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How to insert a name field on an InfoPath path that allows you to insert names from the AD directory

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 17, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint
How can I set up a field on an Infopath form so that when I click on a "Check Names" button, (exactly the same way it works on a SharePoint point Name field), the name is checked against the AD directory? I am not trying to control user access to sections of the form - I am simply adding names to the form that is collecting data on a task - such as Delivery Lead, Designer, etc.

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Insert image into Infopath form and save to SharePoint as PDF file


I have an InfoPath web-enabled form in MOSS 2007, that is integrated with a K2 blackpoint process for an approval workflow.

Once the form (a Purchase Order request form) has been approved in the K2 workflow process, I switch the form view to a "print-friendly" view for the requestor to view from the browser.  However, now I need to go one step further with this scenario:

1) I need to somehow insert/embed an image with the scanned-in signature of the approver (likely stored in a SP doc library) at the signature line section of my form.  Also, what are the security requirements for storing such images, but not granting all users access to these (e.g. only services accounts that need to access this for embedding into the form, etc.)?

2) Then I need to convert this final "print-friendly" view of the form (with the signature image) to a PDF document so that I can store it in SharePoint (and email it to the requestor using K2's email event capabilities).

Can anyone help me with a solution to both of these requirement, or point me to some resources for this (even 3rd party components are open-game).



Insert picture from sharepoint disabled in editor field

Hi, When I create an announcement list, the body is a" multiple lines of text" field with then enchanded rich text editor mode enabled. When I add a new item, I can open the tab insert and click on picture. There I get 3 options: from computer / from address / from sharepoint The option "from sharepoint" is disabled (grayed out). I looked on the forum here and google, and all I could find was that the SharePoint Server Publishing should be enabled, but that is already the case on my site, and still the option is disabled. I tried with a custom list, but it gives the same problem. When I add a content editor web part on one of my pages, the option to insert a picture from sharepoint is enabled. So it's only happening when trying this inside a listitem. How can I browse for a picture inside SharePoint from the editor inside a listitem ?

BULK INSERT with a UNC path does not work even with delegation

I have a stored procedure that uses BULK INSERT with a UNC path to another server. I have enabled both the server and the domain account the SQL Server services are running under to allow all delegation. The UNC path allows Everyone Full Control. I can log into my computer using the SQL Server service account and browse to the file and open it. I can log onto the SQL Server with the service account or my account and browse to the file and open it. Whenever I run the stored procedure or execute the BULK INSERT from SSMS I get the following: Msg 4861, Level 16, State 1, Line 2 Cannot bulk load because the file "\\nas\shared\ZipSales\FLAT.txt" could not be opened. Operating system error code 5(Access is denied.). I can log into the server console using my user account, open SSMS on the server, and the stored procedure or the raw BULK INSERT work just fine. It's only a problem when I execute it from an end user workstation. Moving the data file to the SQL server works fine, but that is not a viable long-term solution. After scouring the Internet for most of two days, I finally stumbled across <a href="http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/sqlsetupandupgrade/thread/512fe230-b94a-4fe0-83c8-201a150bbcec">another post</a> that has this bit:  "After watching forums, etc. for almost a year regarding this issue, we ran a MS Support Reque

Error at Infopath after deleting a listfield - Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'tp_DocId'



after deleting an unused calculated field id_2 at my sharepoint list I get the following error when creating a new item with my Infopath 2010 form (update item still works):
"The form cannot be submitted.
Exception from HRESULT: 0x80131904"

The joblog tells me:
09/28/2010 13:24:46.96  w3wp.exe (0x093C)                        0x0C7C SharePoint Foundation          Logging Correlation Data       xmnv Medium   Name=Request (POST:http://test-project.xx.intranet:80/project/ideas/_layouts/Postback.FormServer.aspx) f8ffa9c3-f81c-429b-91de-3f76739e446a
09/28/2010 13:24:47.03  w3wp.exe (0x093C)                        0x0C7C SharePoint Foundation          Logging Correlation Data       xmnv Medium   Site=/project f8ffa9c3-f81c-429b-91de-3f76739e446a
09/28/2010 13:24:47.19  w3wp.exe (0x093C)               &nbs

Insert ID field into SQL table programatically from Stored Procedure



I have a table in SQL where I insert data (CatCodes) using C# code but I want to insert ID code (DealerID) with it as well. Following is my Stored Procedure and C# code:

PROCEDURE [dbo].[InfoInsert]
	-- Add the parameters for the stored procedure here
	@UserId uniqueidentifier,
	@Title char(32),
	@FirstName char(32),
	@LastName char(32),
	@CompanyName char(32),
	@Email char(32),
	@DealerID int OUTPUT

	INSERT INTO [tblDealers] ([UserId], [Title], [FirstName], [LastName], [CompanyName], Email) 
        VALUES (@UserId, @Title, @FirstName, @LastName, @CompanyName, @Email)
        select @DealerID = SCOPE_IDENTITY()



protected void CreateUserWizard1_CreatedUser(object sender, EventArgs e)

            //Insert membership and personal data
            TextBox UserNameTextBox = (TextBox)CreateUserWizardStep1.ContentTemplateContainer.FindControl("UserName");
            SqlDataSource DataSource = (SqlDataSource)CreateUserWizardStep1.ContentTemplateContainer.FindControl("InsertExtraInfo");



Data flow - Repeat of lookups in insert and update path


Hi forum

I find myself repeating lookups when I have insert and update paths. In my data flows I use a Lookup component to check if the row already exists in the destination table. I insert the row in the No Match output path and update in the Match path.

I often have to do the same for the insert and update paths. I always have to do them in the insert and might have to do them for the updates. In the update path I use conditional splits to check if values have changed - if they have - then I lookup for example a supplier data warehouse key. I could place it before the lookup that check if the row exists but it would be a waste - because often the supplier did not change - some other value did.

So I end up with 2 copies of my lookups I have to maintain :(

Hope someone can help me out.


Not able to insert text to a RichText field


I am trying to insert a modal dialog return value to the RichText field (FullHTML) through Javascript. When i was digging on to the RichText field i found that each text that we give on the RichText field is stored within a <div> tag.The RichText field itself is rendered in the following manner.

<iFrame ID="[RichText_CliendID_iframe]" its a hidden field>



<iFrame Baseline ID="[RichText_ClientID]"

<div>The text that we entered here</div>


I have tried getting the reference of the "RichText_ClientID" and created a <div> tag. But this doesn't work. When I tried getting the reference of the "RichText_ClientID_iframe" and then added a <div> tag to it. I am able to add to this (Have observed this through Dev Tool bar), but couldn't able to see it on the field. 

I am just relating one of the SharePoint OOTB behaviour to this "Insert ---> Upload File" (Displayed on the list forms ribbon button for the RichText fields). Using this option i will be able to upload a file to "Site Assets"

how to insert a path file into an array and listview using openfiledialog with multiselect property?



i have problem to insert path file into an array and listview(detail) using open file dialog wit multiselect property, please give me sample to make it?

Insert the date as a hidden field using details view


When adding a new record. I have a field that displays the current date using now(). I want to make that a hidden field and simply insert it into the database when the new record is submitted.

I tried making it a template field and then deleting the textbox and inserting a hidden field but I can only either bind it to the field in the database or use custom binding to add the date value 'now()'... I don't seam to be able to do both.

any ideas ?

Insert Ignored When Time Field Populated (MaskedEditExtender & MaskedEditValidator)


I have a C#/ASP.NET web application that utilizes the Entity Framework and pages with DetailsView controls that provide CRUD operations through EntityDataSource objects. The fields in the DetailsView control are template fields with various standard ASP.NET web controls. I have a table that contains various fields with different data types, including time(7). However, the controls for the time fields also have the AJAX MaskedEditExtender and MaskedEditValidator controls attached to them.

Everything works great, until a record is inserted where a value is specified for a time field. When that happens, it acts like it's inserting, posts back, executes statements, etc. but no record is inserted. No statement is sent to SQL (as seen by a SQL trace), no exception is thrown, nothing... it acts as if everything went perfectly, it just doesn't insert the record.

Since no exception is thrown and the code being executed is inside the EF, I'm kind of at a loss as to where to track this down. I have "Enable .NET Framework Source Stepping" enabled, but it doesn't step into the EF code. Can someone help?

infopath repeating section only for insert new item not editable



i'm trying to use a repeating table in my form. where the user can only insert new item and not edit the existing items that are loaded in the form.

i have set the fields read only when they are not blank. but when the user wants to insert a new item and he makes a mistake he can not fix the field because it will be read only.

can some one help me with this.

i've been asking some question without getting help, hope someone can help me with this one

thnx in advance

Insert image from Pictures List into InfoPath?



I have a very simple SP2010 Pictures List with some logos.  I have another basic SP List with some product records.  When the user clicks to Edit one of the product records, I would like to display the logo from the Picture List above the InfoPath Edit Form.  Shouldn't be too difficult, should it?

What type of control do I insert in the InfoPath Form to get it to choose the correct picture?  For example, if I click on an HP Printer in my product List, the Edit box should show you the HP logo above the form, based on word 'hp' the Vendor field in the form.

Any advice? :)

I don't belive the Data Connections allow you to add the actual picture from a Picture List, do they? 





"The selected cells are read-only" error on Custom Field when trying to insert in Datasheet mode

I have a custom field that works completely fine. Yesterday our QA team found out that when trying to insert in Datasheet format, the error "The selected cells are read-only" was thrown. Any ideas? I tried passing the following property to my fldtypes_field.xml file:

    <Field Name="ReadOnly">FALSE</Field>

No luck.
Victor Palma










Msg 4866, Level 16, State 1, Line 1

The bulk load failed. The column is too long in the data file for row 1, column 34. Verify that the field terminator and row terminator are specified correctly.

Msg 7399, Level 16, State 1, Line 1

The OLE DB provider "BULK" for linked server "(null)" reported an error. The provider did not give any information about the error.

Msg 7330, Level 16, State 2, Line 1

Cannot fetch a row from OLE DB provider "BULK" for linked server "(null)".






JDBC:How I can Insert multibyte data into NTEXT field after setting SendStringParametersAsUnicode=fa

My OS : Windows XP
JDBC driver : SQL server 2005 JDBC driver 1.2
Connection string :jdbc:sqlserver://servername\SQLEXPRESS:1433;sendStringParametersAsUnicode=false

In our DB we have   a set of tables having VARCHAR and NVARCHAR , TEXT andNTEXT fields..
We have indexes using VARCHAR fields and NVARCHAR fields in various tables.
If we don't use sendStringParametersAsUnicode, by default takes as true and send every string in unicode format. This craetes issues for our tables with VARCHAR indices. Performance dropped.

So we set sendStringParametersAsUnicode=false, in our connection string. And used

setNString for 2.0 driver for NCHAR/NVARCHAR
for 1.1. and 1.2 driver we used setBytes(ordinal, data.getBytes("UTF-16LE")); since no support for NString

This is working for NCHAR/NVARCHAR types and we are able to store  multibyte data.

But the problem comes when we use stream to store data in NTEXT fields. When we use setCharacterStream() only ASCII data is stored properly. Multibytedata is corrupted
 We tried
byteInputStream = new ByteArrayInputStream(data.getBytes("UTF-16

How to archieve the field template that can update or insert multiple field value in database table,



How to archieve the field template that can update or insert multiple field value in database table,please? 

Insert value using Table Value Functions

a real gem in Sql Server 2008. mostly people still using Stored procedure may be they shifted to SQL Server but they are not using TVF right now.
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