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scrollbar in ie7

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 14, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net
how to get rid of the scrollbar in ie7, which appeared even when it is not required.

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scrollbar is not showing for sharepoint list with group by view

Hi, have created a Share point 2007 list having a huge data. I have created a group by view by grouping the data with category. My requirement is to show the data as web part on a page. When i did so, while expanding the group inside the web part, the web part is expanding. I want to keep the height and width of the web part fixed so that the layout of the page will not be ugly looking. But though I am putting the option for fixed height and width in the web part setting but I am not able to see the scroll bars. Where as I can see the height and width are fixed but could see a few data instead of all the data with scroll bar.   Please advice me if there is any solution or workaround.Deeptyranjan

Changing Mouse Cursor into Crossed Circle in ListBox-ScrollBar/ScrollViewer(on Drag and Drop).

Hi All,   I have a ListBox with 10 items, the automatic Scrollbar/ScrollViewer is appearing. If i'm dragging an item from the listbox and moving the mouse cursor on top scrollbar/scrollviewer the cusor have to change into CROSSED CIRCLE(means its not a location to drop). Can any one help to do the same, or please let me know if more info needed.   Thanks, Karthikeyan Manickam.

Positioning scrollbar

Hi..I have a listview with multiple records inside a div whose overflow property has been set to enable scrollbars.  Now I have another search panel in which If i click on a particular item the corresponding item in the listview gets selected. But the problem is that the item gets selected but the user cannot view it if its way down on the list. I also want the scrollbar to move in order to let the user show the selected item. Any help would be appreciated.Thanks.

Scrollbar disappear when adding an attached file in MOSS 2010

Hi, When adding a new element in my SharePoint list, the vertical scrollbar is OK. But when I click on the attached file button to upload a file and back to the list form, the scrollbar disappears !! It's impossible to access the "save" button at the back of the form. Any issue to that problem ? Best Regards, François

Scrollbar disappear when adding an attached file in MOSS 2010

Hi, When adding a new element in my SharePoint list, the vertical scrollbar is OK. But when I click on the attached file button to upload a file and back to the list form, the scrollbar disappears !! It's impossible to access the "save" button at the back of the form. Any issue to that problem ? Best Regards, François

Scrollbar not working

hello, After refreshing only scrollbar are working.Following code I write in one page and call this page in master page<asp:Panel ID="Pan1" Height="80px" Width="250px"BackColor="#8FBC8F" ScrollBars="Auto" runat="server">        <table width="100%" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" height="100%">            <tr>                <td align="center">                    <asp:Label ID="lblMsg" runat="server" Text="0 Items"></asp:Label>                </td>            </tr>            <tr>                <td>                    <asp:DataList Height="100%&

In CssFriendly adapter Scrollbar is needed in Vertical Menu

Hi all,I have used cssfriendly adapter for creating vertical menu.... as i have more number of submenus and more number of listitems.... i need scrollbar.. in menu as it goes down the browser window..or menu should move up as it hit browser window....I tried "IFRAME" scrollable yes...and many different approach but could not get it....plz anybody can help it out.........

Add a horizontal scrollbar at the top of a report

Hi, I want to know if it's possible to add a horizontal scrollbar at the top of a report? thanks

Horizontal Scrollbar not fully displayed in report window

I have a report (using SSRS 2005) which displays both the vertical scrollbar and horizontal scrollbar.  The report has lots of columns. The problem is that the horizontal scrollbar is only half displayed (height wise).  I've tried resizing the report window but it doesn't change how much of the horizontal scrollbar is displayed. I've tried playing with the report settings (margins, body size, etc) but can't seem to get the entire horizontal scrollbar to be visible.  The users don't like this because the viewable part is hard to grab onto to scroll. How do I fix this? Thanks, John

textbox scrollbar start at bottom instead of top



I have a text box which gets lines added to it quite often in my program.

Is there a way i can make the scroll bar start at the bottom so the user sees the latest additions to the textbox and then can scroll up if they wanted to see earlier strings that were added to the textbox ?

Hope that makes sense and thanks in advance


Infopath form on sharepoint always shows scrollbar


I'm using Infopath 2007 with Sharepoint 2007 server.  Now every time I try to view a form, the form acts like it is too large and shows TWO sets of scrollbars.  The inner set of scrollbars are both vertical and horizontal, the outer scrollbar is just horizontal.

I have tried removing images, removing parts of the form, shrinking the form content down to very small, opening the browser window up over two monitors.  Nothing I do seems to get rid of the scrollbars.

Can anyone give me some suggestions?



Rob Woods

Add ScrollBar to Panel


Hi - I'm very new using Visual Basic 2008 Express

I'm creating a game with a very long vertical panel.  On this panel I want to place buttons and other panels.  I want to add a vertical scroll bar so that I can see the rest of the panel and the other buttons.   

I've set AutoScroll for the Panel to TRUE but that doesn't seem to do anything.   I've tried placing VScrollBar inside the Panel - but it doesn't operate.

Please advise.



Scrollbar moved to display left,top edge of usercontrol when usercontrol too wide



Ok.. so here's the scenario:


I have a main user control (MUC) set to autoscroll its width cannot be more than 400px wide.


I add (using code not drag and drop) a series of identical inner user controls (IUCs) to MUC which are wider than 400px there the scroll bars kick into action (which is fine).


But... When I click on an IUC the MUC adjusts itself so the the top,left edge of the IUC is visible. e.g. if I scroll to the right most edge of an IUC and click on it, as soon as it get focus it causes the MUC to jump back to the left most top edge of the IUC I clicked on.


I am assuming the the Scrollbars on the MUC are trying to automatically fit the IUC into the visible area and I would like to stop it from doing this. I have tried a number of things but the only thing that stops this occuring is disabling the IUCs.


Thanks in advance



SSRS 2008 / Vertical Scrollbar in e-mail delivery.



in SSRS 2008, a report delivered by e-mail displays a vertical scrollbar. (No scrollbar in native html/web rendering)

The same report deployed to 2008 "R2" does not display the bar in the e-mail.

Finicky report developers in a slight funk.

Possible patch for the 2008 behaviour?



Weired Behaviour of Scrollbar .NET 4


I've created a DataGrid and supplied it with data. The problem is when I scroll over the table many times, the Scrollbar is expanding.

Could any one help in this?

Many Thanks

Eng. Belal

How to create a usercontrol with two ScrollBar?

How to create a usercontrol with two ScrollBar? So that when user control's width/height less than the width/height of the content within the control, the scrollbar with be shown automatically.

.Net 4.0 DataGrid Control Horizontal ScrollBar Issue



I'm using .Net 4.0 DataGrid control to display my data using databinding. The data are displayed correctly but there is an issue with the horizontal scrollbar:

My datagrid has 15 columns and window when displayed is not showing all the 15 columns. This is okay as the window width limit the number of visible columns. So, as not all columns are visible, there is a horizontal scroll bar. If I drag the horizontal scroll bar at once to the right of the datagrid, it will appear to be moved to the end right but it really go just to the middle. So even If moved the horizontal bar to the end right, it did not go all the way ! I was expecting it to go all the way.

If I keep dragging the horizontal scroll bar to the right until it reach the end, at that time, the scroll bar works properly. I can then move it to the left, and move it to the right end and this time it will go all the way.

Is this is a known issue ? Any workaround so the scroll bar go all the way to the right when dragged to the complete right ?

Important detail: I'm using columns virtualization (EnableColumnVirtualization="True"). If i turn off the columns virtualization, the issue

does not occur.

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