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Create thumbnail on video upload

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 14, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net
Hello,I am creating an upload control that will be used to upload videos.I am trying to get a thumbnail from any frame of the video being uploaded and save as thumbnail.does anyone have any idea where i can find some info on this.Thanks

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DirectShow: Core Media Technology in Windows XP Empowers You to Create Custom Audio/Video Processing


DirectShow is an API that enables Windows applications to control a wide variety of audio/video input devices including (but not limited to) DV camcorders, Web cams, DVD drives, and TV tuner cards. It provides out-of-the-box support for a variety of formats, from WAV and AVI to Windows Media. DirectShow is also extensible, enabling third parties to support their own specialized devices, formats, or processing components. This article introduces the basic concepts behind DirectShow and gives a step-by-step tutorial showing how to create your own video effect filter.

Michael Blome and Mike Wasson

MSDN Magazine July 2002

file upload in Create User Wizard Created User event with UpdatePanel Tag wont work?



In my Create User Wizard1 Created User Wizard Event, I am collecting extra information from text boxes and allowing

the user to uplad a file.



I have put the Submit button within an Update Panel Tag but since I have done this it does not work.

Is there a way round it. In this situation would you use a trigger.?


<br />

  <asp:UpdatePanel ID="UpdatePanel2" runat="server">

  <asp:Button ID="StepNextButton" runat="server"  CommandName="MoveNext"  align="middle"
                                            Text="Submit my Profile" />

Video Upload and Player

Hi Everyone, Still kind of new to MVC, for that matter I've jumped from Classic ASP straight to MVC and missed web forms altogether. I did do some ASP.NET integration into my applications in the form of image upload. So that the image was manipulated size wise so the client didn't have to use Photoshop to get the images the right size. Now I have a client who wants to be able to upload images and video to his site, can anyone point me to an MVC tutorial where I can work out how to do this correctly? I guess I need to build a miniature YouTube kind of application for him. Cheers, Mike.

Create a Shell Extension Handler thumbnail extractor with .net?

Hi,My application creates nice graphics see http://www.mavericksplan.com/mavericks and it saves a custom document type.I'd like to show the contet of the document in Explorer when the user switch to Thumbnail view.To implement this feature I understand I need to create a Shell Extension Handler Thumbnail Extractor that extract the image from my file type to feed Explorer thumbnail vew, which is not easy at all for me.I look on the web and I found 1 C++ example and none in C#.Does anybody have a sample code to create a Shell Extension Handler thumbnail extractor with .net in C#?Thank youAndrea

Restricting user permission to upload doc but not create new folder


Hi all,

was wondering if it's possible to allow a user to upload documents but not be able to create a new folder...

Any help is greatly appreciated.


how to upload video in sql2005 and how to retrieve it and play in windows media player



i am developing web portal, which suppose to upload video in sql2005 and should be able to retrieve that video on request

and play in aspx page with windows media player.


Upload with strongly-typed view - Create Method



How to can upload a file to database with strongly typed view - create method?

Picture is a binary db column

<%: Html.TextBoxFor(Function(model) model.Resim)%>


 How i can translate "TextBoxFor" to "UploadFileFor"?

REST WCF service. Unable to create Upload method for binary


I want to create a REST WCF service that can receive an image (binary).

Following this and this article I still cannot get it working. Only difference is I use IIS as host for my service, which means it runs in Cassini webserver.

I have this ServiceContract:

    public interface IImages

        [WebInvoke(UriTemplate = "UploadFile/{fileName}")]
        void UploadFile(string fileName, System.IO.Stream fileContents);


I then also have this class:

How do I create an Upload.aspx link on the front page of my document library without the subsequent


I need to create an Upload.aspx link on the front page of my document library, rather than rely on the + Add Document link at the bottom of the list.

When I copy the URL of the Add Document link to my page or as a quick link it uploads the file, brings up the metadata form, but then asks the user to save the file on save.

Clicking on the + Add Document link does a clean upload without the reuest to save the file?

The link I create has the format "_Layouts/Upload.aspx?List={ABC123}&RootFolder=tFolder="

Is there some parameter to Upload.aspx? that I need to add?

Ftp "Create Directory" and "Upload File"

Hi Experts,

This is a time critical issue so I will really appreciate  prompt responses.

I am writing a C# client that creates multiple directories and upload multiple files to ftp location. The code works fine when I create one directory or upload one file. The problem is that I want the code, while creating the multiple Directories, to WAIT until one directory is created and only then start creating the second Folder.

Also is there a code to check if an ftp Directory (in the form "ftphost/level1/level2") exists before creating it.

Here is my code
FtpWebRequest ftpReq = WebRequest.Create(uri) as FtpWebRequest;
ftpReq.Method = WebRequestMethods.Ftp.MakeDirectory;
ftpReq.Credentials = new NetworkCredential(vUserName, vUserPassword);

FtpWebResponse ftpResp = ftpReq.GetResponse() as FtpWebResponse;
Console.WriteLine("Code:" + ftpResp.StatusCode.ToString());
Console.WriteLine("Desc:" + ftpResp.StatusDescription.ToString());



Create an "Upload a Document" button web part in other document libaries


I am trying to create an "Upload a Document" button in a SharePoint document library using the code from the Document Center landing page in order to display the upload form. 

I have added a content editor web part in a different document library and edited the path to the document library but I find the button action does not work. 

<div class="ms-uploadbtnlink"><button onclick="javascript:OpenNewFormUrl(&#39;Documents /Forms/upload.aspx&#39;);return false;" type="submit"><nobr><img alt="Upload a Document" src="/_layouts/Images/uploaddoc.png"/>&#160;<span>Upload a Document</span></nobr></button> </div>

Is there something I am missing, is this not as simple as it seems?

how to create a slideshow with thumbnail?!!



I need to know how to create a slideshow with thumbnailCry

so that the user can click on the thumbnail (which is on the left of the slideshow or on the right!!) and it will be appear on the slideshow

here I have an example of the slideshow (but not asp.net.. just example):


thnx all :)

how to upload / post a movie video in html ?


I am setting up a webpage using html editor (TinyMCE) - I don't have access to the actual code.

So I cam only configure / setup the layout of the page using this html editor which is linked with the webpage.

I want to post / upload a video on this webpage. I know I can do it using youtube but i don't want to use youtube.

I want to upload a movie file that will sit on the server and can stream it on thr webpage.

I have already uploaded the movie file on the server now how I can display / stream / play it on the webpage using HTML coding ?

Please guide me...

Video: Create Silverlight Applications to Access SharePoint 2010 Data

Learn to create a Silverlight application that displays SharePoint 2010 lists inside DataGrid controls.

Video: Use SharePoint Designer 2010 to Create XSLT List View Web Parts

Learn to use SharePoint Designer 2010 to create a XSLT List View Web Part.

Video: Create Silverlight Graphs with SharePoint 2010 Data by Using LINQ

Learn to create a Microsoft Silverlight application that retrieves SharePoint 2010 list data by using LINQ and then displays that data in graphs.

How to make document libraries read-only. How to block users to not able to upload or create new doc



We are planning to perform a backward migration from MOSS 2007 to WSS3.0 on one of our sharepoint farms. For this migration we like to disable the users to modify the existing doc-libraries or invidual documents. We also want to restrict the users from creating new document-libraries or upload new documents onto sharepoint sites.

Can somebody tell if there is a way to accomplish this either by using GUI or SharePoint API ?

Thanks ahead.

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