFieldValue = "United States";

      if ((AudienceManager.IsCurrentUserInAudienceOf(audienceLoader, audienceFieldValue, false)))
        DataList2.Visible = true;
        DataList2.Visible = false;

I have tried couple different things this is where I'm at now... any help would be appreciated.




Determine if current user is part of audience


How can I determine if the current user is part of an audience or not?

Searching kept bringing me to this link: http://msdn2.microsoft.com/fr-ca/learning/ms499760.aspx  which is unavailable.

Any help or code is greatly appreciated.



Audience Targeting in SPF2010


Hi, I wish to know how to set audience targeting of a list in SharePoint Foundation 2010.

I installed the SharePoint Foundation 2010 on a win7 machine.



Based on the link above, sharepoint foundation does have the audience targeting feature, but I had been searching quite sometime with no luck.

Hope someone can give a help.

How do I set the target audience using Sharepoint Designer workflow



I need to set the target audience in a list based on a column called "DocType" Im hoping I can do this using a workflow as Ive been getting to grips using the workflow designer lately.

I have tried setting an Initiation with the default string being the target audience group, then set the target audience field to be the initiation value

This does send the string to my list but only if I edit the list and validate the target audience address

Does anyone know how I can validate the audience address using the workflow designer~?


Many thanks in advance

Target Audience Option Not Available

I was working on webparts in a single page,i assigned target audience to each webparts.after a day i rebooted my server then my webparts are not showing the target audience option ,and all webparts are shown instead of user specific one.Please Help....
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