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ODBC connection in group policy

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 17, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Sql Server
Hello, We want to apply ODBC connection setting for all users in AD. We did googling but could not able to find any help. We've SQL 2005 database package which will be used by all users and users have very limited access i.e., only to run this package. Nothing else access given to users. User unable to use package as ODBC connection is set fo them. We do ODBC setting for every users one by one giving control panel setting and then again revert it with limited access. It is very difficult task to for 100 users. Please suggest GP where in we can set the ODBC for all users at the time. Your early response will great and appreciated. Thanks!!!   Regards, Shaikh Sameer

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Basic ODBC Connection to connect to Crystal ???


I have visual studio 2008 professional with the inbuilt crystal reports version 10 I think.  I create everything from my laptop and IIS runs from my laptop as well.

I have created the most basic report to try and figure out a problem I have, anyways the report contains one database field that is it .... which I connect to by ODBC.  I then create a web form add the crystal report viewer to the report and the crystal report source run the web page and it loads the data from the field as I would expect to the crystal report viewer !!

I have several ODBC connections setup on my machine one using integrated security the other using SQL authentication both are system DSNs.  Now when I publish my application and access it from IIS and not the localhost I can access everything from my application ok except when I go to form that has the crystal reports I get this error (ODBC used here is the 'sa' account)

Logon failed. Details: IM002:[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specified Error in File

If I use the other ODBC that uses Windows authentication I get this error message

Logon failed. Details: 42000:[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Cannot open database  requested by the login. T

odbc connection failed

i have microsoft sql server 2000. i am using program based on VB.when i try to run the components like  import database design, link table, etc then the message get displayed " ODBC connection failed".please give me the solution.please.....

odbc connection to sql server c#

How can I use ODBC to connect to sql server 2005 in c# windows forms ??  Please post a code snippet as example ....  

ODBC connection to SQL Server 2005 Standard (on windows xp) with Windows authentication does NOT wor

I reviewed lots of postings, still could not find an answer. If I choose Windows authentication: - with TCP/IP and "Dynamically determine port" checked, I get the following error "The user is not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection; - with Named Pipes, Server Name & Pipe Name as "VSAXAONG", I get two errors, one after the other on the same pop-up:       Connection failed  SQL State 01000  SQL Server Error 1385 [Microsoft] [ODBC SQL Server Driver] [Named Pipes] ConnectionOpen (Connect()).       Connection failed  SQL State 08001 SQL Server Error 17 [Microsoft] [ODBC SQL Server Driver] [Named Pipes] SQL Server does not exist or access denied. If I choose SQL Server authentication and fill in the password - the ODBC connection works fine. I have to say that I created two different logins on the server, one for Windows authentication, and one for SQL Server authentication - both for the same Windows user name. I would appreciate any help I can get on this.  Thank you all in advance.

ODBC connection error


I have a 2008R2 server that I have SQL Server 2005 (32-bit) loaded on.  I have my databases installed and can connect to them from SQL Server Management using the 'sa' account and can run scripts, etc.  Howerver, when I try to setup an ODBC connection from another 2008R2 server running an application that accesses some of those same databases I get the following error when trying to connect using 'sa':

  • Connection failed:


  • SQLState: '01000'



  • SQL Server Error: 5



  • [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][DBNETLIB]ConnectionOpen



  • ((Connect())



  • Connection failed:



  • SQL State: '08001'



  • SQL Server Error: 17



  • [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][DBNETLIB]SQL Server does not exist or access denied.

Any help would greatly be appreciated.  I apologize if I have posted to the incorrect forum, please just let me know.  Thanks in advance!!

Tim Garber

SSIS -2008 R2 - ODBC Connection error - Password does not save


Please know that I am new to SSIS 2008 and XML. Have a package I am trying to deploy. Am on a HV 64 Bit environment SQL Server 2K8 R2. Have an ODBC connection to our HBOC system as a data source. As always package runs in test environment and not in prod.  I need a bit of insight into the what and why's of the configuation file and how to change out the XML. 

Main issue is the password not saving and how to handle the ODBC side of things. I appreciate any help in this matter as I have searched with no real understanding of XML and best practices of creating the Congif file.


Configuring ODBC Database connection in Sharepoint Designer 2010


We are trying to connect the simple way from Sharepoint Designer 2010 to an external Pervasive SQL version 10 database.

Normally this is a trivial excercise in any other development tool, you supply an ODBC connection and away you go.

Using Sharepoint Designer 2010 (or the previous version) it is not possible to get a working connection that will get you past the "Configure Database Connection" dialog. We have to use the "Use custom connection string option" as that is the only place there appears to be a Provider for ODBC or OleDB.

No connection string works, I have tried connection strings that work fine in Visual Studio, no joy.



ODBC Connection


Hi all

I am pretty new to sharepoint so i thought i would post to see if anyone could point me in the right direction.

We have a database that is a Visual FoxPro Database and i would like to be able to connect to it through SharePoint Designer so that i can Extract data to publish.

Is this possible to do through SPD i can see that you can easily connect to SQL Databases but i cannot see anything that refers to ODBC connectivity.




ODBC remote internet connection: works Win 7, but doesnt on Win XP


Hi, I have a SQL Server 2008 express running well. The connections in the local network runs very well via ODBC Native Client 10.0 .

When I try to connect via internet, it works when I configure the ODBC in my notebook that has a Win 7, but when I try to go to other computer in the same network with Win XP, it says "Connection timeout".

I had to download de ODBC Native Client 10.0 for the WinXP pcs, because the standard "SQL Server" ODBC driver was not working...


Anyone has an idea?




Guilherme Louzada

SQL Server 2005 Express ODBC connection error with Windows Vista Business

I have a SQL Server 2005 Express Edition installed on a Windows Server 2003 domain machine. When I do a connection with a client running Windows XP through the SQL 2008 ODBC driver I have no problem.  The problem is when I try to establish a connection using a client running Windows Vista Business Edition which is a member of the domain. Please help me to solve this issue.

Thanks in advance
Danilo Bucheli Sánchez

Domain Group Policy to Map user folder in Sharepoint Library to network drive


This is complicated- and try as I might I can't get it right. I am running SBS 2008 SP2 with WSS 3.0 SP3.

I have my sharepoint site at http://companyweb. I have WebClient and WebPublishing services enabled.

The scenario I am trying for:

I have a document library in Sharepoint called Wellness Boxes. Inside this library each domain user has a folder- these folders are to store personal files. Each folder is configured with permissions via Sharepoint so that only the user and their direct manager has access. When a user enters the library, they only see their own folder.

I am trying to map this situation to network places. I want users to be able to click Start>Computer>Network and see a drive labeled Companyweb. Entering that drive will show them the document library Wellness Boxes, and only their own folder will be visible.

I need to do this at a domain level through Group Policy so it applies to all users and all computers. Drive letters do not matter. Permissions do matter.

Can anyone help me please?


Blog@ http://chrisdill.wordpress.com

Christopher Dill Network Engineer | Solace Healthcare Group, Inc. SBS 2008 | Exchange 2007 | WSS 3.0

ODBC connection problem with Matlab



I am working with an application developed with Matlab that needs to connect in a database to load some data. What the Matlab application does is connect to a SQL database by and ODBC connection. This application works without any problem under a Windows XP 32 bits and with a Matlab R2009b installed. I also have created a standalone version (.exe) of the application, that is an executable version that runs without the necessity to have installed Matlab; it's only necessary to have installed the MCR (Matlab Compiler Runtime). This executable version also runs without any problem under a Windows XP 32 bits.

Now, I have tried to run the application under a Windows 7 64 bits and have appeared some problems of connectivity. Well, only have appeared problems of connectivity with the application executed from the .m file in Matlab. The executable version works without any problem. The only need to work with the executable version is run as administrator. Then, it connects with the database and is possible to load all the data and display it.

I have read that in Windows 7 is possible to create an ODBC connection with a 32 bits version of the Odbcad32.exe and a 64 bits version, depending on the application to which you connect . In this case, what I have installed is a Microsoft SQL Server 2005 SP

Creating a Group Policy to restrict prompt window


Hi All,

I have created a Group Policy to restrict asking a prompt window in IE for Intranet Web Application with Windows Authentication enabled.

Now I want to create other than IE browsers. How can I achive that?

It would be very appreciable if any one comes up with the solution.

Thanks in Advance,

Sateesh Nagalla.

can't insert a group of data into excel using OleDb connection

OleDbConnection MyConnection;
                OleDbCommand myCommand = new OleDbCommand();
                string sql = null;
                MyConnection = new System.Data.OleDb.OleDbConnection(@"Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=D:\Project\Sample1.xls;Persist Security Info=False;Extended Properties='Excel 8.0;HDR=YES'");
                myCommand.Connection = MyConnection;
                sql = "Insert into [first$] (Name,Group) values('jag','f');";
                myCommand.CommandText = sql;
this the code. and the error is- syntax error in insert into statement as it is not able to insert.
if i use "insert into [first$] (Name) values('jag');" its working..but the subsequent update statem

How to create ODBC connection to SQL 2005


I've created an instance on a SQL 2005 server and have successfully created an ODBC connection on the remote server I'm trying to connect from. When one of my users tries to create a connection he gets a login failure message:


Connection failed:

SQLState: '28000'

SQL Server Error: 18456

[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Login failed for user 'DOMAIN\username'


I'm not very familiar with SQL 2005. Any thoughts?

KB943280 - Group policy solution


Maybe this is not the right place, because i think this is a common WebDaw problem.

Really common scenario: Server 2008R2, 25x Win7 client, Sharepoint 2010, domain enviroment

My question is: really the only one possibility to solve problem described in KB943280 in a domain enviroment with 25 client machines to execute a registry edit at the client machines?

There is no written administrative template exists for it?



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