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How to implement Social Networking Features in Sharepoint 2010

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 14, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint
Hi, I am New to Sharepoint.I have to implement Social Networking Features in Sharepoint 2010.I searched it on net and found some links having details of the new and improved Social Networking Features in Sharepoint 2010,But they have not mentioned the steps to implement that. Please help me and let me know the steps to follow to implement those features in Sharepoint 2010. Kindly provide me some links if anyone has reffered it. Thanks in Advance. Regards, Amar

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Implementation of Social Networking features in Sharepoint 2010

Hi All,          kindly help me out in Implemeting Social Networking Features in Sharepoint 2010 in detail and let me know the detailed steps. And let me know any documents or videos available for its implementation. Thanks in Advance.    Regards  Sunil Gowda

Short Overview of SharePoint Features in Visual Studio 2010

As you probably know, Visual Studio 2010 was announced earlier this week and it contains a lot of cool features and project templates for SharePoint developers. Below is a short overview for some of the SharePoint development related features and project templates.

Sharepoint 2007 and Excel 2010 features


Does Sharepoint 2007 Server support the new Excel 2010 feaures like slicers? Or do i have to have Sharepoint 2010 to get that working (considering all other components besides Sharepoint 2010 are available in my Sharepoint 2007 environment) ?

- Thanks



Video: Developing with the New User Interface Features in SharePoint 2010

This SharePoint Conference video shows how to customize the Ribbon without taking your users out of the look and feel of Microsoft SharePoint 2010. (Length: 01:02:38)

Video: How to Build SharePoint 2010 Project Items, Features, and Solutions

This video describes how to build SharePoint 2010 artifacts with Visual Studio 2010. (Length: 2:17)

Best way to implement authentication and authorization for a sharepoint 2010 website.

Hi I come across different authentication methods in Sharepoint 2010. The sharepoint website we are develpoing as of now is Intranet. Later we are planning to move it to Internet(Public) site. What will be the best way to implement authentication and authorization for our website. If windows authentication(Classic mode authentication) is default for a sharepoint website (2010) , I have a few questions ragarding windows authentication. 1) In case of windows authentication, where should we maintain  users? 2) In case of windows authentication, how are the users created? 3) In case of windows authentication, how can I perform authorization.   If we want to use FBA(Form based authentication) in sharepoint 2010, I have a few questions ragarding FBA in sharepoint 2010. 1) In case of FBA(using Claim based authentication) , if we want to use custom database(where we are storing user details and  roles) rather than bulitin SQL membership  provider, how can we achieve this? Can anyone provide some useful resources to implement authentication(Windows or FBA or dual) and authorization for a sharepoint 2010 website with sample code? Please reply ASAP. Thanks & Regards Mahendra Babu

Sharepoint 2010 queries on the new features

Hi,I am somehow evaluating the MOSS 2010 but got some queries on the new features, would anyone can help?1. Any anonymous submit/reply for blog or wiki or survey?2. Is it able to show the no of views per disucssion thread?3. Is there any page showing the survey result in a single page?4. Is MOSS 2010 link with the Outlook (2007) in term of the calendar and tasks5. Is the SEARCH function able to search within blog, wiki...Thanks!!Siu Wai

Public social networking platforms- SharePoint, NING or..?

Hi there, i would like to build a free social networking site to facilitate communication and build communities in the city where i reside. I used to be a member of a social network whose platform was based on NING. It was great experience. Now that i have specialized in SharePoint would like to know how i can leverage my skills without incurring in major costs . I know that there are many other platforms around apart from NING. Any suggestions? or NING is still the most suitable one? Thanks

How can I install Features into the Sharepoint 2010 Server Standard after the install?


I have installed SharePoint Server 2010 Standard. We are testing the functionality of the new system and what it can do. I got an upgraded copy of the HelpDesk and Knowledge Base Templates (Part of the Fab 40) from http://techsolutions.net/Blog/tabid/65/EntryId/17/Fab-40-Templates-for-MOSS-2010.aspx. They seem to be good, but there is a feature that is in the Server that is not installed that I need to be able to get both of these working.

The feature is: Web Analytics Customize Reports functionality (Display Name: WACustomReports).

I need to be able to get this feature installed and activated so that I can use these 2 templates. Is there someone that can help me with this issue?

NOTE: I have tried to use the command line for SharePoint Power Shell. It is not working. The files that it is looking for are not on the HDD where they should be.

Document management features in sharepoint 2010



We would like to use document management using sharepoint 2010.

We would like to know what are its advantages over documentum.


Sharepoint 2010 features customize deployment(Upgrade)


Dear All

I am using site definition approach for development and so i have created features for each and everything , i.e for content types,master page and layout pages, variations,Lists instances etc.

When i deploy solution from VS 2010, it first retreat solution and so removing everything and again in next steps add and activates each and everything.

In package, if i take some selected feature E.g Lists Features then it deploys only that but before it retract steps removes everything.

So in this case only Lists available in Site.

My question is : how i can customize deployent for some particular features ?

means if i just want to change only one column of list then only that feature need to updated on site and all other features should remain unchanged at all.

As i guess i can not remove retreat step from deployment steps as for add and activate solution retract is necessary


So kindly reply what is proper approach to upgrade only selected features and also if i am not on right track

How should i implement this in SharePoint 2010



I have to implement 2 screens,


Screen #01:


- a dropdown filled with options

- on dropdown selection i have to query a web service which will return the results.

- Result should be populated in a grid, column one of grid is a link that should open another detail page (Screen #2).


Screen #2:

-  3 grids on the screen which will be populated on load by calling different web service using the id passed from screen #1.


What is the best way of building these screen, please provide some detail.


Thanks in advance for the help



Sharepoint 2010 and Outlook Social Connector


Ok, need some expert advice here. I have setup a new SharePoint Farm, complete, not standalone, with nothing by the My Sites Host site collection. I can access the profiles by https://sharepoint.domain.com/my or by https://sharepoint.domain.com/my/person.aspx?accountname=domain/user. /my/default.aspx works as well. My profile sync is working, I get the data pulled properly from AD for these profiles and it propagates the managers info and org browser, etc. 

For the life of me, I cannot get the Social Connector to do anything for SharePoint. No News Feeds, nothing. I click on Add in the People Pane, and choose "on My Site" and it errors out. 

I have looked through countless blogs, but all of them seem to be centered on the User Profile Service, and mine is obviously working. My users can update their profiles directly on the site, so it's not permissions. 

Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.



2010 integration with outside social networking sites

Will 2010 be able to interface with outside social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc...? If so, what feature is used to accomplish this?

How to implement AJAX in SharePoint 2010?



I want to implement AJAX in SharePoint 2010 in various areas like Webparts, Views etc?

I want this implementation specially for Views something called "AJAX view" (similar to Datasheet view)

Can someone please list some steps/articles for the same?




turning sharepoint into social networking site - components/webparts for messaging/chat/..



I am planning to build a social networking site with sharepoint 2010. this site will be available to users having no AD account - will use claimsbased auth (forms based) .. I guess.

Ofcourse there is the mysite and wikis .. tagging and rating, but what about components like chat and messaging ? does anyone know

- if there is a webpart/solution available to implement messaging ?



SharePoint 2010: What if some users need enterprise features and others do not?


There is an SharePoint 2007 FAQ (http://sharepoint2007.microsoft.com/how-to-buy/Pages/faq.aspx) that answers the question with this response: "Once the Enterprise features of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 are enabled, every client accessing Enterprise functionality on that server, or servers in a farm, is required to have an Enterprise CAL in addition to their Standard Client Access Licenses."

We have a SharePoint 2010 farm but no user has leveraged any of the Enterprise features such as InfoPath Form Services.  My IT department states that in order to provide certain user's access to the Enterprise features a second instance (with new additional web servers) would have to be deployed to provide a way to segregate the Standard CAL users from the Enterprise CAL users.

Is this correct?  I understand this would be true if using SharePoint 2007 but if using SharePoint 2010 does this still hold to be true?  Does the Service Application Architecture feature of SharePoint 2010 allow those features (such as InfoPath Form Services) to be enabled without running a whole other farm to support the Enterprise users?

Thanks, in advance, for the response(s)!

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