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Convert from Number to Text- Exporting to Excel from SQL Reporting services 2000

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 13, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Sql Server
I was trying to export a report which contains a number format. When I do that, all the numbers in excel will have a green small tag beside it saying "Convert from Number to Text". Is there anyway that I can change the format to a number when I export it to excel?

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OLAP: Build an OLAP Reporting App in ASP.NET Using SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services and Office XP


Many organizations analyze their business-critical data using Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) technology. OLAP-based data mining provides a way to query multidimensional data sets and drill down into the data to find patterns. ASP.NET and the Microsoft Office Web Components (OWC) enable Web-based OLAP reporting. The OWC controls include PivotTable and Chart components that can be embedded in a Web page and scripted by programmers. In this article, the authors build a Web-based OLAP reporting app using ASP.NET, OWC, and SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services to illustrate the process.

Jeffrey Hasan and Kenneth Tu

MSDN Magazine October 2003

Generating Multiple Excel Sheet using Reporting Services 2005.

<p> Hi, I'm currently developing a program using ASP.NET 2.0 (C#) and i am using Reporting Services 2005. One of the report requirements is to export a data to an excel with multiple excel sheet. Is there other way to generate multiple excel sheet using the reporting services? if yes, i would like to ask a sample code... Thanks in advance, JP  </p> 

Exporting a PerformancePoint Excel Services Report to Excel


Have an Excel services PivotTable in a PPS 2010 dashboard.  When the user selects the "Export to Excel" option they receive this error.

I do not see any options in the webpart to show the old toolbar that used to show up in the Excel Services views.  (It had an option to open the pivottable in Excel or export a "snapshot" to Excel)

How do users export Excel Services reports to Excel?


The selected view does not support an export to the selected format.


Troubleshoot issues with Microsoft SharePoint Foundation.

Correlation ID: c189d209-c218-4606-aad4-2f280d5c6977

Date and Time: 9/20/2010 10:26:17 AM

Moving Reporting Services Version 2000


Hello All

I've found the topic http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms156421.aspx that provides instruction on moving the Reporting Services Databases; does anybody know if these instructions will work for 2000?

Tony C

Convert Text to Numeric in reports generated by Microsoft SQL Server 2000

Our programming team is producing Excel reports using Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and cannot seem to find a way to produce numeric data as numeric.  It is being produced in the spread sheet as text (with the green triangle in the corner of the cell).  If the user viewing the report has an older version of Excel they cannot even convert it to numeric manually. 

Is there a way to produce numeric data as numeric in the Excel report?

Reporting Services 2008 - footer problem when exporting to Word


I have a footer that I want to show up on the last page only. 

I use the following expression for the text box under text box properties --> visability

=IIF(Globals!TotalPages = Globals!PageNumber,

False, True)

When I run the report in reporting services, it does only print the footer on the last page.  When exported to Word, footer prints on all pages.

My questions: 

1.  Is my expression ignored in Word for the footer, so I will not be able to do this in the footer?

2.  Is there another way to have something print at the bottom of the last page that will be recognized when exported to MS Word (report size will vary based on data returned)? 

Any help is appreciated.

Kind regards.

Merging Multiple Excel files (exports from Reporting Services)


So we have Office 2007 on our system and I'm trying to use Excel Interop to take a number of Excel files, which are exports from Reporting Services, and combine them into one large workbook.  I'm using the code below which works fine to get all the information from all the files into one workbook but the colors of things goes absolutely haywire.  Anyone know why my colors are getting all out of wack?

protected void MergeFiles(string destinationFile, string[] sourceFiles, string guid)
                //1. Validate folder,  
                //2. Instantiate excel object  
                //3. Loop through the files  
                //4. Add sheets  
                //5. Save and enjoy!  


Password protected PDF/Excel reports using SQL Reporting services


I am generating a reports using SQL Reporting services 2005. I need to protect the protect the reports(pdf and excel) with the password while the user is exporting the report to to excel or pdf.

Is there any way to protect the report.

Thanks in advance...


SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services & Excel 2003 Add-in

I've been working with SQL Server 2000 AS cubes and presenting them in pivot-tables in Excel 2003 with no problems.

I was recently looking at other BI tools I could use and stumbled across the Excel Add-In for Analysis Services, which adds a Cube Analysis menu to Excel and seems to have lots of functionality I could use.

But! It's no longer supported by Microsoft.

I managed to get a download of it from www.download.com and searched for help and I have some good documents to help me understand how to use it, but my problem is that it just doesn't work! I've uninstalled and reinstalled and rebooted, but to no avail.

I can connect to my data source and cube and I can view the dimensions and measures, but when I click apply on them and select the area of the report to put them into, they just don't appear. I can briefly see an EMBED command appear in the formula bar and then disappear, but nothing happens!

I've been through all the trouble-shooting and checked the settings of Excel as requested, but nothing works. 

Has anyone else had this problem or have any suggestions as to how to fix it?

SSRS Reporting - Exporting To Excel


I am new to SSRS Reporting 2008 and most of the reports I have developed required to export to Excel. This reports are embedded into ASP.NET, developed in C#. Now there is some questions I would like to ask:

1) When I am exporting to Excel, I would like to insert some comment in the some cells in the Excel (comment like where you see a red dot in each cell in Excel, and when mouse over you can see comment of this cell)

2) Is there anyway to put a filter to the header after export to Excel?

Error Upgrading from SQL Server 2000 - > 2008 R2 Reporting Services


Hello, I am having some trouble upgrading an existing SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services installation from an old server to a new one commissioned for this purpose, which is running SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services.  I have been following the instructions here:


but after trying to connect with reporting services 2008, i get this error:

The version of the report server database is either in a format that is not valid, or it cannot be read. The found version is 'C.0.6.54'. The expected version is '147'. (rsInvalidReportServerDatabase)

before starting the process, I ran upgrade advisor and got back the following results:


Setup can upgrade a SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services instance that uses a SQL Server 2000 Database Engine in the same instance. However, upgrade is blocked if the report server database is in a different instance, on a remote instance, or runs on a remote SQL Server 2005 instance in SQL Server 2000 compatibility mode.

*note, our reporting services IS in the same instance as the SQL Server 2000 database engine.  However, upgrade advisor still reported that this instance can not be au

SSRS 2005 report export to excel - show text as number


When exports the report to excel, some columns are numbers(something like 00125987). We need these columns to be text,  but excel convert these columns in numbers and in result we received not "00125987" but "125987".  

How to fix that? 

We need all these columns to be text.



How to align the text in justify format with SQL Server Reporting Services?



        How to align the text in justify format In SQL server Reporting Services? Is there any code to do so?

Login Dialog box appears repeatedly -sql server 2000 reporting services


  We are running sql server 2000 with reporting services version 8.00.743.00.  Yes, I know it's old, but it works.  Anyway it worked up until a week ago.  Now when you try to render a report on IE 7 or 8 or Firefox,  the windows authentication appears multiple times. The report continues to render fine in IE 6.    
There are several posts on about this issue happening when deploying reports, but nothing about just running them.  There is also a service pack that I can apply that may address the issue.  I am leary about applying the service pack as it does not specifically address this issue. 
Any ideas ?

MS Reporting Services 2000


I have a valid license and install of SQL Server 2000 Enterprise. My Reporting Services disk (also Enterprise) is all scuffed up and doesn't work now. I wanted to install Reporting Services but could not find it anywhere. I found the "Evaluation" version so I installed that.

1) How do I check when the MS Reporting Services evaluation will expire?

2) How the heck do I upgrade or install the full version of MS Reporting Services? or do I need to? Does the evaluation version just recognize that I have a "good" install of SQL 2000 and thus license it?


Convert English to Arabic number without changing any regional settings in .net

Well, most applications that I worked with was multilingual that supports English UI and Arabic UI.

And one of the major issue that we have faced is displaying Arabic numbers without the need of changing the regional settings of the PC.

So the code below will help you to display Arabic number without changing any regional settings.

Integrate Reporting Services with Silverlight and RIA Services

One of the most wanted future features in Silverlight is the possibility to create business reports using Reporting Services. In this article, I will show how to use the existing Reporting Services technology with Silverlight and RIA Services combination.
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