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SP 2007 - Master.page layout

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 17, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net
I have been searching for a solution to a clients request.  I need master page with: 1. 100% width header (center aligned)   2. 960px width main content area (center aligned) 3. 100% width footer (center aligned)   Can I add a <div> around the main content  like so:<div id="wrapper">CONTENT</div> #wrapper { margin:auto; width: 960px; }  

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SharePoint 2007 - Consolidating everything as feature into WSP [Content Type, Page Layout, Pages, Ma


Hello –


Overview – We are building a Mobile Web Site using SharePoint 2007. The big screen site has been already built and we need to integrate the mobile site into same site collection of big screen –


·         The Mobile site will use the existing content types of existing big screen site

·         We will build a new custom Master page

Sharepoint 2007 - Wiki site - New Pages Not Inheriting Custom Master Page


I am working on a SP site (MOSS not WSS) which is heavily customised away from the OOTB layout. I need to create a Wiki site, which was going well - I've created a master page which displays the miniconsole (this was not visible with our customised layout), and made it the default master page for the site. This has been applied to the two standard pages that come with the Wiki site, however when a new page is created, it seems to inherit the default.master, rather than my custom master page - thus not showing the miniconsole.

When I have created a new page, I am able to use SharePoint Designer to attach my custom master page to it, which works perfectly, however this will not be a viable option going forward as end-users create their new wiki pages.

How can I get the new pages to inherit my master page when they are created?


Page Layout and Master Page

I am creating a portal for the company, I am having few issues related to the page laout, I hope someone would help me provide some clues 1. I have some sites with no left menu but it needs 3 column lay out 2. some sub sites have menu on the left but it needs 3 columns + the menu I created custom master from a v4.master, created page layouts based on the above structure. I am not able tailor them as per the needs Can some one point me in the right direction Thank you.. Neel

Master page in IE does'nt have the same layout as Chrome.

Hi all I'm having some dificulty in having the layout in IE same as in Chrome. I'm using a table, and in the Cell that has the menu it displays heigher in IE, but It is just perfect in Chrome. also the Navigation bar is more to the right in Chrome than in IE. Thank you This is the CSS used . html,body{ margin:0; padding:0; height:100%; border:none; background-color:Red; } /*--------------------------------Table-----------------------------------------------*/ .Table {position:absolute; margin: 1% 2% 3% 2%; width: 93%; height: 90%; background-color: #C0C0C0; z-index: 1; left: 22px; top: 22px;} /*------------------------------End Table----------------------------------------------*/ /*-------------------------------Logo-----------------------------------------------*/ #td1-logo {width:250em; height:4em; margin-left:2em;} /*-----------------------------End Logo---------------------------------------------*/ /*-------------------------------menu ----------------------------------------------------*/ #td1-menu {background-color:Lime; width:30em; height:20%;} ul { width:32em;margin:15px 5em 0 0em;height:4em;border-style:groove; border-color:Red;} ul li{float:left;width:8em;

Master Page and table layout

Hi, i am in the process to learn create master page using HTML table layout.I find out many resources online that use table to design their master page layout.I have 1 thing that i do not undestand:all of them using heigh= n pixel to control their footer, header, content  and navigation menu.My concern is that by doing so, the master page is fixed to only particular resolution only.In future there might be higher resolution available, the master page design need to be changed from time to time which is considered not so good programmer.OR in future, the when site need to have something like "Best view in resolution 1024 x 768", somethign like that...Is there any other way not to do so? Are they doing their master page correctly?

Master Page Migration from SP 2007 - Perplexed

With the introduction of ribbon comes the complexity/confusion. I have a simple master page in SP 2007 which is based on a 3-column layout with a banner on top. Now, if I want to migrate this master page, looks like it is mandatory that I include the ribbon. What if I do not want to include ribbon? I need a simple 3-column layout. I am getting an error if I do not include the ribbon. Can I hide the ribbon control?

Referencing a ghosted master page in unghosted page layout

Hello All, I am developing a publishing portal in MOSS 2007 environment. I am employing wspbuilder to deploy my master pages, page layouts and site contents in the publishing site. I would like to know whether referencing a ghosted master page(residing in the 12 hive) in an unghosted page layout(residing in the content database) would be efficient. I read in some articles that fetching the pages from file system increases the throughput when compared to that of hitting the content database. Is it advisory to do it this way? Any insights on this would be of great useRegards, Raghuraman.V CALAMITY IS THE TOUCHSTONE OF A BRAVE MIND

Sharepoint 2007 Minimal Master Page Picture Library Thumbnail and FilmStrip issue



If i use custom master pages. For some reason a user cannot view the thumbnail or filmstrip view;  only the details view will display. No errors are thrown when a user selects the filmstrip or thumbnail view, in fact nothing happens at all.

If the master page for the site is changed to default.master then the picture library functionality returns.

Anyone can help me in this. Thanks in advance.

How to customize an Application master page in MOSS 2007


I have a Collaboration sitecollection and made changes to refer to my custom master page in the Master page settings page.Also used the same custom page for Site Master page section.

But if I go to Documents library and click on upload documents then I am getting the UI of application master page.

How can I get rid of those menus.

Thanks in advance.

Error: There are no page layout files available in the master page library of the top-level site.

I exported one of the subsite using stsadm and imported into a new site collection, I could access the new site collection but whenever I try to create a new page in my new site collection I get the following error.

There are no page layout files available in the master page library of the top-level site. Add one or more page layouts to this library before you create a page or set page properties.

Please help. Thanks.

how to provision Custom page layout and master page for subsite



I want to display the following page when  subsite of type  Custom site defination is created



Module Name="Brand" Url="

how to change the existing page Layout (Share Point 2007)


Hi All,


i have page with some content in a two webpart Zone. I want to change it another layout (3 Webpart zone).

Is there any direct way that i can change the Layout and the content remain intact. (Share Point 2007)

Thanks and Regards Er.Pradipta Nayak

What the best way to achieve this layout - nested master page or iframes


Hi Guys

Im developing an admin section for a cms tool and in previous tools i used  a master page, which then had a page called verified.aspx. this contained a menu control and then dependant on which menu item they selected loaded a user control into a multiview control

This works fine accept for some small annoying post back issues (not refreshing data and also the time taken to load the large amount of controls)

For this solution i was looking to make it as quick and light weight as possible

I have a master page with 2 content placeholders. Im my verified page (which uses the master), i have a nav menu on the left. Dependant on the item selected fro the nav menu on the left, id like to poplute the content placeholders content with an aspx page (which contains a user control) or just an apsx page

ive seen a couple of articles suggesting iframe, and a couple suggesting nested master pages but i dont believe i can get this to work with nester masters, if somone has some code  and an exmaple of how to achieve this i would be very grateful

Thanks in advance for any help and support


Differences between SharePoint 2010 Master Page & 2007 Master Page


Wondered if someone could help or point me to an article about the differences between 2010 masterpage and 2007 master page...

I general what shoulkd I look out for/avoid when creating 2007 customizations while thinking about upgrading to 2010 in the next year.



MOSS 2007 - Add "Email Page to Friend" feature to Actions menu or to site master page.


My Communications Director would like us to add an "Email this Page to a Friend" type of feature to our SharePoint 2007 Intranet.  They would ideally like to have this feature available on every page.  But I was thinking that even if we could add this item to the List Actions menu it would suffice.  Does anyone know of a webpart that will do this or can offer some custom code and instructions on how to make this happen?



Master Pages in MOSS 2007

'MasterPages' feature in sharepoint 2007 makes the entire customization job easy.In 2003 we used to face lot of issues to get the same look and feel and the standard behaviour for overall site. In 2007, customizing the look and feel for the entire site can be done in a simple way by using 'MasterPage' feature.

Unique content within master page based on conditions met


 Hi all-

I would like to present users with unique content based on certain conditions being met as they land on the home page (default.aspx).  The condition logic will be in the VB code behind Page Load event. The content will go in a content placeholder as specificed from the master page. 

However, the content change wouldn't be something small (ie making a panel or label visible or not) but rather it will be different HTML,  Divs and databound gridview content.  The HTML content will be stored in the database.

Can someone point me in the right direction for best practices on how to accomplish this?


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