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How to follow up status of sent form? (Survey webpart or any other webpart)

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 17, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint
I have SharePoint Server 2010 Ent based portal. I need to implement solution where End-users can send simple forms. Receiver is 1 manager 1. I have added a survey webpart. (Please suggest any better webpart) 2. 50-100 end-users fills the form and send it 3. All items are stored in the webpart. 4. Manager receives email and act according the content of the form -Is it possible to keep up status (Pending,Accepted, Not accepted) -Is it possible to let end-users to know what is status with filled form?Kenny_I

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Dataview Webpart - display document type icon with status

Hello, I recently came across an excellent post by Marc Anderson on how to surface the document icon within a DVWP. http://sympmarc.com/2008/09/10/displaying-the-document-type-icon-in-a-dvwp-in-sharepoint/ What I wanted to know is has anyone any knowledge of how to extend this so that the icon will reflect if a document is checked out? Thank you for your comments and thoughts. Sincerely, Tim

File upload in infopath form put in xmlformview webpart MOSS2007


Hi all,

Is there any workaround involed in the infopath form when it has file upload control in it.

This is called in the  xmlformview webpart of an aspx page. While submitting the form the file upload diesn't happen.

And I'm using Infopath 2007 and MOSS 2007.

Any solution for this ?

Thanks in advance


sharepoint development

How to change a SharePoint list item Approval Status from Silverlight webpart



I'm facing the following problem:

I have an embedeed silverlight xap application inside a custom visual webpart, that access SharePoint data through Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Silverlight classes, and I have to modify some fields from an item from a list that has "Require content approval" enabled. I update the item successfully, but its approval status is set to "Pending" afterwards. 

How can I re-approve the content programatically?

Some additional information:

  • SPList item has a moderation information field, but in Silverlight there is only "ListItem" which does not contain such field.
  • When I try to do "item["_moderationinformation"] = something", I receive a PropertyOrFieldNotInitializedException.
  • I can check for Item.ParentList.EnableModeration, but there is neither a field nor a method related to moderation on the item itself.
A possible solution would be to create and call a web service that approves the items, but I'd rather prefer to avoid hosting and calling a ws to cover this functionality.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.




Content Query Webpart Missing Content Type and Approval Status


I'm a great fan o the CQWP , and love the changes made in 2010 on this webpart. What bothers me is that I use to Filter Documents by Approval Status, thus showing Draft or Pending Documents and Group these by their Content Type.

Both these were available in 2007, but removed from 2010 CQWP. Any idea why, or how to bring this back? sample or URL guidance would be great. My gut feeling is custom XSLT but id like to confirm this first.

Thx a lot



Data Form Webpart XSL Help


I wish to customize the dataform view webpart in sharepoint 2010, where basically the xsl should be modified to get my custom appearance in the webpart.

I’m accessing the list and retrieving all the items and looping through all the items by <xsl:for-each select = “……..”> inside this I need the items to be displayed in the following manner.

Item 1

Item 4

Item 2

Item 5

Item 3

Item 6


(In a table)


Please help me on how to transform the xsl to get the above a

Content Query WebPart shows page items with status "draft", and page items that current user does no



I have this issue that CQWP is rendring items that it should not render. I test this with a read-only user, that should NOT see draft pages or pages with different permissions. But the read-only user do see the items, but when I click on the link I get access denied. This access denied is correct, but why does the page items appear in the CQWP at all?


1) I use OOTB CQWP (inherits from ContentByQueryWebPart in my .webpart file) : "<type name="Microsoft.SharePoint.Publishing.WebControls.ContentByQueryWebPart ....." and I have my custom xsl to get the look and feel I need

2) The issue with page items showing when status = drafts only appear when using the PublishingExpirationDate field. When I try creating new pages and give them status draft by using "check in to share draft" (logged on as an contributer/approver user), this item wil NOT appear in the CQWP for the read-only user. When I change a pages' status from approved to draft, this item will still be shown in the CQWP, but this will point correctly to the published version. But after the pages' expired date (PublishingExpirationDate) is expired, the page gets status "draft" (handeled by a timer job I guess), and this page item will still be rendered in the CQWP, but sending the read-only user to an access-

Infopath form with Totals connected to a graph webpart?


I have a form with two fields labeled "Total" which are filled with the sum of other fields. I would like to represent the totals in the graph webpart in a way the lower the number the better. I would like the bar to kind of transition from Red to Green as the number goes down. I connected the webpart to the field in my form but I am not sure what other parameters I need to represent what I want in the chart. Can anyone assist with this?

What I am trying to do is make a dashboard for people when they login the main page will have this webpart avaible to the group they belong to. As I get this working I would like to introduce other data to be presented to the employee.


Infopath 2010 and SP2010

My Status Feed WebPart Development


I am looking to develop a webpart which essentially gets all the users' status's (from "My Profile") and puts them in one feed on my site. This feed will be visible to all employees.

I was wondering if the SP.UI.Status would be of any use. Also how would I go abouts setting up a event handler so that any time someone update thier status it is displayed in the feed.  

Any help or guidenance would be much appreciated.



use Login.aspx Form as a webpart

You cannot vote on your own post hi.

how i can change appearance of FBA form in sharepoint 2007?

I want to show Login part in left navigation in my site? how i can do it?

Im very appriciated if anyone help me & give me a sample.

use Login.aspx Form as a webpart



can i use one sharepoint form such as Login.aspx (C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\12\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS) as a webpart in my sharepoint homepage site?

i want to change appearance FBA form in sharepoint. i want to use Login part in my homepage in left navigation bar.how can i do that?

Im very appriciated if anyone help me & give me a sample.

Status List WebPart or KPIListWebPart missing when create sites based in a site template that has it


Hi Everyone,

I have a site collection in SharePoint server 2010, and within this site collection I have a site. This site has KPIListWebPart or Status List WebPart. I have added this WebPart through SPD 2010, because through SharePoint you cannot add this particular WebPart.

The problem is the following:

The site (with the Status List WebPart) has to be a Site Template, in order to allow the users to create sites as needed. In the site, the Status List WebPart works perfectly, but when I create a new site based in the site template, the Status List WebPart is missing. 

Any idea why is it happening?


Thanks in advance and best regards,


infopath form webpart/ anonymous access



I need the  anonymous users  to submit InfoPath List Forms via an InfoPath Form Web Part.

Currently when I go to a page with the InfoPath Form web part configured as an anonymous users I get the following error message:

Error loading the form

A form template (.xsn) file cannot be accessed. You may not have the required permissions to open the file

The list allows anonymous users permissions to add and view items

When logged in the form works fine.

I have setup the list settings for anonymous users to add items. but still the page with infopath form webpart is not opening.

Display workflow status in webpart



   I have a library with workflow, I've use SPD for display this library in sub site (by exported webpart). But the problem is, workflow status column(in webpart, in sub site) is blank, it doesn't show anything. How can I display workflow status in this case?

UpdatePanel in a Webpart


I'm exploring the usage of UpdatePanels in WebParts for MOSS 2007. The code I have so far for adding a test update panel is this:

                LinkButton goButton;
                goButton = new LinkButton();
                goButton.ID = "butGo";
                goButton.Text = "Go";
                goButton.Command += new CommandEventHandler(goButton_Command);
                goButton.Click += new EventHandler(goButton_Click);

Rowlimit and PageFirstRow properties of listview as parameters to Listview Webpart


Hi ,

 I need to set the  Rowlimit  and PageFirstRow properties  of  listview  as  parameters to Listview Webpart

 And these parameters  will be passed from the custom provider webpart


name of the list will be provided in custom webpart's toolpane.

and i need to save this as list content type of list defs


Please provide me the guidance on this.



Error in / Application after adding employee search in webpart


Hello everyone,

I am working on sharepoint 2007 and I was editing the webpart of the software and after adding the predefined employee search table, the server has crashed while trying to access the server remotely with the following error message:

Error in / Application

However, while trying to login locally I have no problem and can easily login.

What will be the course of action in fixing this error.

Also the site is complaining of an invalid certificate even after adding an exception.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You,

Chris Stanko

Create a Outlook Task from Custom WebPart in Code



I have a requirement to create a Outlook Task , from a custom webpart through code .

Is this possible?

has any body tried this , if yes can you please give me an insight on how to acheive it.

Some sample Code would be highly appreciated.



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