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Posted By:      Posted Date: September 18, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net
Hi friends, I am little bit confused about the certification given by microsft . please let me Know the best option e.g certification for me as I am a web developer in asp.net with C#  3.5 and using sql 2008 and 2005 as backend.   I have visited the microsift site But I am not geting the start point.   Thanks.     

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MCTS 70-503 Practice exam about service object instancing

The question says the default behavior for instancing service object is that each instance is associated with one user-defined service object, but in the book, 'MCTS Self Training Kit', it is said that the default behavior is PerCall. Is this a bug in the practice exam?

Suspicious Question on MCTS 70-433 Practice Test

I am preparing to take the 70-433 sometime this week and while doing a practice test last night I came over this question which the answer provided doesn't look correct to me. The question is as follows: You have a table named Pets, which contains the following columns: petName, which stores the name of the pet ownerName, which stores the name of the pet's owner You also have a table named Owners, which contains the following columns: ownerName, which stores the name of the owner of one or more pets age, which stores the age of the owner location, which stores the name of the city in which the owner lives You must retrieve the name of each pet whose owner is over the age of 50 and lives in Seattle.  The solution provided by the test was as follows: SELECT   pet.petName FROM   Pets AS pet JOIN (   SELECT age FROM Owners WHERE location = 'Seattle') AS own ON   pet.ownerName = own.ownerName WHERE   own.age > 50 I don't believe this is possible. The join is made on the ownerName column, but the derived tabled 'own' does not contain that column, therefore it cannot be referenced. I set up the example on SSMS and indeed, it did not work. Is this answer wrong? Or am I missing something here? Thank you.

Studying for MCTS - SQL Server 2008 DBA, need advise on best setup for home laptop.


I have laptop with XP Professional 2002 SP3, 64 bit, 1,79GHz, 2.37g RAM.

I am wondering if doing a vmplayer virtural appliance with Windows Server 2003 R2 and evaluation edition of SQL Server 2008 Developer edition is the best setup.  It really is getting tedious with reinstalling everything every 30 days.  My school is not yet registered with DreamSpark.  I found the virtual labs and will go through those but I was wondering if there was a better setup to study with. 

Thanks for your time.

Is 70-541 MCTS Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0: Application Development study material ava



Does microsoft provides any study materials for below certification?

70-541 MCTS: Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0: Application Development



ssisltduser - mcts trainging question


Hi, Book states that

ssisltduser can view users packages in contrast ssisoperator can view all packages implication being ltduser can only view his own packages and not anyone elses.

There is a question in the practise test

You are deploying several SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) packages.
You are using the deployment utility to deploy the packages to the production SQL server in the msdb database.
What do you need to do to ensure that the package developers can see the packages?

The correct answer is

Add the package developers' msdb role, db_ssisltduser, in the msdb database.

I dont understand how this answer can be correct based on the definition given earlier. If person A develops a package then person B should not be able to see it if person B is a ltduser, I would have thought ssisoperator would have been the correct answer as they can view all packages.

I know I am wrong. Why am I wrong?



For my last 3 years I have work with the SQL 2000 as a database analysis.  Now I want to get a certification to prepare me to look for a better job.  Which certification is more valuable in today job marker MCTS or MCDBA.

MCTS exam - XML problem


I'm studying for the MCTS exam  with the MS SQL Sever 2005 exam Implementation and Maintenance book and am using files downloaded from the books CD for Chapter 8 Lesson 1.  It concerns using XML.  The script creates a new database and table then inserts data into the table.  There seems to be no problem when I execute the script to create the database (TK431) and the table (UniversalLog).  But when I try to insert the data into the table, I get the following message:


Msg 6908, Level 16, State 1, Line 1
XML Validation: Invalid content. Expected element(s): error,post,information. Location: /*:logRecord[1]


P.S.  -  I've downloaded the SQL 2005 on a Virtual PC, if that's any consequence.


Here's the script:


-- Create a new database


USE TK431Chapter8

-- Create an XML Schema Collection

declare @schema XML
   BULK '\\tsclient\C\Chapter8\Lesson 1\logRecordSchema.xsd', SINGLE_BLOB) AS TEMP(c)

-- Rob's Note: The only slight chang

Top 10 Tips to Get MCSD Certification

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