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Pop up not refreshed

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 14, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net
Hello guys, I'm a newbie in asp.net and need help...OK, here is my case...I have a webpage and there is a button that open a pop up (call it 'Pop-up A') use JavaScript window.showModalDialog("..."). And in Pop-up A there is a button to open another Pop-up (Call it 'Pop-up B). There is a gridview in Pop-up B, the gridView's datasource is from database table Subject. There is a menu to update or insert new row to table Subject. When the first time I call the Pop-up B, the gridView is updated based on DB. But if I insert new row for this table Subject (from the web application of course), and I go to the Pop-up B, the gridView isn't refreshed. To close this Pop-up B, I use JS window.close() method.Description :1) First visit to Pop-up B the gridView (table Subject) = {A, B , C, D}2) I add new row from this application, so data in table Subject are {A, B, C, D, E}3) I Go to Pop-up B again the data still the same {A, B,C, D}. It's not updated.When I debug the program, I realised that the first time I visit Pop-up B, it goes into Page_Load method. But the secong time (after I changed the data), it doesn't go into Page_Load method, so the datasource and databind() don't run..:: CODE : JS to open Pop-up Bfunction OpenPopSubject()    {        var Return;        Return = window.

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how to stop page getting refreshed?


I have a checkbox autopostback is setted to be true. 

using firefox, if checkbox is checked or unchecked, page is refreshed but really quick and hardly notice that.

but Using IE, page is refreshed, and take a couple seconds,  I have alot checkbox in the form, just bad user experience to have page refreshed everytime htey check the box.

is there a way to stop refreshing without changing autopostback back to false?

thank you for your help.

share point page getrting refreshed while click on button



i am using one combobox and one datetime picker in web user control..

i fill combobox at page_load time in if(!ispostback) method

while i select value in combobox and then click on button page is getting refreshed.

in button_click event i just write



SSRS popup page not showing the updated data untill it is refreshed(javascript,asp.net)


i am having a report which shows report data ,once the report item is clicked ,a popup(.aspx) will open theni update the data and close the popup.

issue: when i close the popup i am landing on the parent page but, i have to refresh the page to see the update i did on the popup page.How to resolve this,

thanks in advance

Does Linq dbml need refreshed after allowing cascade deletes on tables?


Hi all-

When setting up my database, I forgot to set the delete rule to cascade on foreign keys.  Now, I can't delete a user from the ASP.net control panel due to the FK constraints.  So, I need to go through all my tables and allow cascade delete on all keys.

Once I do this, will I need to redo  my Linq .dbml?  (ie: delete each table on it and drag it back on) or does it not matter?

SSRS Blank until refreshed


Some clients need to refresh the page to see a SSRS report.  I.E. when the report is initially displayed, there is no data.  F5 or page refresh then displays the report.  This happens to some clients, but not others.  I have witnessed the problem on Vista/IE 7 and Windows 7/IE 8.  Perhaps a browser setting or a network issue?

TextBlock Text not refreshed after raising PropertyChanged - object instance the same, ToString() re



I am working with an object that handles localized strings.  The object type (LocalizedString) provides the correct localized string in its ToString() method.

I have a view model that exposes a property of type LocalizedString.  When my current thread and ui culture is changed, I raise the property changed event for this property, however the strings in the UI do not get updated.

I narrowed it down some to discover that it stops working after the value has been read from the property once.  If instead of just raising property changed when the culture changes I do this:


LocalizedString temp = MyProperty;
MyProperty = null;
MyProperty = temp; // <-- property changed gets raised in the setter 


It seems to work.  The only difference is that the LocalizedString object instance changed.

Basically I believe what happens is this:  The dependency property (TextBlock.Text in this case) gets notified that the bound value has changed.  It goes and retrieves the property value (LocalizedString object), does a comparison and sees that the previous value and the new value are the same object instance, and stops - does not refresh the

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