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spell checker

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 14, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net
hello all,how i check the spelling written in text box is correct or not.  in c#i am using a file which contains some words. and this file is used to check the spelling written in text box.How do i start.Please help me as soon as possible.

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Ajax html editor spell checker


I am using ajax html editor, is it possible to embed a spell checker?

Thanks for the helpful info.


Urgently required Spell checker with asp.net 2.0


hi everyone,

  My requirement is to implement spell checker in chat window in asp.net 2.0.It workes in Firefox but not in IE properly.Is there anybody to help me.

i used the code provided by Atd. I need free spell checker


Code spelling checker extension for visual studio 2010

Building a spelling checker for source code as an extension for visual studio 2010.

Toolbox: UI Mockups, User Experience Tips, JavaScript Checker and More


Scott Mitchell reviews a user interface mockup tool, a blog for user experience tips, a JavaScript code checker and a book that expertly explains the ins and outs SQL Server Reporting Services.

Scott Mitchell

MSDN Magazine January 2010

Toolbox: Create Graphs, Send E-Mail, Spell-Check, and More


Turn boring data into stunning graphs, create, parse, send, and receive mail messages from code, and more.

Scott Mitchell

MSDN Magazine August 2007

Help me to create Spelling Checker



I have to create a web based spelling checker for Hindi Language. I have ~3,00,000 hindi words

Spelling checker will perform these two tasks:

1. Check whether the word is correct or not

2. If it is not correct then provide suggestions

I am creating a web service which will do this task. Various clients like Wordpress Plugins will be developed to consume this service.

Is this the best approach? Or I should do something else?

Another question:

It is easy to check the word is correct or not. But to provide suggestion it looks like I have to perform many queries for each word.

The algorithm that I thought for spelling suggestions is:

create a list of various "Matras" and "Alphabets"

add each "Matra" and "Alphabet" to the wrong word then check its entry in database.

if found then add it to array of suggested words.

after completing this loop return array of suggested words.

But there are many "Matras" and "Alphabets" in Hindi language. Therefore this will make a lot of database queries. This is the main problem.

Is there any alternative way to get spelling suggestions?


Is there any free spell check control for asp.net


wondering whether there is any free spell check control or way to check the spell and give suggestions on test box control?? for asp.net page??

thanks a lot in advance....

Spell Check Error


Hi gang,

Checking spelling on our new MOSS 2007 site works just fine for me, but for normal users (I'm a site collection administrator), they see this error:

Spelling did not complete properly. If this problem persists, notify your system administrator.

Anyone else seen that? I can't even find a section in the configuration site to deal with spell checking etc. What am I missing?


CalendarExtender date checker


I have read many forums to see if I could find a solution and there hasn't been anything that is what I need.  I have an asp:calendar that you select a date on there and a panel pops up.  On the panel, the start date and end date are filled with the selected date from the asp:calendar.  The end date field has the CalendarExtender.  When you open it, the selected date on there is the same as from the asp:calendar which is good.  What I need is to tweak my javascript to check to make sure that the user picks a date after the selected date from the asp:calendar.  so if they pick 11/4/2010 as a start date, the end date cannot be fore 11/4/2010.  Only anything after that.  Not todays date(ex. 10/22/2010).

codebehind for my asp:calendar sending the dates

        'post date in panel
        If e.Day.IsSelected Then
            txtSDate.Text = e.Day.Date
            txtEndDate.Text = e.Day.Date
        End If
JavaScript and asp code
        <script type="text/javascript">
            function checkDate(sender, args) {
                if (sender._selectedDate < new Date()) {
                    alert("You cannot select a day earlier than today!&q

Pre-upgrade Checker - Customized List views that will not be upgraded report showing TONS of lists

OK - so, I haven't tried the actual upgrade yet, but I'm definitely concerned about the quantity of lists/pages that are showing up in this section of the report.  It appears that just about every list (and page?) shows up in this report.  I'm talking almost 9000 lines.  I've only just recently taken ownership of the SharePoint farm, but I find it hard to believe that all of these items have been manually customized.  Has anyone seen this before or have any idea as to why I'm seeing this?  Running MOSS SP2...

System Configuration Checker not checking in Sql Server 2008 2R

I am novice jumping in and attempting to install Sql Server 2008 2R locally.

I am following this installation video http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd299415%28SQL.100%29.aspx And I am trying to use the checker to see if there is any condition that will prevent an sucessful installation.

In the tutorial it appears that they are using an earlier version than my windows7. When I click on the System Configuration Checker I get “Browse for Sql Server 2008 2R Installation Media” which is not the same option as the video (2.02)

Not sure what to do as ultimately I would like to check that everything is in place first. Can anyone help me please.

Download checker


Does anyone know if it is possible to measure when a file has been downloaded?

I place files for clients to download but there are two things I need to know. One is if the file has been downloaded at all at any point. Second is how many times the file has been downloaded. Can each file (usually but not always image files - sometimes pdfs) be tagged in some way to record what happens to it?

How to implement Maker Checker Functionality


Dear Friends,

I just want to ask about what is the best way to implement maker and checker record authorization feature in an financial application. I mean a way to allow the user to add or edit customer record , and then all these customers (added, edited) go to the checker for approval. The update will be committed to system once the checker approves it and will be roll backed once the checker rejects it.




How do I use the Spell Check for 2008 in 2010 express


Is there a spell checker add in that can be used with VS2010 express?  I have downloaded a add-in for 2008 that "claims" to work with 2010 but when I installed it on my machine it does not show up in the tools menu and I cannot find the exe to add it via the external tools interface.  Is there a add-in for VS2010 paid or free? 



Infopath 2010 designer is not allowing to save or publish infopath 2007 form with design checker err


Infopath 2010 designer is not allowing to save or publish infopath 2007 for with designer checker error one for each view:

Error: "Some types of groups or fields are not supported."

As it is not pointing the exact control, I have tried removing all controls and fields but still it is showing the error.

Please advice if i need to re-create the form.

Hemant Joshi:: http://sharingthepoints.blogspot.com/

hot to exclude words in sharepoint 2010 content spell check like company name


How can we exclude few words which comes repitatively in any sharepoint page content like company name etc.?

Evrytime we do spell check in content editor it shows spell check for company name and we would like to add many pages with those words and would like to exclude them from spell check in sharepoint 2010.

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