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PivotTable in EWA and JSOM

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 16, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint
I am trying to get the following information for a selected cell in an EWA web part: 1. Is it part of a PivotTable 2. if so, i would like to get the olap coordinates (members) of the cell and the connection string I have not seen in documentation the ability to explore the pivotTable object. can it be done?

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Dynamic PivotTable on Web Portal

Hello guys!   I have been searching around the best way to publish my ssas cube and until now i thought that the sharepoint with the performance point and excel services would be the solution.   But today I found a microsoft document that describes the supported and unsupported features of excel services. In this document one of my needs was related to unsupported features of excel services.   The features I need are these: "The Detail Group and Show Detail options (also called drill-through) for OLAP data, member search, Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services actions, or using the field list to add, rearrange, or remove fields."   Link to Microsoft Document.     I would like to know if this avaible in a newer version or if there is another application that I an use to integrate with the ssas cube to provide a dynamic web pivot table.   Thank You!

"The member was not found when the string was parsed - SSAS 2008/PivotTable



    I have defined an Additional Action to show me some detailed records when I'm using a PivotTable against an SSAS 2008 cube.  However, the problem is intermittent.  It seems to be complaining about a datetime field - yet this datetime field isn't even being requested as one of the drillthrough columns. 

    The full message is "Query (187,1319) The member '&[2010-07-30T15:31:44:263333] was not found in the cube when the string [Final Criminal Count Charge].[Load Datetime].[All].&[2010-07-30T15:31:44.263333], was parsed."

   Any assistance would be gratefully accepted!!


"PivotTable.DisplayEmptyRows = false " in Excel pulling from Analysis Server 2008, doesn't work.


We display financial information, using Excel pulling from Analysis Server 2008.


In vba,  "ptTemp.DisplayEmptyRow = false" works fine for hiding empty rows of data on most pivot tables, but if the "account numbers" parent/child dimension is in the row fields, it doesn't.


The row Dimension look like this:


Balance Sheet


Current Assets


Total Balance Sheet


Income Statement

Gross Profit


Item A


Total Income Statement

cannot find PivotTable report tempalte in PerformancePoint Dashboard Designer



I want to create PivotTable report in PerformancePoint Dashboard designer, as I checked in the link http://office.microsoft.com/en-gb/performancepoint-server/create-a-pivottable-report-by-using-performancepoint-dashboard-designer-HA010257416.aspx ,I should be able to do the following step:

{In Dashboard Designer, click the Create tab, and then click Other Reports. ClickPivotTable, and then click OK. The Create a PivotTable Report wizard opens.}

But I am not able to find PivotTable in 'Other Reports' in Create tab, could you please tell me is there any prerequisite need to be done before I start the above step?



How to Define a "Total" to Calculate Percentage for SKU in PivotTable?


Let's take a look at a sample PivotTable below:


SKU     $     NewMeasure

111     5      30 (5+ 10 + 15)

222     10     30 (5+ 10 + 15) 

333     15     30 (5+ 10 + 15)

SKU     $     NewMeasure

111     5      20 (5+ 15)

333     15     20 (5+ 15)


How do I go about defining the "NewMeasure" calculated member in my AS2008 Enterprise cube?  The NewMeasure should essentially be the total $ amount for all SKUs in the current PivotTable.

What I'm really after, in this particular example, would be the percentage of a given SKU's $ amount relative to the total $ amount for all SKUs in the current pivot.  I figured if I can get the "NewMeasure" logic figured out, the above would be easy.

In summary, my goal is:

SKU     $     NewMeasure         NewMeasure2

111     5      30 (5+ 10 + 15)    5/30


PivotTable Excel 2007 missing ALL levels


The Customer dimension has a hierarchy called Customers, with an All Customers level, and then the customerID. When I use this dimension in ProClarity, I have the All level, and then can choose if I want to drill down into the members.

Excel 2007 PivotTable skips the ALL levels and just goes to the first "real" level. How can I enable the ALL level in Excel, so that users can choose to see the details or not?



How to intercept an Excel PivotTable call result from an SSAS cube?


We have a SSAS Cube (2008 R2) on a server, which end-users are viewing with Excel 2010’s PivotTable interface.

We now want to stop end-users dynamically from drilling down to sensitive data.

Specifically, we want to dynamically block the return of any pivot table in which any element has a count of less than k  (and ideally: an error to be displayed ‘query results would return sensitive data – please modify your query’)

This feature should be implemented on the server-side cube not at the level individual end-user's Excel (e.g., Excel add-in).


How to send filter values to a PivotTable filter when using SSAS cube as data source?



I have created a custom filter web part that implements IWebPartParameters. I'm able to send values from this web part to and Excel Web Access web part and get it to set a pivottable filter based on this value.

Now, I want to do the same for an Excel Pivottable that's connected to an SSAS cube. However, I can't get the parameter value to set the filter. Is there some special format that I need to send the values in to be able to set a pivottable filter for a SSAS cube?


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