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improve performance

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 14, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net
i have a problem about how to improve the performance because when i retrieve around 5 thouands record to datatable and bind to datagird, the speed is slow. but when i execute the sql in the sybase. the execute time is fast(reasonable) what is the probelm? how to improve the perforamce. 

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How to improve the performance of ASP.NET MVC web applications

It is an in depth analysis of a Digg-like site and how it went from serving (on a test machine) 6 req/sec to 390 req/sec.

The biggest gain, 74 req/sec to 390 req/sec happened when he introduced data caching and another 25 req/sec where gained when he introduced the compilation of LINQ queries.

Tips to Improve Your ASP.NET Web site performance

ASP.NET has been developed with lots of features which makes developer life easy. Start from ViewState, PostBack, Server Controls , User Controls and etc. All of them can make your web development experience fun and easy, but improper use of them can cause your site performance slowdown. Most of the controls generate overhead to the client and server. Therefore in this article, I I will list out about things you can do and don't to improve your ASP.NET website performance.

Best Coding Techniques To Improve Performance for SharePoint Applications

As more developers write custom code by using the SharePoint Object Model, they encounter common issues that can affect application performance.

The following areas reflect the main issues encountered by developers as they write custom code by using the SharePoint object model:

§ Disposing of SharePoint objects

§ Caching data and objects

§ Writing code that is scalable

Event Tracing: Improve Debugging And Performance Tuning With ETW


Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) provides general-purpose, high-speed tracing of events raised by both user-mode applications and kernel-mode device drivers. Learn how ETW can improve your development and debugging work.

Dr. Insung Park and Ricky Buch

MSDN Magazine April 2007

IIS 6.0: New Features Improve Your Web Server's Performance, Reliability, and Scalability


As the Web evolves, so does the role that Internet servers play. The Internet has seen the growth of e-commerce, B2B business, collaboration, streaming and other new media, and these new applications require new features to meet increasingly complex needs. Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) has many of the features today's mature Web sites need. This article outlines the features in the upcoming version 6.0 and discusses how they promote better scalability, reliability, and performance. Features such as Remote administration, caching, and metabase improvements, as well as custom isolation and security enhancements, make IIS 6.0 the Web server of the future.

George Shepherd

MSDN Magazine March 2002

Tip #107 Did you know . How to improve debugging performance for MVC2 application in Visual Studio 2

VS2010 Ultimate included IntelliTrace functionality by default.  IntelliTrace captures events (e.g. exceptions), and can affect performance of debugging. The typical performance hit is about 5% in the default mode (collection can be increased to...(read more)

How can I improve the performance of batch inserts with the JDBC driver?

In our testing, batch inserts are more than 4 times faster on Oracle with the Oracle JDBC driver than on SQL Server with either the Microsoft or jTDS JDBC drivers on the same hardware.  The issue appears to be with the JDBC driver, not the database server.  We have run tests with SQL Server 2005/2008 on a number of machines with similar results. The following code shows a simplified example of the code we are executing.  It uses a 2 column table which has an index on the id column.  In the test program we are inserting 100k rows with a batch size of 10k.  Any suggestions on improving the performance with the SQL Server JDBC driver?   private void testBatchInserts(Connection conn, int rows, int batchSize) throws SQLException {     String sql = "INSERT INTO Bench (id, name) VALUES (?, ?)";     conn.setAutoCommit(false);     PreparedStatement stmt = conn.prepareStatement(sql);     int batchCount = 0;     // For each row...     for (int i = 1; i <= rows; i++) {       // Create the record       stmt.setInt(1, i);       stmt.setString(2, "ROW #" + i);       // Add it to the batch       stmt.addBatch(); &nb

How to improve performance

I have developed an application with two pages 'AddClient' and 'EditClient' and deployed it. It works fine but on the 'EditCient' page it takes about 8-9 seconds to populate clients information after a client has been selected from the DropDownList. I have around 40 controls, 5 update panels and a BingMap on this page. On Page Load I'm populating 8 DropDownLists from dataset and each DropDownLists has about 150 items. Clients DropDownList has about 6000 items. How can I improve the performance? Any help/ suggestions would be greatly appreciated..  

improve performance of gird on page index change


i am using data gridview asp.net  control and i bind it dynamically, gird displayed 80,000 thousands records so i am using paging techniques,on each page gird display 10 record so when i am change page each time gird should filled 80.000 thousands records so how could i bind gird from pageIndex,pageSize rather than bind it whole records

my code is below

BAL,DAL techniques so Method for data gird binding is following

private void FillGrdTendersDeptWise()
        tender objTdr = new tender();
            DataTable dt = new DataTable();
            dt = objTdr.GetAllTenderDeptWise();

            grdTender.DataSource = dt;

        catch { }

page index change

How to improve performance on an instance with large I/O activity?


I have a mirrored instance that throws up 'unsent log' and 'unrecovered log' errors. Everytime it does the I/O activity shoots up. I was wondering what can be done to improve this?

Extra memory? More processing power?

What if I spread the filegroups across different disks? Would this help?

How to improve performance on an instance with large I/O activity?


I have a mirrored instance that throws up 'unsent log' and 'unrecovered log' errors. Everytime it does the I/O activity shoots up. I was wondering what can be done to improve this?

Extra memory? More processing power?

What if I spread the filegroups across different disks? Would this help?

Does anybody know anything about converting search criteria to Binary to improve performance?

Does anybody know anything about converting search criteria to Binary to improve performance?
Mr Shaw

How to improve the performance of multiple selection field in Infopath 2010 ?


Hi Infopath experts

I am developing an infopath form that has 4 big multiple selection fields (each field has more than 50 choices). Each time the users select a choice from the muiti-selection field, the form takes a lot of time to response. This only happened with IEs (I am using IE8 now). When I tried it with other browsers (firefox, chrome, safari), the performance increased drastically.

I have seen other people saying that IE has issues with Infopath and IE9 might solve the issues. However, our company won't upgrade to IE9 anytime soon. If anyone has workarounds for this issue, please help me with it

Thank you,



What are the options to improve performance of DD site?


Hello All,

What possible options or to-do-list are out there to improve performance of DD site?

I recently notice that clicking the "Edit" button in the edit enabled List screen takes some time till editable fields are displayed within "UpdatePanel".

The screen has a TabContainer with two TabPanels and I am wondering whether there is any best practice in terms of structuring a screen for better performance.

Best regards,

Improve the Performance of updating sharepoint list item from a Grid


Hello All,

I have a requirement where i have a Telerik rad grid which has a datasource of sharepoint list.
When you edit a record from the rad grid, I have to update the particular record and update the record.

I have a sharepoint list which have more than 150 columns in it.I am using sharepoint object model to update the sharepoint list item by saying
 When I do that,it takes a lot of time to update the record.Is it because of so many columns or
i have more than 20000 records in the sharepoint list.Is there any better way of doing it.

One of my thought is that it might be taing so much time on update as
it has to create the content type for that particular list item.
Is there any way that if we can already define a content type for that list so that
the process of updation will become fast.

Any ideas to improve the performace is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


Improve performance of Query


I want to improve performance of following query. Kindly help me. Its urgent. Query takes 1 min to execute. I want to improve performance more then 70%. Thanks in advance.

	Isnull(C1Suffix,'') + ' ' + Isnull(C1FName,'') + ' ' + Isnull(C1LName,'') As Contact_Person, 
	Isnull(C2Suffix,'') + ' ' + Isnull(C2FName,'') + ' ' + Isnull(C2LName,'') As Contact_Person2, 
	Isnull(CompanyMst_Sub.Phone_Disp,'') As Phone1, 
	Isnull(CompanyMst_Sub.Mobile_Disp,'') As Mobile_No, 
	Isnull(Call_Details.TotalCol,0) As Feedback_Count, 
	(Select Max(Expiry_Date) From Sales_Register  Where Sales_Register.Comp_Id = CompanyMst.Comp_Id) as Max_Service_Date, 
	dbo.F_CompanyMst_CmpProduct_String(CompanyMst.Comp_Id) As CmpPrdDetail, 
	GetDate()) As CmpSubPrdDetail, 
	dbo.F_CompanyMst_DS_String(CompanyMst.Comp_Id) As CmpDSDetail, 
	dbo.F_CompanyMst_Competitor_String(CompanyMst.Comp_Id) As CompeData, 

How to Improve Performance highly active Database?


Will  the performance of SQL server will be better if we have the Data importing happening on one SQl server and heving the Data exporting happening on a replicated server of the import server?


We import large volume of data from differnt source files and have the Data exported in a specific format?


Can you also suggest a better approach to have this kind of tasks approached?



Ganesh Chellam Bangalore
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