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Mapas do Bing

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 19, 2010    Points: 0   Category :WPF

Tenho numa base de dados coordenadas Latitude e Longitude em formato double. Gostava de produzir um mapa do Bing com marcas de várias cores (conforme o valor de interesse dessa área) e se possivel com uma imagem associada ao marcador.
O exemplo que eles dão (não muito correcto) depois de algumas alterações consegui por a funcionar a 100%, mas não explica como posso colocar vários marcadores num mapa e as funções normais de o manipular a funcionar.

Encontro muita ajuda para o Google Maps para o uso de marcadores personalizados, mas para o Bing Mapas é quase nula. A que surge é incompléta e muita está incorrecta.

Podem- me indicar alguma ajuda para começar?

Já tenho a conta no Bing e a sua chave.

Cumprimentos pessoal,

Ats, John PT

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Dynamic .NET: Creating Interactive Bing Maps with Silverlight and IronRuby


Silverlight provides support for dynamic languages such as IronRuby and IronPython. We'll walk you through the creation of a custom Silverlight control using Bing Maps and IronRuby.

Ashish Ghoda

MSDN Magazine February 2010

HTTPS SSL Bing Searches in SharePoint 2007


I love the federation of Bing search results in our Search Center, but the content delivered via non-SSL connection pop-up is super annoying.
Is there a way to keep the Bing search federation, but have it use an SSL connection instead so that I don't get this error?

I tried to use Bing manually by visiting https://www.bing.com and I get redirected back to http://www.bing.com.


Richard Green, MCSE Windows Server 2003

Bing Maps with Visual WebParts

Hi, I am trying to show simple bing map in visual web part. when i place same code in html page then  it is working as expecting. when i place in visual webpart then getting error for mapcontrol.ashx thrown exception. can anyone point me anyspecial settings required for visual webpart to show bing map. my code as follows <     script src="http://dev.virtualearth.net/mapcontrol/mapcontrol.ashx?v=5" type="text/javascript"> </       script> <     script type="text/javascript">     var map = null;       function GetMap() { alert(     'test'); map =     new VEMap('myMap'); map.LoadMap(     new VELatLong(17.391, 78.4712), 10, 'r', false);       var pin = new VEPushpin(1, new VELatLong(17.391, 78.4712), null,       'Hyd Infy',       '<table><tr><td>This field is:<ul><li>Total Buildings:20</li><li>Employees :xxxxx</li>' +       '</ul></td></tr></table>');     </script>         <script> GetMap();     </script>     <div id="myMap" style="position:relative;wid

problem with pushpin position in Bing

Hello guys! I have the problem with pushpin's position in Bing Maps. I have published my project to server: http://sergylens.narod.ru/bing/TestPage.html Try it! See the pushpin? Try to go left or right on Map! See the position of pushpin has changed. It's not static at all like in SDK samples. The another problem is, that I can't add more , than one pushpin!!! My code is just: <m:Map x:Name="Map" CredentialsProvider="HereIsMyKey" Center="47.620574,-122.34942" /> <m:Pushpin x:Name="Pun1" Location="53.19335,50.18986" /> Location loc = new Location(53.19155, 50.19098); Map.SetView(loc, 11.0000); So , if in Xaml I shall add more pushpins. The last pushpin I have add always override the pervious one. Sample: Pushpin #1 - 43.434334 / 42.4234234 Pushpin #2 - 54.324234 / 46.4243242 Pushpin #3 - 95.423424 / 32.1231233   So the #2 override the #1, and than #3 override the #2 and finally I have seen only the last pushpin!!! Where are anothers? Code: <m:Pushpin x:Name="Pun1" Location="53.19335,50.18986" /> <m:Pushpin x:Name="Pun2" Location="53.11335,50.38986" /> <m:Pushpin x:Name="Pun3" Location="53.05335,50.08986" /> And I see only the Pun3!!! Where are Pun1 && Pun2 ??? So, my problems are: 1). Non-static position of pushpin ( yo

how to grab the top ten links of any keyword searched from bing.com and show it in datalist dynamica

i m havin .aspx      page               .aspx.cs pagei have textbox1 for entering keyword search           button1 for search that keyword in bing search engine and grab that 10 links and show that in datalist1           datalist1eg : hello in bing.comhas the top ten url links1 www.hellomagazine.com2 en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hello3 en.wikipedia.org/?title=Hello_Kitty4 www.hellodesign.com....etc            should be shown in datalistif any body knows the full code please answer / mail me ponmanivannangj@mobiusservices.in

Bing Maps Assemblies


I have just downloaded and installed the Bing Map Apps SDK. However there are 4 reference libraries:-


The problem I have is that all of the reference material I have seen refers to the Microsoft.Maps.Mapcontrol.dll assembly which isnt there. The *.Types assembly also doesn't appear to have the 'Map' class.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Kind Regards



Using Bing Map Control in Silverlight For Beginners

In this post I will show you how to use the Bing map control in the silverlight application to show the location on map. For this you have to download the SDK for the Bing map control from here. By downloading and installing the Bing map SDK on your system you will have the libraries and the SDK for the Bing map on your system.Now let us start to create the application to use the Bing map.

BING routing service



Can you help please ? When my client sends a request to the bing routing service where the trip is longer than a local journey say 30 miles I get the error

The maximum message size quota for incoming messages (65536) has been exceeded. To increase the quota, use the MaxReceivedMessageSize property on the appropriate binding element.

How do access this property to increase it from code. I am using the auto generated class wrappers for this service.



Binding Bing Map Pushpin

In this post I will show you how to bind the push pin of the Bing map control using MVVM to show multiple push pin on the map control.In my last post on the Bing map which I have write for the beginners you have seen that I have displayed only one one push pin but now its time to learn how to display multiple push pin on map control.

mark countries in map (Google or Bing)


Hi all,

is it possible to use Bing Maps or Google Maps (or any other) and mark countries on a world map? I have some countries in SQL DB depending on the logged in user, e.g. France, Mexico, Australia, Japan. These countries should be mark on a world map. Is this possible?

Many thanks in advance!

Bing Map Apps: Building a Real-Time Transit Application Using the Bing Map App SDK


Learn how to use the free Bing Map App SDK as we walk you through the creation of a real-time transit application for bus routes in King County and show you how to submit apps to the Bing Map site.

Luan Nguyen

MSDN Magazine October 2010

Bing Map in Silverlight

For the majority of us, maps represent a useful tool which we often use in daily life when we are looking for a specific landmark, shopping centre or street name in an unfamiliar town or city.

For business, map is a good marketing tool to attract the customers. Many Companies use Google Map to show its location so that customers can easily reach them.

In this walkthrough I will show how to create a Silverlight application with Bing Map Control. Bing Map control is provided by Microsoft Virtual Earth. Bing Map can be integrated in website by two ways:

Bing Map AJAX control
Bing Map Silverlight control

Adding Pushpin on Bing Map in Silverlight

In this article I will show how to add multiple pushpins on the Bing Map in Silverlight in c-sharp.

In previous article we saw one of the ways to add multiple locations on the Bing Map in Silverlight by fetching data from SQL Server Database. But in that everything was done in xaml file. As a developer we always want to have more controls by doing things in code behind. In this article I will explain this.

To start have a look at my First Article of this series to start and create a Bing Map integrated application in Silverlight.We will use the same WCF Service as we created in my previous article.

Let's add two functions on the page called Load and Clear.

On Load call the WCF Service (DemoSqlServer.DataService) to fetch data from SQL

Error in Bing map layer


Hi All,


I am new to SSRS and I am currently working on the map control. In the map wizard I have selected the add Bing map layer and in the design time as well as in preview, I am able to view this Bing map layer. But when I deploy it in IE, I am not able to view this Bing map layer.


I get an error “Cannot connect to the remote server.”


Please help.




Creating an Excel Services and Bing Maps Mashup for SharePoint 2010 (Visual How To)

Learn how to use a Bing Maps AJAX control to interact with an Excel Web Access Web Part using the Excel ServicesECMAScript object model.

Video: Creating an Excel Services and Bing Maps Mash-up for SharePoint 2010 (Visual How To)

Watch a short video as you learn to use Bing Maps AJAX controls to interact with Excel Web Access web parts.

How does one properly access AttributeExtensions from a Bing Maps Data Query Syndication Feed respon




I'm able to get the basic SyndicationFeed response from a Bing Maps QueryByArea call via WCF 3.5, however, the valuable entry data with EntityID, Latitude, Longitude etc. are not accessible (not even if I have a break point and inspect the Atom Feed responsde directly).  I just see an empty XmlSyndicationContent entry.


What do I need to do to be able to expose and access the properties in the "content" entity:

<content type="application/xml"><m:properties><d:EntityID>-8174</d:EntityID><d:Latitude m:type="Edm.Double">40.849513</d:Latitude><d:Longitude m:type="Edm.Double">-74.292831</d:Longitude><d:__Distance m:type="Edm.Double">2.72010344668636</d:__Distance></m:properties></content>


Here's a full response from Bing Maps (thanks to Fiddler2):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<feed xmlns:d="http://schemas.microsoft.com/ado/2007/08/dataservices" xmlns:m="http://schemas.microsoft.com/ado/2007/08/dataservices/metadata" xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2005/Atom">
<title type="text"></title>
<rights t

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