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Add New Document in DataView Webpart

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 16, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint
I am adding a dataview webpart for a document library "Shared document". Inside that library i am having two folders. So I am adding two dataview webpart in my home page and giving filter criteria so that one webpart will display content of folder1 and second webpart will contain content of folder 2. Now the problem is when I am adding "Add New Document" link it should open the upload.aspx of mainsite>Shared Document>folder1 but it is opening mainsite>Shared document I tried to use this code to get root folder but when i am using this I am getting rootfolder as blank in the url <a href="../_layouts/Upload.aspx?List={ddwrt:ListProperty('Name')}&amp;RootFolder={ddwrt:GetVar('RootFolder')}>Add New Document</a> Any Help???

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Dataview Webpart - display document type icon with status

Hello, I recently came across an excellent post by Marc Anderson on how to surface the document icon within a DVWP. http://sympmarc.com/2008/09/10/displaying-the-document-type-icon-in-a-dvwp-in-sharepoint/ What I wanted to know is has anyone any knowledge of how to extend this so that the icon will reflect if a document is checked out? Thank you for your comments and thoughts. Sincerely, Tim

xslt in dataview webpart

Hi, Can anybody tell me plz , the difference between <xsl:param  ........./>,<xsl:with-param  ........./>,<xsl:variable........./>? I feel both param and variable are same   Thanks

DataView WebPart with lookup and person field

Hi I want to insert a dataview webpart, using REST, referring to a list with look-up fields and people fields. The results I receive are the ID's instead of the values. How can I get back the corresponding values? TIA Sjokke

How can I change the height of the rows in a document library webpart view to minimize the space bet

In SP2010 documents listed in a document library view (attached as webpart) are quite far from each other (height of each row is too big). How can I change the height that spaces between the documents are limited to a minimum, hence more documents are visible on my screen. (e.g. if I have many documents in my document library and add a webpart to my page that should show all documents, I would see more documents if the height of the row would be smaller (e.g. 16px) and spaces minimized. Moreover how can I make a smaller height for each row the default height?

Listing documents in Folders and subfolders in a Dataview of Document Library

My dataview is pointed to a Document Library. I noitced files in folders and subfolders don't list - only the folders themselves.  Is there any way to list files in a particular folder or all files in all folders? What I'm trying to do is tie a folder to entries in a custom list. I'd like a folder for every ID in that custom list. When I open the Dispform for the ID, I'd like a dataview or some other webpart to dynamically to show related files (all which would ofcourse just be in their respective folder). I'm thinking it's just a matter of passing the ID querystring to a condition in the Dataview or Webpart. It would also have to be a folder as I need to allow same file names to be uploaded.   Thanks.  

Changing font size for all text in DataView webpart?

I'm in SharePoint designer. Would you know what class I need to change the font tag on to impact the size of font for the entire dataview? I've tried the DataFormwebpart, the webzone, the table. No luck. And when I change the ms-vh or ms-vb it only changes it it on the tr or td selected. I'm also not seeing an option inside the webpart properties. <table border="0" width="100%" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0" style="font-size: large"> Thanks.  

Can SharePoint 2010 Tag Cloud webPart show managed keywords tags only from Document Library

Can SharePoint 2010 Tag Cloud webPart show managed keywords tags only from a specified Document Library ? Also can i add multiple document libraries tagged for a single tag cloud webpart?

SP 2007 (WSS 3.0) Export of WebPart DataView on list fails


We have created a DataView WebPart on a list in Sharepoint 2007 using SharePoint Designer with the Sharepoint List Toolbar (so we have the Actions button, including Export to Spreadsheet).  When we try to Export to a Spreadsheet (Excel 2003) it fails.  We've tried a couple of different scenarios, we get a different error for each.

If we just create the DataView onto a new aspx page then open the page in IE and try to export the data we get an error box that states and unexpected error has occurred and the data could not be saved.  No spreadsheet is created.

If we create a public view page in Sharepoint then open the resulting .aspx in Sharepoint Designer, remove the automagically created view and replace with a DataView Webpart, then save and reopen the page in IE, attempting the export results in a spreadsheet being created but only the ID numbers exported.  We then get a message box saying that some hidden or read only fields need data but do not have a default value.

As the original list is quite complex and has a variety of different data types we created a much simpler list on a separate subsite and repeated these scenarios, with exactly the same outcomes.

We are using Sharepoint 2007 (WSS 3.0) via Internet Explorer 6.0 on Windows XP SP2 to export the data into Excel 2003 SP3.  This has been replicated on three dif

Webpart - link to a document


how can I open a document from a document library from a webpart (c#).

I know the name of the document, but I cant figure out how to open it....



How to display/calculate total of a custom column in dataview webpart's grouping header



I've created a dataview from a MOSS2007 form library. In the dataview, I've enabled grouping by a specific column and also was able to show the total (sum) of couple of columns like this, in the group heading:

<xsl:value-of select=”sum($nodeset/@Total_x0020_Cost)” />

So far, it's working fine. I've added couple more columns to this dataview. There's a piece of javascript code that is executed for each row. These 2 columns gets their value from this javascript. Now, is there anyway, I can get the total/sum of these columns in the group heading.

Have you done something like this? Please advise.




dataview webpart dropdown


Hi ,In dataview webpart  i have to use the dropdown layout,and i need 3 dropdown on the same page,i have to bind the data from the list to dropdown,when i click the first dropdown related details should be displayed on the second dropdown,when i click the second dropdown related details should be displayed on the third webpart.

I have tried on other layouts, its working,but this layout doesnt working,No postback occurs when i click on the dropdown value.

can anyone give solution for this

Thanks in advance

Arivazhagan G.

Connnetion between dataview webpart to chart webpart.


Hi,i have done connection between dataview webpart using qureystring to pass the value to the same page.

Now i have to connect the dataview webpart to chart webpart.

Can anyone give solution for this.



Arivazhagan G.

How to enable a User to select n-Document from a custom WebPart



i am developing a WebPart which have several Input Fields (Textboxes) and after he fills the Input Fields he need to select n-Documents from a specified Document Library.

But i dont know how to do that. How would you do that? Which ways are here possible?

Best regards,
Yavuz B.

My Sharepoint and Enterprise 2.0 Blog http://www.starcoder.net
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How to pass the parameter from dataview dropdown webpart to chart webpart



    I have dataview dropdown webpart and the chart webpart in my page. I have to filter the values of the chart webpart depending on the value selected in the dropdown. I have done this using webpart connection it works well. But in the case of dropdown it's not possible ,So how can i pass the parameter to the chart webpart from the dropdown.

can anyone give solution for this.


Thanks in advance


Dataview dropdown webpart to chart webpart



      I have one dataview dropdown webpart and one chart webpart.I have to the show the chart report related with the value selected in the dropdown box.Normally we can achieve this with webpart connection,but with dropdown it's not possible.But passing qureystring to the chart wepart is possible.

So how can we pass the querystring to chart webpart.this is my problem.

can anyone give solution for this.





Connecting to an External Content Type with Dataview Webpart


Has anyone else seen that since the release of RTM you can no longer connect an External Content Type with the Dataview webpart through SharePoint Designer?  When you select a ECT, you can display it as a XsltListView Webpart, which works - but provides way too much overhead code if you want to do extensive customization.

so the process I went through in Beta2 was to select an 'Empty DataView' then attach the ECT as the datasource.  They now does not show up as a datasource option.  I even tried doing some manual hacking and it just crashed my designer :)

Anyone know if this functionality was purposing taken out.  Right now I am having to do a SQLDataSource vs. BCS to do the customization I need.



picture library convert dataview webpart problem?



I have picture library,I need to customize the same,for that i need to convert picture library to dataview webpart.

There is no option to convert the picture library listview webpart directly to dataview.

what i did i have added the my picture library in webpart zone then after i was trying to convert to dataview webpart.but it giving error like below:

this web part does not have valid XSLT stylesheet;

Error:A name was started with an invalid character, /_layouts/images/

please help me on same

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