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Cannot crawl Exchange 2007 SP2 Public Folder

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 16, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint
I am trying to crawl Exchange Public Folders within the free version of Sharepoint 2010 (Search Server). I have followed the instructions within the tech document http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee806927.aspx and teh account which is being used is a domain administrator with a Mailbox and full access to the Public Folders. When ever a undertake a crawl it runs for a minute and then produces the following error: Error while crawling LOB contents. ( In order to access a public folder, the effective caller must have a mailbox. ) Is there anyway I can further diagnose this issue as I have tried different domain accounts into the crawl rule but with no effect. Many thanks in advance.

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Error when crawling Exchange 2003 public folder


Hi all,

When crawling Exchange 2003 public folder, I get the following message in the crawl logs:

url : https://myserver/public/xxx
A component required for crawling this type of content is not registered with this application server. View the event logs for more information.

The configuration of our production environment is:

  • SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise Version with december 2010 cumulative update
  • 2 front end + 2 app server

I tried to distribute the crawl component to different servers of the farm : same problem.

We have an integration server (a all in one configuration) and we success in crawling the public folder. The configuration of the content source and the crawl rules are exactly the same with production.

Thank you in advance for your help,


Pierre Vivier-Merle - MVP SharePoint Server - http://blogs.developpeur.org/pierre

When try to open a folder in a moss 2007 document library in Explorer View, the folder does not open


When try to open a folder in a moss 2007 document library in Explorer View, the folder does not open.

I am using IE7 and the path of the folder does not contains more than 100 characters.

Also it opening on few on the machines which has IE7.


Moss 2007 integration with Exchange Server.

Hi All , I am planning to Use exchange server for sending and receiving emails via Sharepoint. can you guys provide me with links or material that can guide me as how i can achieve it Cheers, Friend.

Cannot crawl sharepoint site and mysite after database attach upgrade form sharepoint 2007 to 2010.

After database attach upgrade site and mysite from sharepoint 2007 to 2010 , I have full crawl and get "The crawler could not communicate with the server. Check that the server is available and that the firewall access is configured correctly. If the repository was temporarily unavailable, an incremental crawl will fix this error. ( Error from SharePoint site: HttpStatusCode ServiceUnavailable The request failed with HTTP status 503: Service Unavailable. )" for mysite and get "Access is denied. Verify that either the Default Content Access Account has access to this repository, or add a crawl rule to crawl this repository. If the repository being crawled is a SharePoint repository, verify that the account you are using has "Full Read" permissions on the SharePoint Web Application being crawled." for sharepoint site. The content access account for search is "db_owner" of both of site and mysite. How do I solved this problem ?

Exchange Server 2007 SP1 mailbox migration into 2010

Hi Everyone, I’ve got all in one Exchange Server 2007 SP1 RU3 that got all in one role installed (HT-CAS-MBx) in Windows Server 2003 Standard R2 SP which is also running as domain controller with all FSMO role. I’m planning to migrate the Exchange Server 2007 server role into the Exchange Server 2010 Standard that I have prepared in my Virtual Machine of Windows Server 2008 R2, what is the safest migration path to make the email flow working end to end parallel (staging migration process). [B](please also not that this Exchange Server 2007 SP1 got so many problem like – OOF email error in Outlook 2007, meeting scheduler stopped working, etc… therefore updating it into SP3 is not the way here and I've backed up the mailbox using Backup Exec 2010 in case i can just restore the backed up mailbox into the new server 2010 if possible)[/B] My this is what I’m about to do: 1. Transfer all FSMO role into another domain controllers 2. Install and configure similar role in the new VM (Exchange Server 2010 Std.) 3. Confused… Things to do after all mailbox migration: 1. Cutover the MX record into the new server name 2. Install updated UCC- SSL certificate into the exchange server 2007 Any kind of help and suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, AWT /* Infrastructure Support Engineer */

Copy sharepoint 2007 folder (with sub folders) with all the security permissions

I am looking to copy a common sharepoint folder(sub folders) in 2007 with all the security permissions intact, to a different location in the same site, Does anyone know how to do this?

Copy sharepoint 2007 folder (with sub folders) with all the security permissions

I am looking to copy a common sharepoint folder(sub folders) in 2007 with all the security permissions intact, to a different location in the same site, Does anyone know how to do this?

Sharepoint 2010 & Exchange Public folders?

HI All, We are planning to move our Public folders to SharePoint 2010. But Before I would do that. I would like to know: 1. Can we receive emails with attachments in Sharepoint 2010? If yes, how the attachments are stored? Inside the email or separate? 2. How the mail enabled library and lists are different from Mail enabled public folders and Distribution list? 3. What is the format of the mail, .msg or .eml when saved in SharePoint? 4. How do we view content of the sharePoint public folder site inside outlook client? 5. What are features of Public Folders that I can't accomplish using SharePoint 2010?     Your help would be highly appreciated...      

Enumerate contacts in a public folder using LDAP....

Hi,Within my Outlook (under Folder List) I have the following public folder:Public Folders ---> All Public Folders ---> Corporate ContactsThe "Corporate Contacts" folder holds a number of Contact objects.Using LDAP I'm trying to locate this public folder ("Corporate Contacts") and enumerate through the contacts in order to produce a client list.I'm using DirectorySearcher.Filter = "(&(objectClass=publicfolder))" to pull out the list of public folders but all I get is:CN=DefaultCN=exchangeV1CN=globaleventsCN=internalCN=microsoftCN=OAB Version 2CN=OAB Version 3aCN=Offline Address Book - \/o\=Company Ltd\/cn\=addrlists\/cn\=oabs\/cCN=Offline Address Book - First Administrative GroupCN=OWAScratchPad{4F2AEF03-46EB-4086-AB7A-CE8FD05FBD14}CN=StoreEvents{4F2AEF03-46EB-4086-AB7A-CE8FD05FBD14}CN=Schedule\+ Free Busy Information - First Administrative GroupCN=schema-rootWhatever I try I cannot seem to find the "Corporate Contacts" public folder.Can someone offer any pointers or assistance on this as its beginning to drive me crazy! Many thanks in advance.

Sending task request (MS Exchange 2007)


My task is to encode the script which will send Task Request using MS Exchange Server 2007. I tried to use EWS but here http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa564764%28EXCHG.80%29.aspx is said,  “You cannot use Exchange Web Services to send task requests.

My question: Is there any possible way to send task request using MS Exchange Server 2007?

save reports in Private and Public folder using Report Builder 2.0




I have a report builder built on RB2.0. Users are able to create their reports and browse them.

Now, Users wants these reports to be saved in their Private folder and public folder.


Also, I have a UI developed in .Net 3.5 from where I am calling this report builder.  In the UI, I need to show the users those reports that they have created in a drop down list. And when the user clicks on any report (that they created should) open.


I have searched a lot but not getting any clue how to allow the business user to save a report

Mail Enable Sharepoint 3.0 with Exchange 2007 on same server.


Windows 2008 SBS with 2007 and Sharepoint 3.0.  I can create the email contact and it works fine but when I attempt to send the email with the attached document I get the following error and the email never makes it to the document library.

#554 5.4.4 SMTPSEND.DNS.MxLoopback; DNS records for this domain are configured in a loop ##

Can I get the STEP by STEP procedures to mail enable a Document Library on Sharepoint 3.0 with EXCHANGE 2007 on the same server or is there a simple fix that I can do to get this resolved.


PLEASE advise ASAP. I have been working on this issue off and one for weeks and the client really wants this for their timesheets.

Thanks in advance!

Mike Pratt

Installing/Configuring Exchange 2010 to Accomodate Sharepoint 2007

My company is in the process of installing Microsoft Exchange Server 2010.  I am interested in ideas of how best to configure Exchange 2010 so that SharePoint 2007 is in position to take optimal advantage of the features offered by Exchange 2010.  Any feedback on this would be helpful.  Thanks.

Exchange 2003 Inbox and Calendar webparts for MOSS 2007


I've created one Inbox and one Calendar wepbart as descibed here:


using  OWAInboxPart and OWACalendarPart (code below).

When deploying them and placing them on the same page, only one of them will show anything. It looks like the last added webpart works, while the other won't.
If any one of them is placed alone on a page, they work as expected.

Does anyone know how to make them work togheter on the same page?

Thank you for your time!

Best regards,
Hans Erik Storeide

Inbox wp:

using System;
using System.Runtime.InteropServices;
using System.Web.UI;
using System.Web.UI.WebControls.WebParts;
using System.Xml.Serialization;

using Microsoft.SharePoint;
using Microsoft.SharePoint.WebControls;
using Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal.WebControls;
using Microsoft.SharePoint.WebPartPages;

namespace Inbox
    public class fmno_Inbox : System.Web.UI.WebControls.WebParts.WebPart

Sharepoint 2010 with exchange server 2007



This question was problably asked already, but as we currently upgrading to SP 2010

Would like to know with SP 2010 if there would be any issues using it with exchange 2007?, or doesnt it matter which version of exchange server it users?

Thanks in advance

Crawl Lotus notes URL in MOSS 2007.


I am creating a content source with scope as 'Website' and address as http://Lotusnotesserver/folder/database.nsf

But I am getting warnings in the crawl logs saying:
"The specified address was excluded from the index. The crawl rules may have to be modified to include this address."

I have created crawl rules for the same. But, still getting same warnings.

[MOSS 2007]Problem on crawl and index


Hi all,


I'm here because I need some help on MOSS 2007 search and I don't find anything to solve my problems.

I have some problems when I try to crawl my sites collections.

On the server (MOSS 2007, Windows Server 2008 64 bits, SQL Server 2008 32 bits), I create many Web App fot my sites collections.

Each Web App has her own content data base.

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