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button javascript

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 19, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net

protected void Button8_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)

        DropDownList ddlCardDetails = LoginView2.FindControl("ddlCardDetails") as DropDownList;
        Label Label27 = LoginView2.FindControl("Label27") as Label;

        Label27.Text = ddlCardDetails.SelectedValue.Split(' ')[0];


           <asp:Button ID="Button8" onclick="Button8_Click" runat="server" Text="Button" />

          <asp:Label ID="Label27" runat="server" Text="Label"></asp:Label>

The problem I have with refreshing.
Therefore, it would like to save the js.

How to call Button8 with js?


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Enable Go Button after entering data in all fields using javascript funtion


Hi friends,

My page is having one gridview with check boxes,two textboxes and one button just like this see this link now i want to enable go button whenever user has select checkbox in gridview and he needs to enter text in two textboxes. i have written onkeyup event for two textboxes to test whether user enter text in textboxes or not but i am unable to write javascript function to check whether user has selected checkbox in gridview or not to enable go button .My requiremnet is user need to enter three inputs select atleast one checkbox in gridview and he needs to enter text in two textboxes.please friends pls tell me how to write javascript function to find whether user has selected the checkbox in gridview or not

How do I set CausesValidation=false on a button that was created with Javascript?

I have a button on an ASP.NET page, and that button is (and needs to be) created via Javascript. The problem is, there are some validators on the page, and pressing the button is causing them to fire, and I don't want that to happen in this particular case. I am not sure what CausesValidation=false actually does on the page, but I was hoping to re-create it somehow.I have been trying to locate the button by using a FindControl() statement in code-behind, but that doesn't seem to be working. If it did, I could just set the CausesValidation there...Any thoughts?

How to conditionally Enable/Disable Button control using JavaScript ?

hi all... i have a Button control & a TextBox control on my web page. The Button control is initially Disabled. I want that while typing into TextBox, when the length of the contents of TextBox reaches to 12 (i.e. when i type 12th character), the Button Control should be Enabled & if the length again comes down to less than 12, the Button control should again be Disabled... How can i do this using JavaScript...?? Does anyone know how to do this...?? Please help. It's urgent... Thanx in advance to all posts !

Viewstate issue when calling button click event from Javascript

I have a javascript that asks a confirmation on search click. If the user has made some changes to the data in grid (gridview) on click of Search, a confirmation is asked to Save or Continue Search. If Yes, Save the records by invoking Save click from javascript. If No, Search click is invoked. While Search click happens correctly, Save click results in an error which reads like this..  "Validation of viewstate MAC failed. If this application is hosted by a Web Farm or cluster, ensure that <machineKey> configuration specifies the same validationKey and validation algorithm. AutoGenerate cannot be used in a cluster. " I know the Viewstate is what causing the problem, where the control is not loaded but script is trying to invoke it's click event. Any help is appreciated. At the end of the day, all i need is to invoke Save click from javascript.   -- Viswanth VG  

UpdatePanel, Button and Javascript Messagebox

Hi,  In my VS 2008 C# net web page, I have some TextBoxes and a Button in an UpdatePanel.The Button's click event will do the Update work to SQL Server.The Update is working, but I would like to have a message box popping out if the Update to SQL Server is successful.How do I do that?  " src="http://forums.asp.net/emoticons/emotion-8.gif">Thanks for help. Jason

Javascript in Datalist .... on click of Button Show details in Another DIV

Hello Experts My Question is how to Set / call javascript in a Datalist , Where to define / Add Attrbutes for that / My Functionatilty requires on click of a button i have to show details in another DIVThanks ... Any Code Example is Much appreciated .. Thanks

Calling Button,s onclick event in javascript code


 Hi Experts.

I have a Button control in webpage.

<asp:Button ID="Button1" runat="server" Text="Button" OnClick="Button1_Click" OnClientClick="test()"/>

When i click on button, i want to check some conditions

error calling javascript function in asp link button


I am using a asp link button in grid template field which calls a pop up,i need to find the link button's control in cs page.

my link button code

<asp:LinkButton runat="server" ID="hlQName" Text='<%# Eval("QuestionnaireName")%>' OnClientClick

Unable to call javascript function through button's click



i have a javascript function that is placed in a separete file.There are some other functions also.

On a Button's OnClientClick i want to call a javascript function, but it is not called.When i put the same function in my aspx page that function is called. So how can i call that function which is placed in another .js file.

I  have taken some other controls like radio button , that is working fine when i call some functions  that is placed in the same .js file.

I have written like this in Button's OnClintClick property:



ASP.Net Postback using javascript for Radio button list


Hi There,

My current structure:

1. An asp.net radio-button list with autopostback = true. The radio-button list has 2 items - Yes and No.

2. An asp panel that has 2 textbox.

Current behaviour:

When the user clicks on the radio-button list (i.e. Yes), the panel is made visible.

My clients wants the same functionality without the page refresh (i.e. the postback). I tried looking through a lot of forums and articles and couldn't find the any article that would show an example for drop-down list or radio-button list.

Any help is much appreciated..!


delete document button in ribbon gives javascript error: g is not a function



We have a default SharePoint 2010 installation. So an out of the box site template, out of the box document libraries/lists etc, out of the box theme (default one) etc.

When we check the checkbox next to a document in the shared documents library, the tab in the ribbon automatically switches to the document tab. In this tab there is a button "delete document". When I click that I get a confirmation request, I click OK, and then I get a little yellow box in the upper right corner that tells me SharePoint is deleting the document, and then nothing happens.

The document stays where it is, no refresh of the page as SharePoint should do...

I have a javascript error, and in FireFox it tells me "g is not a function" on line 2 of the file inplview.js?rev=AohvE9XEf%2FI78tuaw1TGAA
Line 2 contains like 100 javascript functions on the same line, so it's impossible to find out which function or command throws the error.
This is not a file created by me, so I guess it comes with SharePoint and that I should not touch it.

So what do I do now?
I have another server that we use for SharePoint testing, and there the button works as it should, so it's not SharePoint either...
Problem is that we use this server to give basic SharePoint trainings to our employees, so it's not a very good start

Performing two events(saving and deleting item) on button click in javascript in a dataview web part


Hello guys,

I have a requirement like...I have a dvwp, in that I have comments field as text box. So that when ever user tries to delete the item, he enters comments and deletes it.It will send an notification with information and gets deleted.

So I have to do this by javascript. Do you guys have any idea?

input button javascript does not work


Hi All,

I'm inserting panels within a table, each panel has an increment and decrement input button that uses javascript to update a textbox value within the panel.

The buttons stopped working when I adjusted the table to have multiple columns. 

Here's the code:

        private void OrderDriver()
            //Get vendor items
            MyItemList = new List<Item>();
            MyItemList = Populate();
            //Display vendor items
            Table tbl = new Table();
            int rowcount = getrowcount(MyItemList.Count);
            int colcount = 2;
            for (int i = 0; i < rowcount; i++)

                TableRow row = new TableRow();

                for (int j = 0; j < colcount; j++)

                    TableCell cell = new TableCell();

                    Panel Pnl = new Panel();
                    Pnl.ID = "Pnl" + i.ToString();
                    Pnl.Visible = true;
                    Pnl.BorderWidth = 4;
                    Pnl.BackColor = System.Drawing.ColorTranslator.FromHtml("#CC3333");
                    Pnl.Width = 500;

                    TextBox txtbx = new TextBox();
                    txtbx.ID = "txt" + i.ToString

disable button in page load click event using javascript



i have button its  enable false in aspx page, if i click the page load  click event  then button should enable

looking forward the reply.

javascript display button


I've got a feeling what I'm trying to do here isn't going to be straight forward but I hope it is...

I've currently got a default.aspx page which contains an iframe, has the source set to uploadfile.aspx and its onload event set to hidegif(). In the uploadfile.aspx I've got a fileupload control and a button which has its onclientclick event set to displaygif(). This basically displays an animated gif while the file upload is taking place and hides it again once the upload is complete.

Now the first question is, is there any way to somehow link up the displaygif function to my server side validation so that it only displays the gif if it meets certain requirements, (has a file, jpg format, certain file size etc..), rather than just running the function regardless every time the button is pressed? Does that make sense? Or is the only way to do this by doing the validation in javascript as well? 

And the next question is, I've got another button on default.aspx which is initially hidden, and I want it to be displayed only when the file upload is complete. At first I thought this would just be a simple case of doing the opposite of what I've already done before so just add to the hidegif function in the iframe onload event saying to display the button instead. Obviously I soon

javascript, return button properties


I thought this would be something very straight forward but I can't figure it out.

How do I return current values from a button for example button text or whether it's enabled to use in an IF statement?

This is just an example to show what I mean, but say we've got 3 buttons... The first button runs the javascript function to find out the status of the second button (whether it's enabled or disabled) and if it's disabled for example, the function will then disable the third button.

The way I tried to do it was...

<script type="text/javascript">

var btn1 = document.getElementById("Button1");

var btn2 = document.getElementById("Button2");

var btn3 = document.getElementById("Button3");

function buttonfunction() {

if (btn2.disabled = "true") {

btn3.disabled = true;




But this just seems to set btn2 to disabled every time rather than just check the status and then therefore always disables the third button?


How to call javascript function from Button CLick event



I have a createuserwizard. My CompleteUserWizard in CreateUserWizard is like this..

<asp:CompleteWizardStep ID="MessageStep" runat="server">





  <table style="height: 100%; width: 100%;">


   <td align="center" colspan="2" class="complete_text">






  Your account has been successfully created.




     <td align="center" colspan="2">

    <asp:Button runat="server" ValidationGroup="Createuserwizard1" CommandName="Continue" ID="ContinueButton" CausesValidation="False" Text="Continue" Width="65px" CssClass="Base" />







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