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File Share Crawl and Security Trimming

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 17, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint
I have configured a file share to be indexed by SharePoint using the crawl domain account (which is a farm admin account as well). The crawl account has the necessary read permissions on the share and the crawl was successfull. However when an unauthorized user performs a search, the restricted files are still returned by SharePoint even though the user gets access denied message when clicking on the link. Can anyone please provide me with some information of why that may be happening?? I ensured that the user does not have any permissions on that share and any files in it. Thanks in adavace.

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An incremental crawl on a file share always has about 9000 successes although nothing has changed


Hi everybody,


We have several file shares (based on Windows servers) that we want to crawl with our SharePoint 2010 system. It is all set up and running, not too fast but that might be another topic. I noticed that every incremental crawl on a file share with about 50 GB of data leads to 9000 successes (according to the crawl log). I did some investigation and saw that there are about 9000 folders on this file share.

It looks like the crawler always recrawls all folders! Is this how it should be?

I think that if there aren't any changes no recrawl should be necessary. Moreover this could speed up the incremental crawl.


Any ideas?


Thanks for your help!





Resource File: Web Services Security Specs and TrustBridge


WS-Security is a recently proposed specification from Microsoft, IBM, and VeriSign. It has been submitted to OASIS for industry standardization. WS-Security builds on the SOAP specification to provide you with a standard mechanism to exchange secure, signed messages in a Web Services environment.

MSDN Magazine October 2002

PortalSiteMapProvider and security trimming


Hi, all. I'm trying to use PortalSiteMapProvider to populate a TreeView on a custom control. Everything works fine but I have one problem that I can't find a solution yet. The way our sites are set up a user can have access to a node on a level 1 node, has no access to any of the direct children of level1 but has access to one of the grandchildren of level1 node:
     Site1.1 (user has access)
           Site1.1.1 (NO Access)
           Site1.1.2 (NO Access)
                 Site1.1.2.1 (has access)
           Site1.1.2 (NO Access)
As you can see the hierarchy of access breaks on 1.1.2 level. When I'm retrieving the SiteMapNodes I can't get Site1.1.2.1.
Is there a way to get to that node with security trimming enabled? Any help is greatly appreciated. I'll paste example code too.

    Public Class NavigationTest
        Inherits SPControl
        Implements INamingContainer
#Region "Private Fields"""
        Private _tree As TreeView

        Private _provider As PortalSiteMapProvider
        Private _siteMapProvider As Stri

using SSRS Windows File Share subscription to send file to sharepoint

Hello, I'm looking for the simplest way to automate sending SSRS reports to a Sharepoint document directory.  I know a document library is not a real directory but I am able to run copy scripts into one using the virtual path thats shown when I do Actions-> Open in Windows Explorer. However when I set up a subscription to send a report to this directory, I get an error: Failure writing file \\intranet\projects\docs\test.pdf : The network name cannot be found.  Just checking if anyone knows if this should be able to work or not. Thanks

Migrate documents from File share to Sharepoint Services 3.0

Hi, everyone! One company is planning to migrate from File share, where they are storing all company documents, to sharepoint services 3.0, and begin to use document versioning, is it possible to migrate mass of documents to sharepoint services 3.0 ? Now I have no opportunity to test it, that's the reason why I'm asking.

Error when accessing an InfoPath file on a file share

Some users get an error when they try to open an InfoPath (2007) file which is location on a file share.  The users getting the error are from our South America domain.  All users, regardless of domain, have the same permissions to the file share folder and they can open and save other files on that file share, txt file, Excel file, etc.  They get this error when trying to open the Info Path file:  "InfoPath cannot create a new, blank form.  InfoPath cannot open the form.  to fix this problem, contact your system administrator.  The query cannot be run for the following data source:SoftwareList"

Resetting a File's Security

Hi, I've got a routine that tries to import files from an import directory, spitting them out to an Error directory if the import fails.  The Error dicretory is shared and users have access permissions to delete files in there, so they can try to fix the problems and then move the files off to the import directory again.  I use File.Move to move the files to the Error directory and this is working fine, apart from the permissions - it seems to revert to a defaul set of permissions and so the users can't remove the files - how can I reset the permissions on the file to those of the parent directory?  I've tried poking around with SetAccessControl and SetAccessRuleProtection but I don't seem to be having any luck? Cheers MH

Need to find File Share Excel Rendering time--SSRS 2008

we are using SSRS 2008 file share subscription to generate EXCEL reports,Requirement here is need to find the file rendering/completion time in order to send the excel file as attachement using xp_senddbmail. Your help is highly appreciated-- Sathish

File Download does not continue after IE Security warning

Hello. First let me give a reference to my code which is in another post  http://forums.asp.net/t/1600899.aspx I'm running into an issue where in IE the security dialog is popping up and if I click download File the file is never downloaded..it just goes back to the main page. I'm using a web service to generate the file on disk and then setting the src of the iframe to the file..I also tried an alternate approach of setting the src of the frame to an aspx page that pretty much does the following:  Protected Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.Load Dim file As String = Request.QueryString("file") Response.Clear() Response.ClearHeaders() Response.BufferOutput = False Response.ContentType = "application/zip" Response.AddHeader("content-disposition", "attachment; filename=" + file) Response.TransmitFile(file) Response.Close()     works fine in firefox but not IE...

How to apply security trimming to Dataview



I have a publishing portal with several publishing sub-sites. These site make up many of my companies internal publications. However some of these publications are restricted to managers or supervisors only. I would like to have a single place on our main portal page that aggregates all of the publications together and performs security trimming based on weather the user has access to the sub-site. I have created a dataview that links all of the sources together, but if I try to restrict any one of the subsites I get the error "Access denied. You do not have permission to perform this action or access this resource." If a user has full permissions to see everything then the dataview works fine. Anyone know how I can security trim the dataview or perhaps security wrap multiple dataviews to restrict which one is shown based on security.

Move folder from file share to local C:/ drive on same box



I need to copy a folder from a file share to my local C: drive. Is there an easy way to do this in SSIS, or do I have to write a DOS batch file and execute it from SSIS.

Any help would be appreciated


Dave SQL Developer

.MDF file's Security permision is get changed after creation of Setup project - it become read only


To All


I have generated a windows application. I have used .MDF file. The project is working fine but when I have attached setup project to it and installed it.

The security permissions of .mdf file get changed and become read only not able to write/update.(When Setup project copying the .MDF file that time the permission of the .MDF file is get changed and become read only)

I am able to change the permission of .MDF file manually then after working fine.

But is not correct way of deployment So please guide me what should I do now so I can read, write and update properly. What code should i use/ technique should i use so I can do so.


I am using :

Visual Studio 2008,

C#.net 9,

dot net framwork 3.5 sp1

MDF FILE of Microsoft Sql server 2008 Express RC2

TreeView with custom site map(security trimming enabled)


Hi all

I am really having tough time fixing this issue, Can anyone please guide me on this..

Here is my situation, I am developing a Portal having 2 xml sitemaps(one for visitors and one for registered users)

Web.sitemap (default) and Loggedin.sitemap(securitytrimming enabled)

I am binding sitemaps to Treeview.When i enable my security trimming  for loggedin.sitemap  i am having these issues.

1.Sitemappath is going blank 2.Selected Node color is not changing. 3.Selected node is not expanding.

 Here is th

Sharepoint 2007 publishing site home page displays unknown file type security message


I am using sharepoint 2007 sp2, it has been workig fine for the past 8 months but since one of the developers installed .net 4.0 framework, every time we create a new sharepoit publishng site or extend and existing application the home url displays an "Unknown File Type" security warning message and asks users to download the file.  If i manually tupe in the full url http://www.mysite.com/pages/default.aspx it is displayed correctly. I have uninstalled .net 4 from the server but i still have the same  error. I have tried to replicate this error on a development server but sharepoitn works fine on that even with .net 4.0 installed.

Has anyone had the same issue ? I would appreciate  any suggestios or help with troubleshootig this issue.


Stale security timestamp error encountered in the middle of a large file transfer


I have two WCF services configured as Windows Services for both client and server that perform file transfers for DR replication. I'm using chunked streaming with a wsHttpBinding.

One of the files I am testing with is 58MByte, and after it has been going for 5 miinutes it throws a stale message exception

System.ServiceModel.Security.MessageSecurityException: The security timestamp is stale because its expiration time ('2010-10-07T20:36:25.322Z') is in the past. Current time is '2010-10-07T20:44:34.155Z' and allowed clock skew is '00:05:00'.

The problem is not clock skew because the two servers are within a minute of each other, and the transfer proceeds just fine until it reaches the 5 minute mark.  It's comparing the time at the beginning of the transfer to current time.  If got the receiveTimeOut set to 59 minutes.

I've seen posts about creating a custom binding to increase the clockSkew tolerance, but this seems to be more of a timeout issue.

Any ideas?



// get the stream from the remote server, copy it to a local file stream.

                                        stream1 = client.Get

File security



I am saving some important files on my site.

For examples http://www.mysite.com/files/file1.pdf

Suppose i have saved one file as above said

Now if i will be pasting above url in any browser, it will start to download

I am requesting you to give me some help. How can i cancel any unauthorized downloading?User must logon, then download with above url should work.

Otherwise, above url should not work

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