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A way to monitor or audit what emails SharePoint sends

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 16, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint
Hello, I am looking for a way to track what emails my SharePoint site sends out.  I am currently using workflows for an approval process and would like a way to check to make sure the correct emails have been sent without having to hound down each individual user and confirm through them.  Is there any way to do something like this? Thank you!

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Unable to monitor SharePoint 2010 using SharePoint 2010 Management Pack for SCOM 2007 R2

I am using Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Products Management Pack for System Center Operations Manager 2007 to monitor my SharePoint 2010. After installation the version of SharePoint management pack displays as 14.0.4744.1000 where as the one I have installed was of version 14.0.4745.1000. It does not show if anything is managed or not. Kindly help if someone has used SharePoint management pack for managing SharePoint server 2010. Thanks, Rucha

SharePoint upload files from windows explorer and emails from outlook by drag and drop

Guys, I need to have this functionality to upload files and mails by drag and drop, now sharepoint allows it by having that folderview in IFrame which takes the dropped item, but this does not allow files with spcial characters due to http URL related issue. How can I customize or program this to allow files with special chars in name, if not possible then how can I rename before the drop is over ? thanks, ram    

Sharepoint 2010, Not able to send emails?




I have installed Sharepoint 2010 on Windows server 2008 with SQL 2008. The installation was successful and I am able to access Sharepoint but when I add users and try sending invitation email I get error message. I have setup all the email configuration setting on Sharepoint, i.e. provided the SMTP server name and outgoing and incoming email address but still getting the same error message. I thought there might be some SMTP issue, so installed Outlook and configured it and I am able to receive emails on outlook using the same SMTP server. Could someone help me on this?

Weird SharePoint Audit Entries


Hi Everyone,

A customer is experiencing the following weird events with SharePoint 2007 Audit:

1.       When a user uploads a Microsoft Office file to a document library the dbo.AuditData table registers a View entry minutes later, even when no one accessed the file.

2.       When a user opens a Microsoft Office file in a document library the dbo.AuditData table registers another View entry minutes later, even when the file was only opened once.

Sharepoint overwriting emails with overwrite turned off


Whenever I email a message directly to sharepoint, it overwrites files of the same name. The incoming email setting is as follows:

Overwrite files of the same name? No.

Is there possibly another setting overriding this one?

how to send emails to multiple persons at the same time from sharepoint workflow using visual studio


Hi Every one !!

   I am trying to send copy of a document for multiple directors at my client for their approval.

   The director can approve the document at the same time.

   Hence, I would like to know how to create a task to send emails for multiple people at the same time from a sharepoint workflow using visual studio 2008.

   I see there is a parallel activity. But it gives me only 2 paths ( means would be able to send only for 2 users )

   If creating a separate task to send emails for each user is an inefficient way, please let me know if there is another good way of sending emails to multiple users.


Thank you

SharePoint Audit log at web part level


Hello All,

We are using SharePoint 2010 BI site template and wanted to display reports using report viewer web part. We want to achieve following requirements using OOB as the first preference. If it is not possible using out of the box options then please let me know your thouhgts on customization approach/pointers.




1.  Top 5 (say configurable number) reports. Ranking is based on the report viewing

2. End user l

Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Application Template: Bug Database - can you customize the emails?

My company is using a ms appliation template downloaded here: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=C72D23AF-F556-47AA-A6F2-0027246A9928&displaylang=en#RelatedLinks.  How can I change the emails that get sent when an application is assigned?

Sharepoint 2010 Audit Logs with Report Builder 3.0



I'm trying to create a report using Report builder of a sharepoint 2010 list's custom audit log, is there a way to create a report using report builder 3.0 without directly using sharepoint's Database tables?


Out of box approval workflow sends duplicate emails



I am using the approval workflow that will trigger when a document major version is published.   The 'approver' may receive 2 email notices that the task has been assigned.  Then 'approver' may receive 2 emails that the task has been completed.  For one workflow task the 'approver' may get 5 emails (2 assign, 1 task changed, and 2 complete).  This is not consistant though.  Sometimes it is 1 assign, 2 task changed, and 1 complete   ....  or any combination!      

Has anyone had a similar issue with the out of the box approval workflow?   


SharePoint custom workflow sending duplicate task assigned emails


I'm running into an issue where a custom sequential workflow I've built in VS2010 is sometimes sending duplicate emails to the user to whom created tasks are assigned. Note: this is a Site workflow not a List workflow, in case that matters.

It's a pretty simple flow: i've got an InfoPath initiation form, and am using an OnWorkflowActivated workflow action to take the data from the form and popluate some workflow variables, then I've got a CreateTask workflow action that sets the AssignedTo value on the Task Properties, along with some other Task Property values.

The task gets created successfully in the task list, and in most cases a single email goes out to the person the task is assigned to. However, sometimes (and I haven't been able to figure out what is causing the difference) up to 3 duplicate messages are sent out, as well.

I've seen other posts in the forums where this sort of thing is happening with OOTB workflows ( this thread, for example: http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en/sharepointworkflow/thread/66f94e07-a690-4166-aaeb-b7f5bc424fe4?prof=required). However, duplicate tasks are not being created (unless I'm missing the duplicates somehow -- they're not showing in the task li

Emails to SharePoint doc libraries seem to drop but do create folders

I have a MOSS2k7 farm & I'm using Exch2k7 for mail transport. We've recently upgraded from 32bit to 64bit so i still have one 32 bit MOSS server with the SMTP functionality set up and working. I've been trying to move that service to one of my new 64bit servers but have an issue. For some reason, when i set everything up to point from my old 32bit SMTP server to my new 64bit SMTP server, the mail doesn't reach the libraries.

For example: I have an email enabled library using doclibrary1@test.com. The library is set up to create a top level folder based on the recipient and to keep the original mail and attachments. I email that library and can see it hit and leave the Drop folder on my SMTP server. GREAT! Uh, no wait. In checking the library, i see the folder created based on my email address but no original email and no attachment. If i change it to not sort by original sender and to not keep original email, seems like nothing happes other than the message hitting/leaving the drop folder. I've sent messages about 2MB to it and i can see the appropriate size of the message in the Drop folder. I've even tried creating a brand new library. Same results.

I'm at a loss

Why SharePoint incremental crawl doesn't use Audit Logs


Hi All,

I am just wondering why SharePoint (2007) search incremental crawl uses change log. Why is it not using Audit logs if they give more information.

Can someone help me understand this.




How to easily add emails & attachments to particular document libraries in SharePoint



Our client would like to take a particular email they receive in Exchange / Outlook and send this to a particular location in a document library, to be made part of a client file. What woud be the best way to acheive this?

Audit events in Sharepoint 2010


I have the list of audit events in the site http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/microsoft.sharepoint.spauditeventtype.aspx for Sharepoint 2010.

Can you please let me know how to generate the "EventsDeleted" in that.

Sharepoint 2010 Audit events


Can you please let me know the new audit events in Sharepoint 2010.

I have also got the list of audit events in the site http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/microsoft.sharepoint.spauditeventtype.aspx for Sharepoint 2010.

Can you please let me know the description of "FileFragmentWrite" member in that.

SharePoint 2010 alert emails are displaying strange symbols in outlook 2007


After recently setting up alerts in SharePoint 2010, when receiving email alerts the format looks pretty screwed up.  We are using Exchange 2003 and Outlook 2007.  When setting up SharePoint outgoing email, the character set is 65001 (Unicode UTF-8).   Below is a picture of the email.  Anyone have any suggestions?







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