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How do I detect the close of a chm file?

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 16, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Windows Application
Assume a very simple VS 2005 windows form that does nothing but a Help.ShowHelp(me, filename) in the load event.  When the help file is closed, is there any way for the program itself to detect the event?

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Sdf file doesn't update once the application close

     i have configured for data sync setup using configure data synchronization wizard, then deploy the application in emulator. while run the application the data has synched back and forth from client to server on two way sync.  once application get closed the sdf.file is only having  existing data which is same as we got end point of configuration. we can view the updated data while run the application. but we restart application we didn't have the updated and newly inserted data . i don't know what i missed in config. it would be great help if anyone guide me.

detect the encoding of an Excel file


using vb.net/asp.net 2005

I am opening and reading and I need to detect the encoding of the file that I am reading.  There are different system users who will be using different encoding in their files so I have no control over this.

 Dim myStreamRdr As System.IO.StreamReader = New System.IO.StreamReader(myFileName, System.Text.Encoding.Default)

While the default encoding normally works there are special foreign language (non-English) characters that are not being read correctly, instead there are garbage characters in their place.

I have researched this and it has been suggested to determine the encoding of the file and then use that encoding, but I have not been able to find out how to to do this.

so in a nutshell:  how can I use vb.net to detect the encoding of an excel file?



Unable to detect file drop into anything


Hi... as far as I've searched everybody is able to detect file drop into their applicatiosn, but me.

I have a window with only a ListBox with AllowDrop=True, and hooked up every drag or drop event but none of these seems to fire when I drag a file (from Windows Explorer), or drop over it. Just get the "unable to drop" icon. Try with canvas, grid, window with no luck.

I'm obviously missing something basic.

Nestor Arturo Fernandez Ricaurte

how to specify file name and close the info path form on custom submit button?

i have submit button in the form once i click it must ask to enter the file name and once i given it it must close the particular browser tab.

how to specify file name and close the info path form on custom submit button?

i have submit button in the form once i click it must ask to enter the file name and once i given it it must close the particular browser tab.

"Close Solution" not showing on SSMS File menu

I upgraded to SQL Server 2008 R2 on 4 different PCs.  On only one of them, when I open SSMS and click File on the menu, the option to "Close" is available, but the option to "Close Solution" is not.  Further, if I right click on the menu bar and click Customize, under the Commands tab, I click on File under Categories, and again "Close" is available, but "Close Solution" is not.  "Close Solution" is available on the other 3 PCs that I upgraded to R2 on.  I tried using the installation disk and clicked on Repar, but it did not fix the problem.  How can I get "Close Solution" to appear on the File menu?

File Splitter in .Net

I love to do utility programs in .Net. And this is one of them. As I was playing with JSplit (a free file splitter program), I wondered if I could do it in .Net. The framework supports file operations like reading files in bytes and creating them. It is indeed easy to do file operations in .Net Basics on File operations

Upload Multiple File using JQuery in asp.net

In this article I have explained how to upload multiple files using file upload control. I have used jQuery plugin for uploading multiple files.

I have also explained how to check for file type, file maximum size limit using jQuery & also using server side validation code.

Creating Excel file from C#

I used below coding for create a excel sheet.I got from on web site.
In below coding there is no problem.Its create the excel file.If i run second time,its ask to overwrite the current excel file.If I said "Yes" then it ok ,but If I select cancel button,its generate the Error message.The exception is

How to detect and avoid memory and resources leaks in .NET application

Despite what a lot of people believe, it's easy to introduce memory and resources leaks in .NET applications. The Garbage Collector, or GC for close friends, is not a magician who would completely relieve you from taking care of your memory and resources consumption.

I'll explain in this article why memory leaks exist in .NET and how to avoid them. Don't worry, I won't focus here on the inner workings of the garbage collector and other advanced characteristics of memory and resources management in .NET.

Upload a File to a SharePoint Document Library - Part I

The following helper class demonstrates a few techniques that allow documents to be uploaded to a SharePoint document library programmatically without using the API or a custom web service. You don't need to specify a document library name, and it will create any folders specified in the URL as required. File meta data will be updated if any properties are passed.

SmtpClient and Locked File Attachments

Got a note a couple of days ago from a client using one of my generic routines that wraps SmtpClient. Apparently whenever a file has been attached to a message and emailed with SmtpClient the file remains locked after the message has been sent. Oddly this particular issue hasn't cropped up before for me although these routines are in use in a number of applications I've built.

How to call an .exe file in .net

Sometimes a developer has to call an EXE from another EXE. While calling EXE there can be a requirement to pass parameter.

ClientAccessPolicy file in SharePoint 2010

I am upgrading my Silverlight demo code from the old beta to beta 2 and see that there are a few new considerations for the deployment of ClientAccessPolicy.xml files. In a previous post I demonstrated how to do this for SharePoint 2007. The heartburn that I get with that approach is any site collection owner or designer can drag the file into the site collection and open the site up to unwanted client access issues. In 2010 the virtual path provider no longer serves the files from the root of the site collection

Multi File Upload Using JQuery!

Everyone knows about the file upload in .NET. But the multi file upload is some what difficult in .NET. For that purpose we can have some AJAX or JQuery!. Jquery is the latest advanced version. It will give some animated upload. You can try it for your own!!!!

Transfering a file from Conputer to PDA

You can transfer one file at a time between your computer and another Bluetooth device by using the Bluetooth File Transfer Wizard. For example, you can transfer files between your computer and a mobile phone or a PDA. You can also transfer files between two computers that use Bluetooth.

The Free Barcode Creator produces barcode images one at a time, and allows easy saving to a file or

The Free Barcode Creator produces barcode images one at a time, and allows easy saving to a file or pasting into an application. 2D versions are also available:
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