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Adding logic to the Search Core Results web part - Manipulation in code or XSL?

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 16, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint
Hi,I need to manipulate the search core results web part, so that:- It will display a check box for each result- It Will have an additional button. When clicking on this button the checked results should be copied to a grid view.Do you have any idea how it can be done?I am not sure what is the correct way to do it – in the client side via the XSL Editor or in the server side with the C# code.Thank you so much for your help,Regards,SP beginner.

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People Search Results - Where do property/headings in the core results web part come from?

Hi there, I'm hoping this will be a nice simple thing to fix! We're running SharePoint 2010 Enterprise, using the Enterprise Search. In my User Profiles Service Application, I changed the display name of one of the User Properties. It it the SPS-Responsibility property. The out of the box display name is Ask Me About. The only issue is that in the people search results, the SPS-Responsibilty display name still shows as Ask Me About, not my new display name. This link shows this in a screenshot  I've tried various things such as resetting the index, running full crawls again etc. Could anyone let me know where this text is coming from? Thanks! Al

Foundations: Adding Code Access Security to WCF, Part 2


This month's column continues the discussion around code access security in WCF and partially trusted services.

Juval Lowy

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Pass the server variable to search core result web part


I'd like to custom the search core result web part to filter results based on the log on user name.

It can easily be done in Dataview web part.

However the search core web part doesn't accept "<parameterbining>" to pass in the server variable [logon_user]. I can't figure out how to use <xsl:param> to get this server variable either.


Any ideas? Thanks a lot!

If you get confused, listen to the music play...

core results web part - Property doesn't exist or is used in a manner inconsistent with schema sett

I edited the Fetched Properties section of my core results web part and added a mapped column <Column Name="owstaxIdKeyword"/> When I reload my page, I get this error: Property doesn't exist or is used in a manner inconsistent with schema settings.

Search Results Web part not showing all results

Hello, I have an issue with the people search results web part not showing all the results that exist for a particular query. The query in question returns 106 results, and it is showing 50 per page, but the paging bar only goes up to page 2, and the results summary says it is showing "x of 100 results". If I manually change the query string to say start=61 instead of start=51 for page 2, it will show me the last 6 people, and the search summary will say "showing 57-106" Why is it not showing me the option for a page 2? When I perform a similar query that returns 140 results, it will show me all three pages correctly. I have tried turning duplicate trimming off but it makes no difference either. Any ideas why this is happening? Thank you

How to hide "No results are available. Either no query is specified..." in Core Search Results webpa

Hi All, by default core search results webpart displays this message "No results are available. Either no query is specified, or the query came from advanced search (Federated Webparts do not support Advanced Search queries)." till you perform your first search. So, how can i hide this message when page loaded ? Thanks,

Date format in Search Core Result web part

Hi, I have two Site Columns PublishedDate and GlobalTitle. They have datetime and string type. These site columns are added to the Custom List. I need to show these columns in Search Core Result web part when item is searched. Because of this reason I created them as Site columns and Mapped with crawl property in SSP. After doing full crawl I can access both site columns in Search core Result. GlobalTitle is displayed properly but problem is with PublishedDate. It shows System.DateTime[] only. Can any one help me to show this in any of the date format but not like System.DateTime[]. Many Thanks in advance Chirantan

Search Core Result Web Part

Is it possible to render search results in "Search Core Result" web part with result getting from code accessing Search API rather than using the result set from OOTB?


How to setup the web pat search core results



I would like to show, in the result web part, only the items in my site (I wan't to display library and other things) only when the Status column of the item is in the Published status.

How can I do that?


Search Core Results Modification



I've got some issues regarding the Search Core Results Webpart. I've customized the xsl in this webpart to give me the filter/sort/group drop downs (http://www.zimmergren.net/archive/2008/03/15/moss-2007-customize-the-search-result-using-xslt-part-3-customize-using-sharepoint-designer-2007.aspx).

My search result page consists of multiple search core results web parts (for different categories/types of documents to be displayed)

Is there a way to increase the Results Per Page to a value like 2000  (the max value this field can take is 1-50). This is because the filter drop downs get values only from the current page. I need the filters to get its values from the ENTIRE Result set. Is this possible ?

I've tried working on a custom Search API using javascript for the purpose of populating a custom drop down filter to display results from the entire result-set (http://darrenjohnstone.net/2008/07/22/a-cross-browser-javascript-api-for-the-sharepoint-and-office-live-web-services/)

But however I'm passing the search keywords through the url for the purpose of filtering the values  (ex. k="My Keyword", author:"Mr. XYZ", title:"Sharepoint"      here author "Mr XYZ" is sent by the custom drop down filter created. Likewise for Title). And as a result ALL the Search Co

Custom Webpart connecting to Search core results webpart




I want to connect custom webpart (custom search box) to the Search Core results webpart.


Please let me know how to achieve this.


Thanks in advance.


Add "Results per Page" drop-down on Search Paging Web Part


I would like to offer the end user the ability to select the number of results on the search results page (10, 25, 50, 100, etc.) with a drop-down.  I've seen that Commerce Server has a search paging web part that has this feature.  Has anyone built a search paging web part for 2007 that has this feature or is there an add-on that I can purchase to do this?

I have searched the web and haven't found anything, but it sure seems like others would have wanted a feature such as this.


JQUERY in SharePoint Search Core Results XSLT



I am new to JQUERY , can any body help me ,how to use JQUERY in XSLT of Search Core Results WebPart.

<QueryPacket xmlns="urn:Microsoft.Search.Query" Revision="1000">
            <QueryText language="en-US" type="<

Reinstalling search core results webpart



I have a sharepoint site with non-working core results webpart. Is there anyway to reinstall only this webpart?

Kind regards

Adding Search Refinements in SharePoint 2010

I have been playing around with SharePoint 2010 Search this morning. I love the new UI. The search refinements panel is just begging to be messed with. In my case I wanted to add the file extension JPG as an Image Type refiner.

How to display a count of search results with keywords in a label?


Sorry for a basic post here; I am very new to VB!

I am currently building a search page, which includes a textbox and two drop-down lists, a search button, and a datagrid. If results are found and displayed, I would like a label to display:

(e.g.) "24 results found for 'blue sky clouds' "

...where the integer represents the results count, and the keywords and/or drop-down list selections are included in the string.

If no results are found I would like the label to display:

(e.g.) "No results were found that match your selection. Please try again"

I would also like the label to be invisible until a search occurs.

Thanks in advance!

SharePoint Security: Trim SharePoint Search Results for Better Security


SharePoint search may return too much information, causing data security problems. Learn how to use the custom security trimmer to ensure users see only the documents they have permission to view.

Ashley Elenjickal, Pooja Harjani

MSDN Magazine July 2010

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