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RichText box

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 14, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net
Hi All: I have a product page and I need to create a text area (for product accessories) where user can enter one word per line, and press submit button. Each word in line will related to some product. How can I create this type of textbox and then relate the products. Regars, Asif Hameed Hi All:I have a product page and I need to create a text area (for product accessories) where user can enter one word per line, and press submit button. Each word in line will related to some product. How can I create this type of textbox and then relate the products.Regars,Asif Hameed

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While Printing an Infopath Form it Prints lot of Blank Spaces Before RichText Field


I had an infopath form with few rich text field. When i copy some content from somewhere and paste in the richtext Box then while Printing the form I get Lot of Blank Spaces Infront of the rich text box.

I tried creating teh print view too but still i get bunch of empty pages printed before by richtext box control.

Is there a way we can remove those blank spaces.....

I am not able to find out what is going wrong here....

Sharepoint Enhanced RichText Editor Modification.

I am working with a sharepoint custom list based on a content type, which pushes to a Content Query WebPart. The body of the content is a rich text field. I want to disable or remove the buttons.How do i go about doing this?  and what files do i edit?

InputFormTextBox richText dissapears

I'm developing in SP2010 beta2 and VS2010 beta, and having problems with text dissapearing from the Sharepoint InputFormTextBox.
The InputFormTextBox is inside a asp:WizardStep.
    Rows="8" Columns="40" 
    AllowHyperlink="true" />
On the same page I also have an ImageUpload-function. When the image is uploaded the text dissapears from the text field. The same happens if I go the the next step in the wizard, and goes back. It seems like the Active X control in the rich text field doesn't render properly, because the text is still in the control. When I debug I find the text using DescriptionId.Text and in the page source the text seems to be present as well. But I'm not able to get the text inside the richText Field. 

If I set richText=false it works fine

Any help would be appreciated!   

CAML RichText site column provision not working properly


I have used the following CAML declaration in a feature to provision some site columns:

  DisplayName="Test Rich Text

Not able to insert text to a RichText field


I am trying to insert a modal dialog return value to the RichText field (FullHTML) through Javascript. When i was digging on to the RichText field i found that each text that we give on the RichText field is stored within a <div> tag.The RichText field itself is rendered in the following manner.

<iFrame ID="[RichText_CliendID_iframe]" its a hidden field>



<iFrame Baseline ID="[RichText_ClientID]"

<div>The text that we entered here</div>


I have tried getting the reference of the "RichText_ClientID" and created a <div> tag. But this doesn't work. When I tried getting the reference of the "RichText_ClientID_iframe" and then added a <div> tag to it. I am able to add to this (Have observed this through Dev Tool bar), but couldn't able to see it on the field. 

I am just relating one of the SharePoint OOTB behaviour to this "Insert ---> Upload File" (Displayed on the list forms ribbon button for the RichText fields). Using this option i will be able to upload a file to "Site Assets"

Need help with word or richtext files


Hello all


I don't know if this is the correct forum for this if not i appoligize

I have an Application that basicly a xna game and a editor

the xna game is ofcource on xna framework

but the editor is full WPF application


Now i want to make a help section as well and here is my problem

I have tryed this weekend to get the text out of a

1 -  office word file    ( didnt work i can only get it to save or open in office itself )

2 -  wordpad             ( cant find the file in my project only on my hard drive )

3 -  simple text file    ( cant find the file in my project only on my hard drive )


So can this be done with wpf ?

or am i trying something that can not be done ?


More knowledge, means more problems.

UpdateListItems to RichText via JavaScript


I am trying to use UpdateListItems to update a RichText via JavaScript.  So far everything but the BusCase field which is RichText will submit.  Here is what I got thus far, Do I need something special?  Could I do this better?

function CreateListItem(Title,MSLID,Method,BusCase)

if (Title == null)
	Title ='invalid'
if (MSLID == null)
	MSLID ='invalid'
if (Method == null)
	Method ='invalid'

	var url = "/MSL/_vti_bin/lists.asmx";
	var list = "{A5248571-FDC5-4BF1-8161-C0CF1E9CD3B7}";

	var batch = "<Batch onError='Continue' PreCalc='TRUE' ListVersion='0'>"
	 + " <Method ID='1' Cmd='New'>"

Populating Richtext in WinForms c# appli



How to populate a particular column n inForms c# appli from database......

InputFormTextBox with RichText="true" in Google Chrome


Good day,

I have a custom visual webpart which is saving values in a sharepoint list and currently have an issue with the InputFormTextBox control and Google chrome.   My code for the inputformtextbox is as follows

<SharePoint:InputFormTextBox ID="m_txtProjectObjectives" TextMode="MultiLine" Rows="5"
    Columns="50" RichText="true" MaxLength="4000" runat="server" ValidationGroup="CCPDForm"
    EnableViewState="false" RichTextMode="Compatible"> 

What is happening in chrome is that the webpart doesnt show the bar at the top for formatting purposes which is correct.  However if you click on the field and type out your text, then click in another field and then click back on this field again the text that you typed out dissappear.

I've changed the properties of the richtextmode but the behaviour persists.

Anyone else experiencing this? Is it a google chrome issue and not a sharepoint issue?

What is my alternatives? Only use firefox (its working perfectly there) or IE?  Change the list column type to just a normal multiline input field with no html capabilities.  Though I wouldnt want to go either of these

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