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WebApp trust - Default WebApp & MySite WebApp - Log in twice

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 17, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint
The scenario I have are 3 WebApps.  2 containg a simple TeamSite Content Collections & the other a MySite Host.  Is there a way, outside of Claims/ADFS/FBA, to have the WebApps trust each other or so that a single AD login is required between the 3?  Right now, each time we access a page on a different WebApp a Login is required.  We have used ADFS previously but are frustrated with HTTPS requirements.   Thanks.

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Webapp has been closed

hi I have created some webapplication in Moss2007  using VPC. BUt now if i m browsing mine webapplication it's giving me error like "HTTP/1.1 404 Connection: close Date: Thu, 02 Sep 2010 18:42:05 GMT Server: Microsoft-IIS/6.0 X-Powered-By: ASP.NET MicrosoftSharePointTeamServices: " even i checked  my host entry  there i hv registerd my header name let me know if any one hv idea abt this Thanks in advance..........    

Creating a WCF serivce inside the webapp or seperate WCFservice application

Iam not sure how I should create the WCF serivce, Should I create inside my MVC Webbapplication or should Create it's own WCF Serivce Application?What is your suggestion?

website or webapp


Hello, I will be very shortly converting an Access application over to ASP.Net (actually starting this coming week).  The Access backend db is moving to SQL2005.  I am using VS2008 for the developing.  The A2007 app is not one that is complicated or with many tables or forms.  The company is beginning to look at the Access dbs there are and convert them over.  The big one will be the last to do, with 150+ tables (on SQL2005) and 110+ forms, very complicated Access app that started 15 years ago and continues to evolve.  Anyway, the small one that I will be starting with is the one I have question about.  I have read over the differences between website and webapp.  My first thought is to go with a webapp for the conversions.  I am wondering what the consensus of users in the forum use?  And is there any particular reason why?

Thanks.... John 

Word Attachments in Task dont get open in Word WebApp


Can someone tell me why Word document in a Task as an attachment don’t open with Office WebApp.

Am using RTM version of SharePoint 2010 and WebApp, everything is working except the one below.

Any document in the library’s can be open using Word web app, and can be edited too.

But for the same document if I attach with a task as an attachment, it doesn’t get open in WebApp when the user clicks on it, instead of opening it, it’s giving me the familiar window of save or Open With Microsoft word window, and it gets open in MS word if the user select to open in MS word.

I want it to be open in WebApp.

asp.net webapp, long process



I'm writing a web-app in C#, where one of its functions involves a method which could take several hours to complete. At first I had the obvious issues with a browser timeout, so I implemented the function call in a thread - which then ran the long function, and which I stored in an object in the Session, and could query from a timer/update panel to show its progress in the browser window.

I actually thought it was pretty smart - but then I discovered that if the user shut down the browser, or even went to a new page, then my thread would be terminated - well, it simply vanished. Actually this also seemed to happen after many hours even if the browser simply stayed open where it was - I wonder if some asp.net process is resetting something somewhere?

Anyway, is there any way I can ensure my thread will stay running until completion? Do I need to actually spawn/fork/execute (don't know the correct terminology) a whole new program which will then run my long method?



Cant create WebApp and site collection in Sharepoint 2010.Invalid URL



I try create WebApp and site collection and used for this PowerShell.

I am use this post http://www.thomasmaurer.ch/2010/09/powershell-create-a-new-sharepoint-2010-webapplication-and-site-collection/

I make the following


Add-PsSnapin Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell
# Set variables
$WebAppName = "Portal"
$WebAppHostHeader = "portal.contosto.com"
$WebAppPort = 80
$WebAppAppPool = "Portal"
# This User has to be a Sharepoint Manager Account
$WebAppAppPoolAccount = "corp\admin"
$WebAppDatabaseName = "MOSS_Content"
$WebAppDatabaseServer = "DataBase_instance"
$SiteCollectionName = "Corporate_portal"
$SiteCollectionURL = ("http://" + $WebAppHostHeader)
$SiteCollectionTemplate = "STS#0"
$SiteCollectionLanguage = 1033
$SiteCollectionOwner = "corp\admin"
# Create a new Sharepoint WebApplication
New-SPWebApplication -Name $WebAppName -Port $WebAppPort -HostHeader $WebAppHostHeader -URL ("http://" + $WebHostHeader) -ApplicationPool $WebAppAppPool -ApplicationPoolAccount (Get-SPManagedAccount $WebAppAppPoolAccount

restrict max upload filesize more granular than webapp



Hi folks,

is there any way to restrict the max uploading filesize more granular than on webapp only ? Per webapp this can be done in central administration.

Central Administration>Application Management>Webapplication General Settings>Max Uploading Size

I need a little bit more control on this. Is there anyway to do this on Site Collection or even Web Level ? What do you think about a (webfeature) event receiver than can check the filesize on itemadded event ?





Sharepoint WebApp with FBA, Reportbuilder 3.0


i created new web site with FBA (my custom membership and rolemanager providers) in sharepoint. it works.

i added new library (added support for ReportBuilder Reports Document Types)

then i try to create ReportBuilder report in library, reportbuilder 3.0 is downloaded and launched.

after i make some report i want to save it directly to my site. but i cant. plz help.


Build Deployment Package Fails with new WebApp


So I have been trying to use the new Build Deployment Package feature in Visual Studio 2010 and even though my website compiles without any errors the Publish fails every time.  So I decided to just create a basic new WebApplication, not make any changes and see if I could publish it and it still fails.  Is there something in the setup I'm missing?

Mysite Default Master Page



We have been using the mysite section of sharepoint for 6 months and have recently changed the default.master is there any quick way of changing all the users pages without losing anydata.

I know i can go into the Master Page library for the users, upload the new default.master and then set this as default within sharepoint designer, however this will be quite a lenghty task for me to complete for all our userbase.

Could you please advise if there is a quicker way to do this.

default value for MySite's 'As Seen By' web part in SharePoint 2010

Does anyone know how to change the default value for the 'As seen by' web part on the SharePoint 2010 MySite's person.aspx page? Currently it defaults to "Everyone' and our client would like it to default to 'Only Me'. Is this even possible? Regards, Kyle

default.aspx of personal Site not accessible after MySite Restore Operation


Hi there,

I have restored a MySite through a attach detach.

Every personnal Site collection Are there. I have to updated user profile fields for one user (Personal Site, Public site redirect).

Then I can access the _Layouts/viewlsts.aspx page of the Personal Site. I am even able to access subsite of the personal site. But the default.aspx page display the following error:


User not found.

Troubleshoot issues with Windows SharePoint Services. "


Is there any procedure to allow the access of the default.aspx page of the Personal Site.

Thank you for your help




Default ASP.NET Architecture

In providing an architectural approach, some assumptions are made concerning the project goals. These assumptions should be used as a litmus test to determine if the described architecture may be an appropriate fit for your ASP.NET application.

Setting the default start page in godaddy hosting?


 How do you set the start page with godaddy hosting? I can see no way of doing this! You do not seem to have access to the IIS settings that allow you to change it!

default constructor SelectList




dont have a  default constructor

new SelectList() :(

How to change the default page base class?


I've tried setting the <pages pageBaseType="DynamicWebPage" /> value in web.config, but when I response.write out the page type, I'm still getting Microsoft.WebPages.WebPage.

I'm simply trying to sub-class WebPage and add some additional functionality such as a dynamic PageData dictionary similar to Phil Haack's dynamic ViewData dictionary.



Default page for my Forlder(product)?


Hai all,

         I need to show the URL like this http://www.saffronrouge.com/face/moisturizers

for me  http://www.mysite.com/products/

i need to list all the products. please help me on this.

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