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Alerts - How can a site owner find out who has been included on an alert ?

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 17, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint
alerts have been set on a discussion board to notify a set of users when a new item is added. how can I ( as site owner ) find out who these users are. is there a way for a site owner to administer the alert once it has been set up ? thanks and regards, Counie

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Find It: Integrate Search Into Your Site With ASP.NET


We implement search providers for both Live.com and SharePoint so you can take advantage of either in your own applications.

Marco Bellinaso

MSDN Magazine September 2007

Search does not find text in Word document stored in document library on a Report Center site within



We have a document library on a site created off of the Report Center site template. We uploaded a Word 2007 document with the word zebra in the text. Using the search bar at the top of the page we selected This list: Our document library and searched for zebra. We received no results.

We tested the same thing on another site (site template Team site) within the same site collection and search worked fine.

Does the Report Center search function differently then the search functionality on the Team site?

Tamara Bredemus SharePoint Minion...working up to Maven

User Alert Management for a specific list versus entire SharePoint site?

It seems that to be able to manage User Alerts, one must have Full Access to the entire SharePoint site - and then use => Site Settings > User Alerts. Ideally, I would like to be able to grant access to users to only be able to manage alerts for a specific list. Is this possible (without having to do any programming) and, if so, how? If such access is only available at the site level, I will simply create a Permission Level that allows one to only "Manage Alerts" Thanks in advance for any assistance. Dave

How to find if users are visting my site using IIS?

Hello,I want to find out if users have visited my site in the last couple of days. i did not put Google analytics so I was wondering if there are any logs of IIS which log if a user has visited or not?Is this possible?Could you please provide some useful links?Thanks

How can find computer accounts or computer owner via C# in active directory via ldap?

Hi any body.Is there any way to find computer owner or computer accounts in activedirectory via ldap?I wanna to know if it is possible via ldap or another way?I using c#.Thanks for any help.

Site / owner report

Using Moss 2007 is it possible to export an excel spreadsheet that has a list of all the sites and the owners of those sites?Jcon

Efficient Way to find how many documents were modified in a site in the lastmonth-CAML Queries

Which is the Best way to find how many documents were modified in a Site in the last month,(not at document level) Using Caml query which is the best method (using U2U builder or some thing else)   Please share your thoughts. Thank you    

How to find newly added item in the share point site?

How to find the recently added item in the share point page If the any user added the items in the custom list, library, list,Announcement, Picture library,etc......... i need to show all item that added last 2 days. Is that any object model available to find all item in the share point site???Instead of searching every list.

How to find a page count across a site collection

Is there a way through the standard MOSS user interface to find all of the pages in all pages lists across an entire site collection?

How to find out how many users logged onto a sharepoint hosted site?


We have a sharepoint hosted site that is accessible to users externally. 

Sometimes whenever we need to  release some updates, we would like to do it when there is no user browsing the site.

Are there are any tools available? If not, can we write any scripts or code?

Please suggest.

Site owner getting Access Denied error on subsite pages.



I am site collection owner.I have created subsites with number of pages(140 pages) with inherit permission form parent site.After creation of subsite I want to edit subsite pages but I am getting Error Message "Access Denied" on some pages.

Anyone please help me...

I am using WSS 3.0



How to find and test templates of a web site?


I am new to web site templates, and I know that templates are the base for the creation of web pages.

I have the task of testing hundreds of web pages from a web site.

If a web site (For example, www.microsoft.com) has 1000 web pages, how can I know what are the different templates used to design these 1000 web pages?

The idea is, the test cycle time can be reduced and the reliability on coverage can be more by testing these templates.

Once I know the templates, how should they be tested?

Can anyone please help me know answer to my question?

I googled to check solution to my question and found that, there are many articles on the net which explains how to create web pages from a template.But, my problem is, how do I know what templates are used to create hundreds of web pages in an existing web site (say, www.microsoft.com)

Also, can you please let me know if there are any links relevant to this so that, i can read through it to understand this better?

regards, Krishna

Set up alert to send to site Members group?

I would like to set up an alert on a discussion list, to send an alert to all site members when a new discussion thread is started.  In the new alert form, in the Users field look up directory, it doesn't show site collection groups, and when I try typing it in directly into the Users field and checking, it doesn't find a match.  Is there a way to do this without making the SP group an AD group?  I would think since each individual user in a SharePoint group can have email sent to them that the group could. Thanks for any suggestions.  I don't want to have to enter in all the users individually.
There are no mistakes; every result tells you something of value about what your are trying to accomplish.

WSS 3.0 Site Collection Owner Access Only?


Is there any way via CA in WSS 3.0 to limit access to a top level site and all subsites to just the Site Collection Owner and no one else? I am not going to be able to go to all 543 subsites throughout and change their permissions and all settings I have tried in CA takes away all access, even to the Site Collection Admin.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

- Thank you. Respectfully, Janette M. Ricker

Find a site collection directory in a web application in IIS


We have a MOSS 2007 site called for example Sharepoint-80, url is: http://ourdomain.com,  under it I created a team site collection, the url is: http://ourdomain.com/sites/HRDepartment .

My question is in IIS directory, I cannot find a directory named either "sites" or "HRDepartment". I know IIS directory isnot like sharepoint directory. But I need to look at IIS settings for the subsite directory, how and where can I find it - to find a site collection directory in IIS?



Where can I find out the Customized CSS Files on a site?


I am trying to build a provisioner.xml file by hand since the solution generator's Site definition generator will not work.  I found the listid guids and the featureid guids of the features and the keys and the values of the webproperties using SharePoint Manager.  However, I have not been able to locate the list of Customized CSS Files to populate the CustomizedCSSFiles element using SharePoint Manager, SharePoint Designer, SharePoint Sitesettings, or SharePoint Central administration or the manifest.xml file.  I found how to use SPWeb to add a file to the customizedCSSFiles collection using "CustomizeCSS" method of SPWeb, but nothing on how to return the values that have been stored using this method.  I am certain this is something easy and that I simply cannot see the forest for the trees, but right now these trees are pretty big and there are a lot of them.  I have seen references by a number of people to how they built their provisoner.xml file but no one discusses where they got this information.  So any help here would be welcome as I have run out of options.



How to find number of documents uploaded to each sharepoint site?


How can I determine how many documents are uploaded to each sharepoint site?

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