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Caculated column formula for user name Compare

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 17, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint
Hi , i  have a formula in sharepoint 2010 (form library->validation setting-> formula $ userdefine message)  example : =username =<"2" user messge  your request is already existing ,,, i have  1fields that user name but i need formula for is user already existing two time we did not allow  3 time i am using of validation setting and formula in sp2010 Regards Raju

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Caculated column formula for Workdays between two dates ? Excluding weekends? DateDiff

This gives me the number of days between two days.. great=DATEDIF([Completed],[Issued],"D")is there any way to exclude weekends?

Hide data for specific column from a user

Greetings, I have a problem. I would like to restrict showing specific users (or roles or schemas) data in a column. First I thought DENY option will do it but figured out that it won't. DENY denies the column being in the SELECT query. I would still like to call the column but if access to the data in that column is restricted it would show only null values and not the real ones. So... I would like call the next query from user TestUser: SELECT ID,Name,Address FROM Employee But if access to Address is restricted for TestUser I would get results like: ID Name Address 1 John Smith NULL 2 Rick Ross NULL ... Is it possible to do something like that in SQL Server 2005/2008? I was thinking of storing that kind of information in a table (for which tables, which columns for which users access is restricted) and then manipulate it on the application site but my programmers tell me that they use components which always call the full table (like SELECT *).  Thank you for your answer.

Datetime column with [Computed column specification] formula

i have a datetime field in my SQL Server table i dont want to add weekend dates in this column. For this reason i always have to check the calendar. how can i use [Computed column specification] formula so that i never add weekend dates?

Access denied when user clicks refresh BDC column button

Access denied occurs with any non Site Collection Administrator regardless of rights.  It only occurs in this site collections, others they are able to refresh.  In this particular collection they can add a BDC column to a list, edit an item and place/resolve a value in the bdc col; but when they refresh they are given an acess denied.  Any thoughts on what they need read access to?  This goes away if I give site admin privs (dont want to do that) or give them read only access on the web application (dont want to do that either).

Best architecture for showing mathematical formula based charts to end user

Hi All, We have one new project to implement. Let me explain briefly about this project. This project is related showing chart to end user on the basis of different mathematical calculated formulas. End user has authority to change these formulas on the fly and on the basis of that changed formula we need to show the chart. So this is all central idea about the project. These charts which I mentioned above are very complicated and user friendly             So can any buddy tell me which is best suitable architecture for this and how can fit her to my scenario .I knows, three tier architecture and some other are there but I want know which is the best architectures that developed above idea in right way   Any helps for above is really appreciate  

How to scroll the DataGrid (horizontally) when user drags a column header far left or right?

We're working with the WPF DataGrid and I have a question about  dragging column headers: The grid lets the user rearrange the columns, by dragging the column header left or right.  So far, so good. But, sometimes we have many columns, and only the first few columns are visible; so there is a horizontal scrollbar.  In such case, if the user drags a column header to the right edge of the DataGrid window, I want the DataGrid to scroll, automatically, one column at a time.  Is there an easy way to do that? (To be clear: yes, the user can already scroll horizontally by interacting with the horizontal scrollbar, but that isn't what I'm asking about.  I'm asking if the "drag a column header left or right" gesture can cause the DataGrid to scroll left or right.) I guess I could handle various low-level events, but it seems like it shouldn't be necessary -- DataGrid has so much functionality built-in, that I'm guessing it already has the ability to scroll when the user drags the column header to the edge.  So, is there either (a) a property that I can set, to tell the DataGrid to scroll when the user drags a column header to the edge of the window;  or (b) a code example showing how to achieve this effect myself?  Thanks!

Custom user selection in Person or Group type column as per other list.

I have two list in the Sahrepoint Foundation 2010 site. 1) Projects with Title and members(Person or Group - multiple selection) 2) Tasks (Team site default)  - added lookup column Projects form the first list (required) Now I want to assign task given users in the projects list. ex. I have users A,B,C,D,E and Two Project P1 and P2 I have defined that P1 project has users A,B,C so task is distributed/assigned between this members, not to D and E I need some validation or lookup which restrict selection or D and E.   Thank you.  

formula validation setting on column sharepoint 2010

Hi, Hi,  I have a two fields(mailid,cost,mailid2), i need a list validation of mailIds if already existing  mails three time I need a validation for new request , i need a formula for column in validation setting ->formula in SP2010  if mail is already existing validation  i need formula for validation setting for list it's new feature in sharepoint 2010 Regards

Lookup column uses ID instead of Title in rule formula

I have two SP lists: Partner and Request. Partner just has a Partner Name column, plus the ID column. In Request, I have a lookup column pointing to the Partner list. There is also a Title column and a Request Date column. When I set up the lookup I set it to get info from the Partner list’s Partner Name column, not the ID column.   I made an InfoPath form to make a new Request, with the Partner being selected from a Drop-Down List Box. When this form is submitted, I would like to change the Title field to be a string concatenation of Partner Name, a comma, and the Request Date. I made a rule to do this. Example of what I want: “Partner A, 8/27/2010”.  However, the result is that the Partner ID is used instead of the Partner Name and what I get is “1, 8/27/2010”.   (More: In production I would use the Form Submit rule to do this. For development I used a rule that runs when the field changes. If I change the Drop-Down List Box properties Value property (on the data tab) from d:ID to d:Title the string is formatted as desired, but the form won’t submit and shows a tooltip that only positive integers are allowed.)   How can I make the rule use the Partner Name column in the formula for the rule, instead of the ID?   Thank you, James.

How to Compare Text Column with Today Calculation in view?


I  have 2 columns

Birth Date (DateTime), Birth-Month(Text- Calculated from Birth Date with MONTH([Birth Date]))

Now I want to know who's birthday in this running month?

So How can I implement filter or CAML Query for a view.


Regards, Kashyap Patel http://interview-question-aspnet.blogspot.com/

Cannot set a user column to SHAREPOINT\system by workflow?


I created a list item programatically. So the workflow assoicated with the item will not start automatically. I started the workflow then by codes.

However, in this case, the workflow can not update a user column of an item in another list to the modifier of the item created by codes. The modifier is SHAREPOINT\system.

I can do this through SharePoint UI, the user will change to {domain}\Administrator automatically after I put SHAREPOINT\system. So I have to modify my workflow to assign administrator explictly in this case.

Two questions:

Is it a bug of spd workflow? both SHAREPOINT\system and {domain}\Administrator has full control to all the lists.

Or is there anyway to specify who starts the workflow programatically?


ODBC API to retrieve User-Defined DataType of a Column in a ResultSet ?



ODBC APIs such as SQLDescribeCol(), SQLColAttribute() could be used to retrieve SQLDataType of a particular column in a ResultSet.

Similarly, Is there any ODBC API which could be used to retrieve User-Defined DataType of a particular column in a ResultSet?



Compare data in a single column overtime



I have the below sample table and is trying to compare the data accross time in the Account field. Basically if the Account field changed from NULL (default) it can not go back to NULL or change to another type. My goal is to list where the field value changed from Accept back to NULL or Reject back to NULL or Accept to Reject or Reject to Accept. NULL is the default value.



TABLE [dbo].[T2](

[ID] [smallint]


Cannot find either Column "dbo" or the user-defined function or aggregate "dbo.GetCandiateID", or th



Good morning to everybody. I am not understanding why I am getting the following error (also mentioned in the subject line).

I have written the following function in SQL Server 2005:

    declare @candidate_id int
    SELECT @candidate_id = max(c.candidate_id) from dbo.candidates c
    if(@candidate_id is null)
        set @candidate_id = 1001
        set @candidate_id = @candidate_id + 1
    return @candidate_id

The function compiled properly. I have used the above function like below in the query:

select dbo.GetCandidateID()

I am getting the following error:

Cannot find either column "dbo" or the user-defined function or aggregate "dbo.GetCandidateID", or the name is ambiguous

compare two column from different tables


i have records in a column called CLI such that "10-7;10-8;10-9;10-10" and in another table records such that "10-7","10-8","3-2",column X.

how i can find the records that found in CLI but not found in X column.

For example,record "10-7;10-8;10-9;10-10" in CLI

is there 10-7 in column X ?

is there 10-8 in X ?

is there 10-9 in X ?

is there 10-10 in X ?

Calculate Ageing using Formula Column



What I'm after is to create an ageing column that displays the number of days that a document has been in our library.  We've eliminated the whole calulated column thing because it's not dynamic. Where we've arrived now is to create a List View and are using SharePoint designer to create a calculated column. We get to the point where we open up the XPath expression builder an we're trying different syntax, but can't seem to get it figured out.  We have a column that exists called DateDumped that we just want to know the number of days since that date based on todays date. Any suggestion on the syntax or any other ideas would be greatle appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Today's date Sharepoint column formula

How do I access the today's date in a column formula in Sharpoint List.  The TODAY function doesn't work in calculated columns values.
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