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Posted By:      Posted Date: September 17, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Sql Server
Hello, we get the error SQL_INVALID_HANDLE sometimes in the logs of our Dynamic AX. Can anybody explain that? Regards Andi.NET Developer

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Ms Dynamics Login Proboem

Hi i installed ms dynamics 2009, demo database ok, i configured new database and also created the AOS, when i logon to AX2009 the following message displayed, You are not a recognized user of Microsoft Dynamics Ax. Contact your system administrator for help give me the solution as earlier as possible. Thankx Saravanan.R

Dynamics Ax report mail subscription error

I created a Dynamics Ax report. In this report some axapta static functions are called. When I run the report in browser it shows data normal. I created for this report email subscription(Setted the execution account).In the email is attached the report in pdf format, but for textboxes where it has to show data with results from axapta functions it shows "#Error". Running the report from link attached in mail shows data normal(Without"#Error"). What can be the solution for this problem?   The error from Event viewer: "The complete data cache has been flushed to request from session 13".      

SQL Reporting Services Data Connector for Dynamics CRM 4.0 issue


I can't find a Dynamics CRM topic and I'm hoping someone here will recognize the problem that we are having with integration between Dynamics and SRS.


Dynamics CRM server deployed fine. But we are having this problem when trying to install the Dynamics SRS Data Connector (an additional component that is supposed to be installed locally on the SRS server):



Trouble is, the SQL server is a default instance, and SRS is hosted on a default web site listening on port 80. In fact, this is just a plain default install of SQL 2005 and SRS 2005 on one server. Nothing has been customized. And yet we get this error when we try to install SRS Data Connector on the local SRS machine:

"Unable to validate SQL Server Reporting Services Report Server installation. Please check that it is correctly installed on the local machine."


But the SRS is installed and running fine! I can even see and run reports that the Dynamics CRM Server install had created on the SRS server! And yet the setup program insists that SRS is not installed and it won't proceed with installation.

Installing Microsoft Dynamics 10.0 with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 "Katmai"





I'm trying to install Microsoft Dynamics 10.0 with SQL 2008 Dev but when launching the utilities this returns the following error message:



Your current SQL Server is not a supported version.


Req: Microsoft SQL Server 8.0

Act: Microsoft SQL Server code name "Katmai" (CTP) - 10


You need to upgrade to SQL Server 8.0 before continuing.



Any ideas could help or has this if anyone knows been desinged not to work with GP10 currently?



Dynamics sql correct way to write it --> eu_securityrole LIKE ('+% Doc %+')'



How do you write properly for a string :

set @CRM_FilteredSystemUser = 'Select * from FilteredSystemUser where

businessunitidname = + Spain +

 and CRMAF_FilteredSystemUser.isdisabled = 0 

 and eu_reporthubname is not null

 and CRMAF_FilteredSystemUser.eu_securityrole LIKE ('+% Doc %+')'


eu_securityrole LIKE ('+% Doc %+')'       AND  businessunitidname = + Spain +

Sorry ... it works like that below... I just don't know the correct way to write it in dynamic sql


where businessunitidname = 'Spain'

 and CRMAF_FilteredSystemUser.isdisabled = 0 

 and eu_reporthubname is not null

 and CRMAF_FilteredSystemUser.eu_securityrole LIKE '%RAM%'

Dynamics AX Report call a function at the begin of report execution


I need a way to call a function at begin of execution of the report, and to call another function when execution ends.


I need to connect to SQL to call a stored procedure.

Paging Dynamics


Can Someone Please explain the following in Detail : (Basics of Paging)

1. Working Sets

2. Standby List

3. Modified List

4. Free List

5. Zero List

and how they relate to one another. Help much appreciated. Thanks.

Can anyone tell Difference Between declaring a variable in c#2010 using var , dynamics



 Can any one tell about the difference between the following 

 var testInstance = new ExampleClass();
            ExampleClass obj = new ExampleClass();

1. var testInstance = new ExampleClass();

2.  ExampleClass obj = new ExampleClass();

3. dynamic dynamic_ec = new ExampleClass();

Ans also it would be great full if you mention when it can be used ?? 

Thanks and regards

Analytical Accounting in Dynamics GP Version 10.0


The analytical accounting table AAG10001 has a field INTERID which records the company id. Off late we had issues with analytical accounting distributions missing on JEs posted from subledger modules.. Some of Transactions have INTERID as the company id and many does not ? I would like to know the significance of the value in this FIELD.(INTERID in the table AAG10001).

SSRS and MS Dynamics installation



I'm encountering an error when installing Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 on WinServer 2008, with a sql server 2008 r2. I believe it's SSRS error rather than CRM, so I'm posting it here, I really need help with this:s


The SSRS Configuration Manager looks ok, although the http://localhost/ReportServer page returns blank page when I log in using admin credentials.

I don't really care about ssrs much, I just want to setup MS Dynamics CRM


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