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Posted By:      Posted Date: September 16, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net
Hello,            i have XML file with some questions and multiple choice answers  using dataset  move  <PREV    NEXT> but problem  is there some answer select you should be go to  directly  x number of question...that means not 1,2,3,4,5,....suppose Q 1.what is your name?                 a.Sachin                  b.Ram    if b selected  go to question no 7                 c.Raj    if option c selected go to question no 3in above case option a is selected then go to next question that means Q2.my XML format:<quiz>  <mchoice>    <question>what is your name?</question>    <answer> a.Sachin</answer>    <answer>b.Ram    if b selected  go to question no 7</answer>    <answer>c.Raj    if option c selected go to question no 3</answer>  </mchoice></quiz>if any releated application or any idea please reply quick

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online quiz


Good day....

i am so desperate on how to create my online quiz project, though it sounds disgusting but i really am feeling that rigth now...

I terribly need your help in this....

i really dont know where to start....

My professor is requiring me to create it using asp.net with database and must be posted in a certain .website.....

i tried to use free host sites but they dont have an application where you can add your online quiz!!!!!!! meaning i need to make my own website which i couldn't because im runnig out of time....

maybe you can give me references about this.....

Please somebody help me!!!!!!

Thank you so much!!!!!

Quiz with multiple choice using c#


 Dear all,


My task is online quiz with multiple choice questions and with following constraints

- 20 Random selection of questions every time when user log in

- 30 mins duration.

Front End - asp.net with C#

Backend - sql server 2005



Thanx in advance




Design of a quiz application for schools



I have developed a wpf desktop quiz app. At the moment it has no sort of admin or student log-in system set up. I would like it to be used in schools. Pupils records would need to be on a server and accessed on log-in. I need to know how to I go about building such a system and what technology I should be looking at. In such a system would my software be installed on each pupil's computer with database access on the server coming via WCF? Or Should do I need to re-design?



Quiz page in .net



I need to write a .net c# page that will show assessments to my users.
I have a list of classes representing my quiz page, start and end message, a list of questions (each one containing a list of answers) and so on... the question types may be multiple answers, multiple choice, fill in the blank etc.
Which is the best way to organize the aspx page?
I may write the page as I used to do in classic asp, mixing the .net code and the html output, but I think this is a bad idea...
Is it possible to create a "template" element for each type of question, each type of message (question feedback, quiz start message, quiz end message etc.) and each othere "element" I may need, "duplicate" this elements populating the required data (text, css etc.) and make them "visible" in the page, working on the code-behind?

Thank you,

Making a Quiz game which could be played with remote.


Hi everyone,

I dont know is this a correct forum or not.


I am a newbie in .net applications which could be handled by remotes or any other external devices which are connected to Computer, 

I need to make a quiz game which could be answered by remotes , and it is in .net .

Please help me out, please give me a reference link from where i could find a starting tutorial for the same.

Please help me out ,it's my college project.

Thanks and Regards,

Krunal Panchal

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