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Migration: Convert A Java Web Application To ASP.NET Using JLCA

Posted By:      Posted Date: August 21, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net

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Convert WCF service to self hosting application


 I created project as a  WCF Service application and now according to recuriment that needs to be converted as a self hosting application

How can i do this?

Converting WCF service app to Self hosting app?

Upsize Your Database: Convert Your Microsoft Access Application to Take Advantage of SQL Server 7.0


What if you need to convert an existing Microsoft Access 97 database application into a true client-server application that is based on a SQL Server back end? If you know a little about Visual Basic and SQL Server, it's easy to make your app take advantage of the power and scalability provided by SQL Server 7.0. Using some concrete code examples, this article takes you step by step through converting the native Jet queries in your Access application into stored procedures and pass-through queries that SQL Server can use. You'll also learn how to pass on parameters when your client-server app calls these SQL Server stored procedures and queries.

Michael McManus

MSDN Magazine June 2000

Migration of .Net web application into a J2EE application.

I have a web application which is coded in .Net framework. And I need to port it into J2EE application. Is there any technique available which can convert .Net web application into a J2EE application? Regards, Gurpreet

how to convert web application to website in visual studio 2008

Dear all,                      I have to integrate web application into website. What are the changes i have to do. I need information very urgently. can any one help here. 

performance issues with calling java webservices from WPF application?


I'm experiencing some major performance issues when calling a Java webservice from my WPF application. If I call the same webservice from a Java test application, I get a return in under 1 second. If I create a new .NET console application and make the same service call, I get a return in under 1 second as well:

class Program
 public Program()

 static void Main(string[] args)
  MyService svc = new MyService();
  for (int i = 0; i < 10; i++)
  Console.WriteLine("calling echo()");
  DateTime startTime = DateTime.Now;
  string result = svc.echo("Test " + i);
  DateTime endTime = DateTime.Now;
  TimeSpan ts = endTime.Subtract(startTime);
  Console.WriteLine("Execution Time = " + ts.TotalSeconds + " seconds, result=" + result);

However, when I try to call this same service from a WPF application, my response times range from 6-8 seconds. I tried moving the webservice calls to a BGW thread without any luck. I'm running the sample WPF application on the same machine as the sample .NET console application so it's not a network-related issue. Can someone explain why the execution times of calling the Java webservice below is so much slower when done from within a WPF application?

public partial class MainWindow : Window
 private MyServi

How can i convert my entire asp.net web site project to asp.net web application project


How can i convert my entire asp.net web site project to asp.net web application project


i want to use Microsoft Ajax Minifier but i could not find how to implement it to the asp.net web site project


so for using this feature i might convert my asp.net web site to asp.net web application


thanks for all kind of help

Java Application with SSRS 2008 (Kerberos Enabled)



On one of our Dev Instances we have enabled kerberos by setting up SPN's,changing the authentication type,delegation etc. We have on java app which simple calls the reporting services by url of the report and uses a domain account to connect to reporting services. Some how after the kerberos change the java app is not able to connect and we get a 401 error.

I checked the logs and it seems that the java app is not even able to make a request to the report server computer as I cant see any log of access denied. Below is the authentication tag of report server config file :


and web.config :

    <authentication mode="Windows" />
    <identity impersonate="true" />

Can someone suggest how to proceed?


Convert 'Windows Application' to 'Windows Service' .... imposible?


Hi all!

I want run my server application as system service, but i starts the project as 'Windows Application' ... how to convert it now to 'Windows Service' ? :S

I try to add the component "Windows Service", and change the "Application type" to 'Windows Service', but i can't select 'Service1' as my "Startup Object", then when i register de service and launch it from the "Services" magnagement mmc  ... die at 30 seconds because the services mmc can't comunicate with it :(

Nevertheless, if i create a new project like 'Windows Service' runs ok.



Windows Application Migration - Visual Studio 2008 to 2010 - The "GenerateResource" task failed unex


I hav a windows forms application built using VS 2008 which I am trying to migrate to VS 2010 & .net 4.0.

I got this nasty bug and found that it is due to the embedded images in the resource file.

<!-- [if gte mso 10]> <mce:style>

The "GenerateResource" task failed unexpectedly. System.InvalidOperationException: The security state of an AppDomain was modified by an AppDomainManager configured with the NoSecurityChanges flag.

I tried the following solutions suggested in various forums.

I added the < NetFx40_LegacySecurityPolicy enabled

Convert Webapplication into mobile application



I need to develop a mobile web application.  Convert my existing web application into a mobile application.  So any can help me how to do that kind mobile application....

Thanks in advance......



Convert ASP.NET Application to Sharepoint 2010 Site best way?


 Before I joined to my team they was completed ASP.Net Application for E-Services provided to public users on internet, but our customer ask for integration with SharePoint 2010 portal for both authentication and look and feel wise.

I want to know what best way to convert ASP.Net Application to SharePoint 2010 Site?

Convert XML Console to Web application dataset


Hello I am hoping someone could help me solve this. I have the follwoing code that works in a console application but I would like to convert it to a web application. I was thinking of using a dataset.

How do I go about doing so? Thank you


 public static void Main()


            var id = AddContact();                 



 const string contactCompanyId = "lings";


            const string firstName = "Bobby";

            const string lastName = "Singh";

            const string email = "Boddy@mailinator.com";

            const string streetLine1 = "123 My Street";

            const string streetLine2 = "Suite 5";


Problem connecting to new database in migration of existing application


I have an existing mobile application in use for several years

Previous server environment: SQL CE 3.0 / SQL Server 2005 / Windows Server 2003.  

New target server enviornment: SQL CE 3.5 SP2 (64bit) / SQL Server 2008 R2 / Windows 2008 x64

Connection is pass-through with IIS_IUSR credentials

Protocol is HTTPS

Diagnostic steps for troubleshooting connection to NEW environment:

Convert Windows Application into Web Application with Code


Dear All,


I have a Windows Application and i got a requirement to convert all forms in Windows application to Web Application including code written in windows application. How can we do this. please do needful...

Convert asp.net application from .net 3.5 (32 bit) to 4.0 (64 bit)


I have converted an ASP.net Web Application (not Web Site) to .Net 4.0 from .Net 3.5 without any hassles.  When I deploy it to a test server, it worked, although when I deploy it to our production server it gives me the following error.

"Could not load type 'ADODB.FieldsToInternalFieldsMarshaler' from assembly 'ProjectX, Version=1.0.4113.15225, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null'"

I did experience errors on the test server but I was able to resolve this by:

·         Compiling my web application as a 32 bit

What should I do to convert a PHP application?



What should I do to convert a PHP application to ASP.NET? Is there any tool to do it or should I rewrite it?

Thanks in advance,


Microsoft's Collaborative Application Markup Language (CAML) Loop

discovered an interesting error recently while working with Microsoft's Collaborative Application Markup Language (CAML) that, surprisingly, had received no ink. Partly what surprises me about this is that the error may require you to rewrite large sections of your code if you haven't previously considered this SharePoint limitation. I'll start with some context, but first of all the error is:
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