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PollingDuplex ServiceHost stop receiving or sending any messages.

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 16, 2010    Points: 0   Category :WCF
Silverlight client talks to .Net server using pollingDuplexhttpBinding. Everything works fine, untill some slow client will try to talk to server. Slow client will stop server from receiving or sending messages  to all the clients. Even mex and point doesn't respond. All the clients get timeout exception. This is my config <system.serviceModel> <extensions> <bindingExtensions> <add name="pollingDuplexHttpBinding" type="System.ServiceModel.Configuration.PollingDuplexHttpBindingCollectionElement, System.ServiceModel.PollingDuplex, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35"/> </bindingExtensions> </extensions> <service behaviorConfiguration="PollingDuplexBehavior" name="Poker2.GameServer.Facades.SGS2Client"> <host> <baseAddresses> <add baseAddress="http://localhost:20018/GS"/> </baseAddresses> </host> <endpoint address="GSHostService" binding="pollingDuplexHttpBinding" bindingConfiguration="multipleMessagesPerPollPollingDuplexHttpBinding" contract="Poker2.CommonInterfaces.WCF.IWCFGS2Client"/> <endpoint address="mex" binding="mexHttpBinding" contract="IMetadataExchange"/> </service> </services&g

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DIME: Sending Files, Attachments, and SOAP Messages Via Direct Internet Message Encapsulation


Direct Internet Message Encapsulation (DIME) is a new specification for sending and receiving SOAP messages along with additional attachments, like binary files, XML fragments, and even other SOAP messages, using standard transport protocols like HTTP. In this article, the author explains what DIME is and how it differs from MIME encapsulation. A detailed description of the message format and how it is parsed, as well as working with SOAP and extending it with WSDL, is also included.

Jeannine Hall Gailey

MSDN Magazine December 2002

How to stop unauthorized users from sending documents to a Records Center site?


I can't find a way to stop unauthorized users from sending documents to a Records Center site. Can someone please help me? Do i need to configure anything to restrict it to the members of the web submitters group?

I'm still using MOSS2007


The impossibility of doing things depends on your will to do it.

wcf service sending messages

can a wcf service send messages to client connected to service?2 clients can send messages to each other using the service,but how can the service send messages by its own to all attached or new clients subscribed to it?what will i have to do for that?do respond..waiting

Mumtaz Surani

Error while sending messages



I tried resending the messages with errors three additional times and got the same error message: "The connection to the SMTP server failed or the operation timed out."

we tried to upload a CSV file that contained a distribution list of 156,000 recipients

Please see details below:

Message #1:
Subject: Message Sent in Error
Status: Processed with Errors
Completed on: Not completed.
Sent to: 29987 recipients
200 - The connection to the SMTP server failed or the operation timed out.
29787 - OK


Sending and receiving message using windows mobile 6.


Hello folks,

I am trying to find out a way to send and receive message in my web application.

I am using HTC windows mobile 6 professional / Nokia 3110c 

i have also tried MAPI but i am not able to connect it with ASP.NET(C#)


Mihir Soni

Prevent receiving messages from other applications


Hy everybody,I have a Windows Forms project that needs to prevent receiving messages (WM...) from other applications. Now,if the other application is using SendMessage, in my application I can use the method InSendMessage (user32.dll) to figure if it comes from my thread. But if the other application is using PostMessage, I don't know how to find out if it's not a system(user) message.


Can anyone please help me with this?

Thank you very much!

Catalin Toma

Sending a File Using Email Helper in WebPages/Razor


Note: This is particularly with respect to Email Helper in WebPages/Razor. Please don't post links using System.Net.Mail object.

Following this tutorial: http://www.asp.net/webmatrix/tutorials/9-adding-email-to-your-website

Under "Sending a File Using Email" section what exactly is the code trying to do.

1: The SendFile.cshtml does not have any option to select file.

2: ProcessFile.cshtml is running fine. I am getting the email but no attachement.

I tried changing fileAttachment input to type="file" but not file is being sent to my email. I just get the message send in body.

Question: How exactly this file attachment works using Email Helper in WebPages.

User messages without hard coding


Hi All,


How to manage user messages to avoid hardcoding messages accross the web application.





Error while adding pollingduplex binding


I am making samle of polling duplex in .net 4.0

when ever i put binding this tag in web.config it shows error.


Warning    1    The element 'bindings' has invalid child element 'pollingDuplexHttpBinding'. List of possible elements expected: 'basicHttpBinding, customBinding, msmqIntegrationBinding, netPeerTcpBinding, netMsmqBinding, netNamedPipeBinding, netTcpBinding, wsFederationHttpBinding, ws2007FederationHttpBinding, wsHttpBinding, ws2007HttpBinding, wsDualHttpBinding, netTcpContextBinding, wsHttpContextBinding, basicHttpContextBinding, mexHttpBinding, mexHttpsBinding, mexNamedPipeBinding, mexTcpBinding, webHttpBinding'.    D:\DuplexTest\TestPollingDuplexWcf\TestPollingDuplexWcf\TestPollingDuplexWcf\Web.config    9    8    TestPollingDuplexWcf

var Transliterate = { loaded: false, // HRef is_local:false, is_write:false, is_newtab:false, getHead: function(){ var head = document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0]; if (!head) { return document.body; } return head; }, addGlobalStyle: function(css) { var head = Transliterate.getHead(); var style = document.createElement('style'); style.type =

Stop Sorting Cross Tab Report Header


Dear, I want to stop sorting in cross tab report header. And also want to sort in specific order. How can i do that? Please help me. Its urgent


Test Run: Testing Silverlight Apps Using Messages


Silverlight greatly simplifies the process of building rich Web applications, and we'll walk through an example of using Messages as a quick method of interactively testing simple Silverlight apps.

James McCaffrey

MSDN Magazine March 2010

The Polyglot Programmer: Concurrency with Channels, Domains and Messages


Axum is not a general-purpose language like C# or VB, but one aimed squarely at the problem of concurrency, designed from the outset to be part of a suite of languages that collectively cooperate to solve a business problem.

Ted Neward

MSDN Magazine September 2009

.NET Matters: Handling Messages in Console Apps


Many developers who use the Microsoft .NET Framework think that application type is tied to the libraries that can be used in that application. Stephen Toub clarifies.

Stephen Toub

MSDN Magazine June 2007

Data Security: Stop SQL Injection Attacks Before They Stop You


To execute a SQL injection attack, a hacker writes a Web page that captures text in a textbox to be used to execute a query against a database. The hacker enters a malformed SQL statement into the textbox that causes the back-end database to perform operations the owners did not intend it to perform, like making unauthorized updates. This article explains how you can protect against the all too common SQL injection attack in your own database. The steps covered include data validation, proper exception handing, and much more.

Paul Litwin

MSDN Magazine September 2004

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