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Blogs going crazy

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 16, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint
Hi everyone! I have gotten some weird problems with some of the blogs on our site. It all started with that someone could copy paste text from word to a blog entry, it came up "pasting" as it always does but then nothing happend. We solved this problem with a wordpad document where we pasted all the text from the word document then reseted all fonts and so on.. then pasting worked again. 1 day later even a funnier problem accoured: Blog entries that where saved lossed its body so only title are shown when you look at them, and if you click one of those blog entries that has that error only the title are shown and all controls that are supposed to be there are gone. Another error that showed itself at the same time as these other are that some wntries arent shown in the deault.aspx view... they are there because u can se them att manage post, they are approved and they are published...they just dont show up at default.spx view...   Someone have an idea what all these error comes form? We have a couple of hundreds of blogentries in the site and these error just start to pop up here and there, all work at it supposed to to about 95% of the time..   Really need help because me myself are totally clueless what the error can be

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How to see full navigation for Blogs in SharePoint?




   I want to customize the blogs ,  provided by  sharepoint .

  In the list of blogs I should be able to see the navigation

  as follows

  1)Blog Title and Date and Replies

  2) and navigation as Category of Post >Subcategory of Post > Title of Post

How to achieve this navigation  in sharepoint


Swati Jain



How to list existing blogs in a section the portal of blogs in sharepoint

I need to know how to list the existing blogs on my blog portal for users to access to read, in sharepoint 2007.

I need Books or blogs that can give me Experience in Software Development

Hello All , i'm fresh graduated student from Computer Science  and started my own business in Software Development  i want an advise from you about how to build robust systems  and if there is an important books or blogs for experienced programmers   that can give me Experience from Real Life Problems , how to manage your team and any other important things Thanks in advance :)  Kareem Naguib

VisualtTotals and group "others" drive me crazy!

Hi all, My problem can be modeled in ADVwork as follow: I’m trying to create a query that for each category member show the Top 2 Products members and member ‘other’ that sum the rest.   As far as I know Visualtotals is the function to be used but all my tests doesn’t works! Here below there is the code that for each category display ‘All’  value and Top 2 items.  I have to substitute ‘All’ value with ‘All Other’ (Visualtotals should do exactly this) Note: In my example Product and Category are dimension attributes not related in a hierarchy Again, in my various test with Visualtotals I found that if TopN is greater than the numbers of attribute members (es top 999) then  my ‘Other’ return ‘All’ instead of null! select {[Measures].[Sales Amount] } on columns, generate  (  [Product].[Category].[Category].members  ,  {topcount([Product].[Category].currentmember *[Product].[Product].members, 3, [Measures].[Order Count])   }  ) on rows from [Adventure Works]

How to post comments in blogs created on My Site sites

Hi all, I've been trying to comment in blogs created on My Site sites of other users in my SharePoint 2010 organization. But the only one allowed to comment a blog is the owner of the site. Does anyone knows how can I enable this option to other users? Thanks in advance for you help.

SSRS Blogs

Could you please post some of the interesting blogs for SSRS  that you have come across. Blogs contain useful Tips & Tricks to design and develop the reports efficiently and interactively 

TextMode="Password" makes my textboxes go crazy...

Hi!I'm making a simple form to insert new users to my app, and this form has several textboxes for name, email, username, password, etc.No problem here, everything looks and works fine, until i set the password textbox property TextMode="Password". When i do this, every time i run the page the username and password textboxes get yellow and they have the logged on user's username and password :-/Even if i remove the username textbox from the form it will fill another textbox with the same thing :(Can anyone tell me whats wrong?

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Microsoft SQL Server Team Blogs List:

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VS2010 driving me crazy


Here is the thing: my old Windows XP development with VS2010 machine broke. I then decided to use Windows 7 (64-bit) in combination with VS2010.

Issue 1:

The project did not build. I completely recreated the project (took me 4 hours to find out, then another 4 hours to recreate the file with all the references), but then it builds again.

Issue 2:

The first time we completely build the solution, it all works fine. However, on the next change, we get a "Could not load assembly" issue. When we view the information of the assembly via .NET reflector, we see that the app version is:

"MyApp, Version=3.2.3924.24037, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=1aaf4ff5851673aa"

But, binding errors shows us that it is trying to load:

"MyApp, Version=3.2.3924.24036, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=1aaf4ff5851673aa"

Notice the difference in version (ends with 37, but requests 36).

What are we doing wrong, and how can we fix this ASAP? We already lost 2 valuable days troubleshooting these issues.

Geert van Horrik - CatenaLogic
Visit my blog: http://blog.catenalogic.com

Looking for a way

Unable to access files on web server, going crazy!


I have a computer running visual web developer express 2008 that does not access most files on my web server. The file tree is there but when I try to open a file "unable to get file ----- from the web server" appears. I have uninstalled, cleaned, searched for answers but am not able to fix the issue. This happened 4 days ago. Other computers running same software can access the files. Linux RH-Ent web server (if it matters) Any help appreciated.

MySite blogs rollup



We have lots of personal blogs created under MySite. We would like to aggregate those on the first page of our intranet (different site collection). I've looked into the content rollup webpart but it doesn't seem to be able to do cross site collection queries.

Does anyone have a good alternative for this? We basically want to view the last 20 blog posts from all our employees in a list on the first page. We wouldd have a separate view with the latest comments for all blogs.


Regex drives me crazy :(


I can't figure out how to solve this with RegEx. I need to replace Swedish chars and replace them. How can I do this? An exemple this "För mÃ¥r man bra" should turn in to this "for mar man bra". I need to replace ö with o, Ö with O yo understand. I could do it with string.replace() but I need to run the string six times and I dont think it's necessary to do that.

Then I need to write this string[] words = Regex.Split(searchString, "[^a-zA-Z0-9]+") so I can use Swedish letters(Ã¥, ä and ö). How can I do that?

Blogs Forms LockDown anonymous access



I plan to use the Blog Site template to publish blog postings.  The problem that I am having is that when I do a forms lockdown anonymous users are no longer able to filter by categories, they get prompted, is this is a known issue and are there any workarounds to this?




Xpath query to find an Node who's attribute contains a forward slash - Going crazy


If  I have a .XML file that contains the following example:

<Socks Style ="Business/Business Casual/Casual"


When I try to use the Xpath expression below to find the element above by searching for the value contained in the Style Attribute, the expression returns null:

//Socks [@Style='Business/Business Casual/Casual'] 

I downloaded xPath virtualizer and I noticed that the expression above is adding the namespace alias when it finds the embedded forward slash contained in the value of the Style Attribute (which is of course not what I want to happen).  This is driving me up a tree!!  Isn't there a way to escape the forward slash?  I know it is the slash that is the problem because for testing purposes I substituted dashes (-) in one of the nodes' Style Attribute values and then changed the xpath expression to match and it returned the exact node.

My goal is to do some replacements on all elements with the Style attribute based on each contents but I can't even try that because of this roadblock.

Please help anyone



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