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Reply by email to thread in discussion forum?

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 14, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint
1. Will Sharepoint 2010 allows user to reply a discussion thread from the email alert? 2. How should I install social networking features on sharepoint 2010? 3. When "Version" is turned on, system is always asking to login in back. Can we bypass the login in all browsers i.e. Firefox, Chrome, Safari etc. ? 4.Mac users has little issues in check-in/check-out functionality in SP 2007, Is SP 2010 doing same thing?     Thanks in Advance!!

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Disable reply in email

Hi all, I am using smtp to send email messages through our asp.net aplication. I want to stop user from replying the mail i had sent. I had seen this on some autogenerated mails where they does not show senders address and also we cannot reply to these address. How to achieve this in asp.net. Do anyone have any suggestions ?Thanks

Firexfox and SharePoint Forum - a reply shows html code

When users use Firefox to view SharePoint and are replying to a post of the forum\discussion board the reply box and view box already has the HTML code in. For instance the body field contains:- <div><br/><br/><hr/> <b>From: </b>Kevin Shilling<br/> <b>Posted: </b>03 August 2010 15:17<br/> <b>Subject: </b>CHRISTMAS IS COMING...<br/><br/> <div>Yes, I know it is only August but thinking ahead what do you think about hosting our annual Open Evening for local neighbours, suppliers and friends and family. Do you think it is a good idea or not? Let me have your thoughts before the end of September when planning usually starts.</div></div> Anyone come across this and found a fix? Regards Mike

MOSS 2007 Discussion Board reply error

Created a standard webpart Discussion Board and can add discussion items OK but when tried to reply to item got error 'The page cannot be displayed'. After several attempts eventually worked when the item description was only 4 characters or less. looking at the response URL it appears to be excessively long, some elements seem to be repeated in the URL string e.g. https://xx.xxxxxxx.com/theworks/OandR/TDMBE/Lists/Discussion%20Board/NewForm.aspx?RootFolder=%2ftheworks%2fOandR%2fTDMBE%2fLists%2fDiscussion%20Board%2fhave%20consultants%20got%20enough%20supplies&ContentTypeId=0x0107&DiscussionParentID=2&Source=https%3A%2F%2Fxx%2Exxxxxxx%2Ecom%2Ftheworks%2FOandR%2FTDMBE%2FLists%2FDiscussion%2520Board%2FFlat%2Easpx%3FRootFolder%3D%252ftheworks%252fOandR%252fTDMBE%252fLists%252fDiscussion%2520Board%252fhave%2520consultants%2520got%2520enough%2520supplies%26FolderCTID%3D0x01200200A1C51FB6047510439F93B774F153C4CB%26TopicsView%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Fxx%252Exxxxxxx%252Ecom%252Ftheworks%252FOandR%252FTDMBE%252FLists%252FDiscussion%252520Board%252FAllItems%252Easpx   Does this suggest that the URL length is the root of the issue. The users are using IE6 also. If i connect directly onto one of the front end web servers and try to do a reply then it works as expected and response URL is much shorter i.e.   http://servername/theworks/OandR/TDMBE/Lists/Discussion%20Boar

Add reply to discussion from workflow



Is it possible to add a reply to a discussion from a workflow somehow? It would be great if it's possible to solve somehow!

How to insert a button or link inside a discussion forum


When users are inside the discussion list they want a link or button to return to the home page. How do I insert this on the discussion page?

cindi bethel carmona

How to Create Discussion Forum


How to create discussion forum like forums.asp.net in asp.net 3.5? Is there any control available? should i create usercontrol? please suggest what is the best approach?

SPEmailEventReceiver event not adding email to discussion board

If I catch an "EmailReceived" event, even if the only code I execute is as follows:

Public Overrides Sub EmailReceived(ByVal list As
 Microsoft.SharePoint.SPList, ByVal emailMessage As Microsoft.SharePoint.Utilities.SPEmailMessage, ByVal receiverData As String)

    MyBase.EmailReceived(list, emailMessage, receiverData)
End Sub

The e-mail message never makes it to the discussion board itself.  If I unattach the event, everything works as expected.

Is there a way that I can ensure the message automatically makes it to the discussion board?  If not, how would I go about adding the e-mail to the board?

Thanks in advance,

Sharepoint Designer 2010 email reply to

I have created a workflow for a Sharepoint 2010 Doc Library and it sends emails correctly but I need to set the "reply to" email to a specific email address. Currently it comes from and comes back to portal@......com

Email Notification on Discussion Board


how is it possible to setup a Discussion Board in which the person that initially started the discussion is notified automatically when someone responds to his/her discussion?

The first issue here is, that I don't see an option to have an automatic Email notification setup for a user. I think SharePoint only provides a method to let users setup their Notifications. I need something, so that for the user which started the discussion the Email notification is setup automatically.

The second problem I have with Email notifications is, that if a user creates a notification rule that says notify me, as soon as someone else changes an item created by me, that by SharePoint responses are not recognized as "changes".

How can I solve these issues? Are there third-party tools that might provide a solution?

Download all attachments from SharePoint WIKI, Discussion Forum & Blogs



I have created one WIKI in SharePoint 2010 and uploaded some documents in the WIKI. Also i uploaded some images in the SharePOint 2010 Blog.

Now I want to download all the attachments to the each wiki as well as download the attachments for each blog.


Thanks, TusharG [There are only 10 types of people in the world: Those who understand binary, and those who don't]

Modifying discussion board 'Alert me" Email Body

Hi i would like to modify the email body of alert me. I just don't like the link to modify the alerts in the body. in the alerts XML there is a variable for the entire body ( <![CDATA[$Resources:Lerts-weeklysummary;]]> ). how do i modify the content of body to remove "You can change this alert or any of your other alerts on the My Alerts on this Site page."

email body format is shown below

Alert 'English Primary Discussion - Weekly Alert' has successfully been added on 'English - Primary'.

You will receive alerts in e-mail. The timing and criteria for the alerts depend on the settings entered when the alert was added.

You can change this alert or any of your other alerts on the My Alerts on this Site page.

Cannot set the email from address (reply-to) in SharePoint Designer workflow

I have created several workflows for custom lists. Among other actions, they send out emails. It appears however, that they all use the same from-address. I would like to supply each of these workflows with different reply-to addresses.

Can I do that? After a lot of searching it appears that the only way is to create separate Web Applications, since the reply-to address is set on Web Application level. But that would require several extra web applications in my case, which again need their own site collections and sites.

I really, really miss a "From" field in the SharePoint Designer workflow "Send e-mail" action.

Best regards, Jan.

How to count number of viewer of a thread in sharepoint discussion board.


HI All,

I am working on sharepoint discussion board, I want to calculate the total number of viewers of a thread.

Just like a thread in MSDN forum Replies & Views.

is there any column in sharepoint discussion board to get number of views.

please tell me the approach or share the C# code.



Discussion Board - different permission settings for Add Discussion and Reply


When I restrict users from adding discussions, they will automatically be restricted to reply. What if I want to restrict users from adding discussion but they can still reply. I don't know if this is customizable or needs coding already. Hope you can help me with this. Thanks!

Accessing Discussion Forum in other's profile


Can we set up someone (Person A) to access to see and make changes to other's (Person B) Discussion Forum in his profile? We don’t want Person A to have access to Person B's whole profile but just the discussion forum – although Person A could have access to the main landing page of Person B's profile, just not anything inside the various sections.

Thanks in advance


How to post to Discussion board in sharepoint from external email id?



How to post to Discussion board  in sharepoint from external email id?

I have done all necessary settings in central admin.



Email Alert is NOT working for this forum??

Does anyone else experience the same issue?
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