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Horizontal Scrollbar not fully displayed in report window

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 16, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Sql Server
I have a report (using SSRS 2005) which displays both the vertical scrollbar and horizontal scrollbar.  The report has lots of columns. The problem is that the horizontal scrollbar is only half displayed (height wise).  I've tried resizing the report window but it doesn't change how much of the horizontal scrollbar is displayed. I've tried playing with the report settings (margins, body size, etc) but can't seem to get the entire horizontal scrollbar to be visible.  The users don't like this because the viewable part is hard to grab onto to scroll. How do I fix this? Thanks, John

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Add a horizontal scrollbar at the top of a report

Hi, I want to know if it's possible to add a horizontal scrollbar at the top of a report? thanks

Crystal Report parameter value window.


 Hi friends,

   I am using Crystal report which displays the result of stroed procedure which have 2 paramater.

  When i run report it shows two window for getting each parameter.

  My need is, can i have one window for getting all the paramter value for stored procedure.


  With Advanced thanks,






How can I highlight entire horizontal row span of selcted WPF TreeView item in containng window?

I have created a TreeView inside a UserControl in my project. By default if one selects a TreeViewItem, then the entire row is highlighted but with in the tree, e.g.-----------------------|   + A123            ||      + B123         | |      + ///////        ||   + A234            |----------------------- Where "///////" is highlighted/selected TreeViewItem. What should I do to make the selection/highlighted area to span over entire window horizontally? e.g. ----------------------- |   + A123            | |      + B123         | |/////+//////////////| |   + A234            | -----------------------

Sub Report in New Browser Window Or a Breadcrumb - WARNING - Non Developer

I successfully created a report with a sub-report. My newest problem is when I click on a sub-report, I want to be able to quickly get back to the top report.  What's best approach besides the "back" button? Is it possible to launch the sub-report in a different browser window?  Or, can I add a breadcrumb to the report itself? TIA

report generate vwd 2008 - website data sources window empty

I need to create report in asp.net web application, I'm working on vwd 2008 express, installed report add-on i have create dataset file xxx.xsd and use storder procedure for data adapter. when I am trying to add columns into report body I cannot see dataset in website data sources window. when i right click on window it just show refresh option. how can I get my data set into window. and add columns in to report? please help... 

Report parameter values must be specified before the report can be displayed. Choose parameter value


Helllo...I am getting error "Report parameter values must be specified before the report can be displayed. Choose parameter values in the parameters area and click the Apply button." when I deploy the report in the SharePoint. The report works fine in the when I run in BIDS. we have two parameter in this report...Parameter #1 is tied filterd based on the user who is accessing the report and Parameter #2 is dependent on the value selected in Parameter #1.

Please let me know what I am doing wrong here? Is there any workaround to get past this message?

Thanks for help.


Problem with Report viewer , no data is displayed and report comes out as empty


Hi ,


I have a problem using Report Viewer With SQL Reporting Services 2005.



I had a really weird issue with a ReportViewer.  It would show the little green Loading progress bar image . but it wouldn't show any data, just a white background where the output should be.  I knew the data was there because exporting to Excel or PDF showed the data just fine. 


  The problem is report toolbar is display but NO DATA is displayed and the report comes out as EMPTY .



Thanks in advance..


Can you please help me out in resolving this problem.



barcode badly displayed while rendering a report in PDF


Dear all,

I have a famous barcode issue while rendering a report in PDF: the barcode is badly displayed...  To display the barcode on the report I'm using the "Code128" font and this font is of course installed on both server and client sides.

While displaying the report, the barcode is fine, while extracting the report under Excel, the barcode is fine too, while exporting the repot in an Image, the barcode is fine too... but while exporting the report in PDF the barcode is wrong... I've tried manually or by programing using the render function... in both case the barcode is bad. I've also tried to play with the font size without any good result...

Also I saw that the PDF file created is in version 1.3 while today exists the version 1.5 (ie: Office 2007 is using PDF 1.5). Is it plan to update the PDF rendering in report viewer from 1.3 to 1.5? Maybe it could fix this issue...

Note: I'm running SQL Server 2008 R2 64b build 10.50.1600.1, Report Viewer 9.0.30729 under MS Windows 2003 Server 64b.

Someone have a solution to this issue?

Thank you for any help,


DefaultValue in properties window displayed as bold / not bold ?



I would like to know why somethimes DefaultValue in properties window is displayed in bold text and somethimes in normal weight text? What i know is that the Value in Properties Window should display bold only if the Value is different than DefaultValue.

So i have a situation, where i need to set DefaultValue's and i'm successfully setting the boolean Value but failing in Integer value...


<cc1:TimePickerGTI ID="TimePickerGTI1" runat="server" />

custom server control:

        Private _ShowSeconds As Boolean = True
        <Browsable(True), Category("Behavior"), DefaultValue(True), Description("Show seconds.")> _
        Public Property ShowSeconds() As Boolean
                Return _ShowSeconds
            End Get
            Set(ByVal value As Boolean)
                _ShowSeconds = value
            End Set
        End Property

        Private _StepHour As Int32 = 1
        <Browsable(True), Cate

SQL Server 2008 Report Manager is not fully working



On Windows server 2008 R2 Enterprise Edition, we have installed SQL server 2008 R2 Reporting services and SQL Server 2008 database with Reporting services.  Both have different instances.

Now, we can work with Report manager of SQL server 2008 R2 without any issue. i.e. assignment of new user role etc. is working fine, but when we try to do same thing with report manager of sql server 2008 then its not working. No error message is being shown by the report manager when we try to assign new user a role and press OK button it doesn't show any message.


What could be the problem?





Sub Report parameter window - SharePoint Integrated


We use SSRS in SharePoint integrated mode.   I have a report with parameters where the user can call into a sub-report.   When the sub-report is displayed, is there any way to cause the parameters panel (on the right side) to be open when the sub report runs?


Chris Fleming

Chris Fleming

.Net 4.0 DataGrid Control Horizontal ScrollBar Issue



I'm using .Net 4.0 DataGrid control to display my data using databinding. The data are displayed correctly but there is an issue with the horizontal scrollbar:

My datagrid has 15 columns and window when displayed is not showing all the 15 columns. This is okay as the window width limit the number of visible columns. So, as not all columns are visible, there is a horizontal scroll bar. If I drag the horizontal scroll bar at once to the right of the datagrid, it will appear to be moved to the end right but it really go just to the middle. So even If moved the horizontal bar to the end right, it did not go all the way ! I was expecting it to go all the way.

If I keep dragging the horizontal scroll bar to the right until it reach the end, at that time, the scroll bar works properly. I can then move it to the left, and move it to the right end and this time it will go all the way.

Is this is a known issue ? Any workaround so the scroll bar go all the way to the right when dragged to the complete right ?

Important detail: I'm using columns virtualization (EnableColumnVirtualization="True"). If i turn off the columns virtualization, the issue

does not occur.

Crystal Report load failed on Windows 7, VB.NET window application

I've a window application that load crystal report perfectly fine on Windows Vista. But when I tried to run the application on Windows 7, it gives me inconsistent behavior: sometimes the report will load, sometime I will just see the blue wheel, sometime it gives report load failed exception.

My application was developed with VS 2005 with Framework 2.0 and CR 10.
My Windows vista is install with framework 2.0, 3.0 and 3.5. 
Windows 7 is also came with 2.0, 3.0 and 3.5 by default.

I do notice one difference between Windows 7 and Vista. 
When a call is made to the report, a temp rpt is created in C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Temp folder.
In Vista, no matter how many times the report is called in a session, only 1 rpt file will be created.
In Win 7, every call to the report will created 1 rpt file.
This is the only difference I see so far. Could this be the cause of report load failure? 
If so, what's the workaround?

An extract of my code as follow:


Content not displayed in Report Manager 2008



I have created some reports in SSRS 2008 and after that deployed it successfully to RM. But when I log in through Repor manager URL, no content is displayed over there on Home page even if it showed report deployed successfully from VS.

To me it seems dont have sufficient privileges even if i am admin on my machine. Any idea?



At the time of installing new astrology software on my window's phone the massage displayed 'can'

At the time of installing new astrology software on my window's phone the massage displayed 'can't find PinvokeDLL'Sqlceme30dll' DB Module()

Horizontal scrollbar on iphone/ipad


 I have a div tag surrounding listbox to add scroll bars to my ListBox. It works fine under IE. However, under Ipad the scrollbars don't appear. particularly I am interested in Horizontal scrollbar since items in list box tend to be very long.

Any help would be appreciated.




how to get horizontal scrollbar for empty ListView which has headers that are too wide


Consider the following ListViews, both have a combined column width that is too large to fit.

  <ListView Height="100" Width="300">
        <GridViewColumn Width="120" Header="Date"
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