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needed information about the roles of access for a cube

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 17, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Sql Server
we have a cube (regarding insurance), which is accessed by users by an excel sheet? now they want to restrict the grand total view by the users depending on the user id, i.e there are AccountExecutives each AccountExecutive must be allowed to view only commision related to them. How can it be achieved? and where can I get the information related to the roles and the permissions to access dimensions and restricting access to data depending on user id s? (kindly provide as much detail as you can, because I am new to ssas)

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Permissions:disable controls by roles(access pages too)(dynamically :each new role has special grant

HelloI have an application of many pages of consultation and same time I have a module of adding users by roles and creating accounts by role.(the application is ready but i cant manage the roles)the tutorials that i found are very useful to manage roles but its roles fixed before(administrators,supervisors)(http://www.asp.net/security/tutorials/creating-and-managing-roles-vb) if I add a new role (agent) i want to grant to this new role a new access to pages(different access than admin and supervisor) and disable new controlswhy not using checkbox to every new role checking a field related to databaseis it possible?if yes ,how can i begin?Thanks

No aggregation in cube needed

Hi    I have a data like Category    Segment   Period   GRP    2                                 1          12  2                 13            1           10  2                 14            1            5 in the cube, when i select Category and Segment, it is showing correctly. But when i just select category, the cube should just show me GRP as 12. instead, it is summing up GRP with all segment including NULL. Any suggestions?  Thanks  Sinu

retrieve access point information.

Hi to everybody, i'm asking your help if You can.I've many wifi access point that are giving me connection inside an intranet, every access point is located in a wanted position of course, and my big problem is to know to which access point i'm connected trough a web page!Let me say access point named "A", and access point named "B", i must retrieve, with a web page, to which access point the client is connected because in that way i'll get the right position of my mobile.... I hope I made it clear.

SSRS and Cube Roles on Internet

Hi, I have a question: I have two reports in ssrs report server sourcing a SSAS cube which is on a same server. Now i want the ssrs manager portal to connect by some user over the internet and i want to have roles in cube to that public user in the cube. The public user will not be the part of the domain user where the SQL Server instance is installed. The user is some external user. I am ol with building a custom asp.net portal for this also but the roles in the cube must be applied to public user. So when public user connect to portal and executes a SSRS report he should see the data for which he will be reposible. We can maintaina mapping table if required for the public users. Please let me know how to move forward on this

What do I have to do to allow users read access to the cube?


(SQL 2005)

I'll try asking this again since I'm still not able to access my data cube. 

I've developed a BI solution with SSIS, SSRS and SSAS.  The account I've used for development has had Domain Administrator permissions and I've never had a problem running an SSRS report that reads the cube.  When I use an account with less than Domain Admin permissions and try to run a SSRS report that runs a query against a SSAS cube the query fails.

I've set up a Domain User group and given it read access to the data sources in Report Manager.  I've given the group datareader role in ReportServer and ReportServerTempDB as well as the DataReader role in the SSAS cube.

Why can't I read any data from the cube???

Setting Auto-Rules in Cube Security Roles configuration




Our client's requirements for some Charts are simply:

1. Users with no access to specific Business Units (A Dimension with Parent-Child Hierarchy, refereed as BU from now) shall see the total amount (Revenues for example) of All Top Parent BUs but should not be able to drill down on any of the children BUs of the Top Parent BUs they don't have access to.

2. Users with full access to specific BUs shall be able to see the whole value of All Top  Parent BUs and their children BUs as well.



1. User with No Access to  BU 'A' shall see the total Value for this BU A, but cannot drill down to A1,A2,Ax.. which are children of A.

2. User with Full Access to  BU 'A' shall see the total Value for this BU A, and can drill down to A1,A2,Ax..


For disabling access to specific BUs with the ability to see their total values, I did the following in the cube security roles configuration (Consider the latter Example #1):

1. In the Dimension Data Page, I chose the radio box Select all members, And checked the box beside the BU A, unchecked all

Excel Services, Kerberos, and cube access


Hello Sharepoint experts:

I'm testing our recently set up Kerberos with Sharepoint, Excel Services, and some SSAS Cubes.

I create an Excel Pivot table using a Trusted Connection to a cube, the "Refresh Data when opening file" is checked. The file is published to a Trusted Excel Services location in Sharepoint. I then create a Dashboard and add an Excel Web Part to display that pivot table. All works fine on my machine. When I get another user (one who does NOT have access to this cube) to go to the Dashboard page, that user can see all the data in the Pivot table.

If I then DELETE the cube that the Pivot table is based on, when the user (who never had access to it in the first place) goes to the Dashboard page, they get an error stating that the source may be unreachable or that access may be denied. This error is expected. But what I DON'T expect is to NOT receive an error the first time

Seems that even if the user does NOT have access to the cube, Excel Services still lets them see the 'last saved version of the file' even though it is supposed to query the database for new results every time.

AND when I restore the cube WITH CHANGES, that user can then not only see the pivot table again, they can see the recent changes, even though the original file in Trusted Excel Services Locations was never updated.

Is it possi

Lost access to control members and roles


I am working on an application that resides on a development server on our internal network.  The application was originally written to use Membership and Roles.  We got busy almost a year ago before the app was finished, and now we are trying to get it ready to use internally.

The login page works just fine, but I have lost the ability to controls users and roles.  I am running Visual Studio 2010 Professional now on a Windows 7 VM.  I can open the application fine but there is no Web Administration Tool available for me to manage users or roles.  If I go to Website -> in Visual Studio, there is no option for ASP.NET Configuration in the drop down menu.  It simply isn't there.

How can I regain access to manage users and roles for this application?  We are using Forms authentication and the database resides on a  SQL Server 2005 instance on a separate box from the web server and my local VM.

Help needed! Access denied for the root site for all users except Site Collection Administrators?!


We had implemented an intranet for a customer. Last week on friday we completed the project and they were allowed access to it. Next monday they had done some changes while trying to learn SharePoint (among others the Site Members groups had been deleted) and since then they have been unable to access the root site (e.g. http://intradev/default.aspx) and get a SharePoint Access Denied message. While the root site fails, users can browse to the subsites (e.g. http://intradev/subsite/default.aspx) and view them just fine.

We've noticed that users that are in the Site Collection Administrators group can view the root site just fine. Due to this, we made an educated guess that users had no permissions on the root web. But explicitly adding permissions to the root web does not work. The logon still fails. While it doesn't work in the root web, the permissions are inherited to all subsites, and users can log on and browse those pages just fine.

I've checked pretty much everything. I've tried giving permissions to users in the root site. I've ensured in Central Admin that 'Full Control' does actually give full control of everything. Only thing I've not yet tried is restoring the content database to an earlier backup, where the site was working nicely. 

I'm totally confused by this problem. If you've got any ideas or have encountered a similar

restricting access to a Pages on my web site using roles



          Can i restrict access to a particular page on my web site using roles or in any other way

Cube access to another user from same server

if i am trying to assign  the cube access to someone The following system error has been occured:
the trust relationship between the primary domain and the trusted domail failed.(Microsoft.AnalysisServices)

retrive Cube Role Security information


how can I retrive cube role security information ( including members, dimension security, etc..) using AMO?

where can I find code examples?




Problem of access when changing Roles


Hello friends,

well i have a simple application using an authentication (user and password) before accessing and there are several roles bound to each user.

in my web.config i have configured the acces for each page according to each role, this is an example below:

<location path="Home.aspx">
       <allow roles="administrator,role1"/>
       <deny users="*"/>
<!-- -->
<location path="admin.aspx">
       <allow roles="administrator"/>
       <deny users="*"/>

and i have 2 users:

1: admin (default role: administrator)

2: guest (default role: role1)

my problem is as follows:

if i give acces to the user "guest" to open the "admin.aspx" page with changin him his role from "role1" to "administrator", this one do not function except if i r

Access report server database connection information from custom security extension



Is there any way from my custom security extension that I can get to and unencrypt the database connection information held within the RSReportServer.config file?



Access Mysites information of a deleted AD user



How can i access the Mysite data of a deleted Active Directory account.


Person create a mysite and stored some information. If the person deleted from the AD, how can i access his/her mysite information. What are the possible ways.


1) If i add the user back in AD and login into the site. Click on Mysite link is trying to create the new Mysite instead of pulling the old one.

2) If the AD account is deactivated for some period and again activated then also it is not pulling the old Mysite.

3) How can i delete the Mysite of a person, whose account is deleted from AD?




Delpoy Cube in BIDS - without deploying roles.



I am currently using BIDS to deploy my cube into 3 different enviroments, Dev, QC, Prod.

The issue that I am having is that I have different roles in all three environments.  The roles that are in the solution are for Production.

So, that means that when I deploy to Dev or QC the roles that I have specific to those environments are getting overwritten.

Is there a way to deploy the cube schema through BIDS without deploying roles?

Thanks in advance.

MVC architecture in ASP.Net using C# and Microsoft Data Access Application block

The Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern separates the modeling of the domain, the presentation, and the actions based on user input into three separate classes [Burbeck92]:

Model. The model manages the behavior and data of the application domain, responds to requests for information about its state (usually from the view), and responds to instructions to change state (usually from the controller).

View. The view manages the display of information.

Controller. The controller interprets the mouse and keyboard inputs from the user, informing the model and/or the view to change as appropriate.
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