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Install of wsp solution for visual web part ... how?

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 13, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint
I have a newbie question -  I created a visual web part project that has a visual web part and an application page. It works well and deploys without issues on my all inclusive local environment using the deploy feature from VS2010. So to deploy this to the live server, I grabbed the .wsp file from the bin folder. Copied the file to the server and ran the following commands -   add-spsolution D:\MyWspFile.wsp Install-SPSolution -Identity "mywspfile.wsp" -WebApplication http://sp2010 -GACDeployment Both these steps work fine too. Then I go into the site features page to look for this solution but its name is not there (should it be there?). Next I go to the page I want to add this visual web part to but it does not show up in the list of web parts. The Timer job page in central administration shows the deployment as succeeded. What am I missing here? Thanks in advance, Jake.  

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Sharepoint 2010 power tools visual sandboxed web part issue!!


Hi guys

I tried to use a simple hello world web part with with sharepoint power tools the solution is added ok but when I try to add the web part to the page I get this error "Unable to load assembly group. The user assembly group provider...." Any thoughts






Visual Studio 2010 Creates Two Solution Files


When I create a new file system based web application in Visual Studio 2010, for example, named as "MyWebSite", two folders were created by the studio: MyWebSite and MyWebSite(2). The second folder only contains a solution file while the first folder has the solution file as well. Is this a new feature? Where is the setting that can avoid the second folder? Thanks,

Video: SharePoint 2010 Solution Deployment in Visual Studio 2010

This video delves into the details of packaging and deployment for SharePoint solutions in Visual Studio 2010. (Length: 9:16)

Installed Visual Studio 2005 on new laptop - can't open C# web services project solution.

Installed Visual Studio 2005 on new laptop - can't open C# web services project solution - get the 'project not supported by this installation' error. Tried re-installing to no avail. Have run various flavors of devenv as recommended in various posts. Still the same message. I can open the solution fine on my old laptop.    Update: We re-installed service pack 1 for VS and the problem was resolved.

How to Fire events on SharePoint DateTime Control in visual web part

Hi All, I am working on visual webpart of SharePoint 2010. I am using a <SharePoint:DateTimeControl> i m trying  to fire OnDateChanged event on it. I am not getting the Appropriate way to create the event. please help me out!!!!   void ToDate_OnDateChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)         {                         if (ToDate != null)             {                 DateTime min = Convert.ToDateTime(FromDate.SelectedDate.ToString());                 DateTime max = Convert.ToDateTime(ToDate.SelectedDate.ToString());                 int noofdays = Convert.ToInt32((max - min).TotalDays);                 txtNoOfDays.Text = noofdays.ToString();             }         }    <SharePoint:DateTimeControl runat="server" Calendar="Gregorian"  

Visual Web Part help

Hi, I followed through the article posted here(http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-in/magazine/ff797985(en-us).aspx) to merge the documents using "Word Automation Services" When I deploy the Solution and Click "Merge Documents" I get a Error. The Error reads: "File Not Found. Web Parts Maintenance Page: If you have permission, you can use this page to temporarily close webparts or remove personal settings. For more information, contact your site administrator". Did any one experience same problem? Any help is greatly appreciated.          

Using Web Service in SharePoint 2010 Standard Web part using Visual Studio 2010

Hi All,               Have an issue with  Web service in calling  by SharePoint 2010 Standard Web part using Visual Studio 2010. If you can tell where I went wrong or tips to solve this would be great for me. What I have done is like this.. 1) Created new 'Empty SharePoint' project : as Farm solution 2) Added Web parts 3) Trying to add Web Service : There was no option for adding Web Service , so added as 'Add new Service' , this created entries in app.config file 4) ServiceName : shown as name space  (what  I'm  expecting is as Global  object with all methods ) 5) Created Object of namespace.ServiceName.ServiceSoapClient and tried to call one of it's method 6) Build and deployed 7) While viewing that web part it is showing an error as [InvalidOperationException: Could not find default endpoint element that references contract 'SerialKeyService.ServiceSoap' in the ServiceModel client configuration section. This might be because no configuration file was found for your application, or because no endpoint element matching this contract could be found in the client element.]         Error in detail : [TargetInvocationException: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.]   at System.RuntimeTypeHandle.CreateInstance(RuntimeType t

Steps to install Crystal Report in Microsoft Visual Web Developer Express 2008

I currently doing a website that require to have a report for higher management, but i cant seem to have the crystal report tool in my MS Visual Web Developer.Anyone can provide me step by steps on setup this?

Inserting List Item values from a Visual web part

Hi Geeks, I am struck here with one situation that is: 1) I created a enquiry list. 2) Then I created a visual web part it contains the same fields as enquiry list  as textboxes for entry. If any body enters the data and click submit. Those data must be reflected into the enquiry list. Please enlighten me how can I do this.   Thanking you.

Web Part Error on a clean SP2010 install in Document Center

On a clean SP2010 install I created a Document Center site.On the main site page under the "Upload Document" web part there's another web part, which displays this error: Web Part Error: A Web Part or Web Form Control on this Page cannot be displayed or imported. The type is not registered as safe. [UnsafeControlException: A Web Part or Web Form Control on this Page cannot be displayed or imported. The type is not registered as safe.] at Microsoft.SharePoint.WebPartPages.WebPartImporter.CreateWebPart(Boolean clearConnections) at Microsoft.SharePoint.WebPartPages.WebPartImporter.Import(SPWebPartManager manager, XmlReader reader, Boolean clearConnections, Uri webPartPageUri, SPWeb spWeb) at Microsoft.SharePoint.WebPartPages.SPWebPartManager.CompressWebPartNoSave(Boolean isClosed) Is this normal? Or is my installation somehow corrupted?And what is this web part and how can I register it as safe?

Visual Web Part Deployment

I have Visual WebPart that developed using VS 2010. Now I want to deploy that web Part in different server. There VS 2010 is not installed. When I using the command "Package" in VS 2010 one .wsp file is created in bin folder. But using that .wsp I can't do the following task: 1. Add safe control entry. 2. Place .ascx file in "Control Template" folder. can anybody tell me what is the process of deployment in VS2010 and SharePoint from One server to another. In VS2008 one setup.bat file was created that I can use for first time to create safe control entry and other staff but there is no so such file is created in VS 2010. Can anybody halp me on that.  Thanks tat --- Follow me @ http://moss-inside.blogspot.com/

.Net Framework 4.0 install failure & (possible) solution?

I repeatedly got the following error messages when attempting to install .Net Framework 4.0 on Windows 7 Professional x64:Log Name:      SetupSource:        Microsoft-Windows-WUSAEvent ID:      3Task Category: NoneLevel:         ErrorKeywords: Description:Windows update  could not be installed because of error 2359302 "" (Command line: "wusa.exe "C:\79021cf737df094c5735\Windows6.1-KB958488-v6001-x64.msu" /quiet /norestart")This error was listed in the msi install log:Product: Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile -- Error 1719. The Windows Installer Service could not be accessed. This can occur if the Windows Installer is not correctly installed.I was able to get the framework installed by going into the MSIServer registry key (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\MSIServer) and changing WOW64 from 1 to 0.  I haven't been able to locate any good documentation for this value & its purpose, is this an acceptable way of getting this installed, and will it cause any problems in the future?  Should I change the value back to 1?  I have other machines with Windows 7 x64 Ultimate installed that did not have any problems with the 4.0 framework installation.

Error code -2068578304 When Installing Express SP1 x64 as a Part of Visual Studio 2010 Installation

Howdy! I was installing the VS 2010 on my server running Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 and all of a sudden the setup finished with " Setup completed, however, there were failures reported installing optional components. " The final status is success. The left-hand pane of the finish page reads as: The following component failed to install: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express Service Pack 1 (x64).   Leaving alone the fact why setup executed the custom action that tried to install SQL Server Express Edition and Compact Edition when I just asked it to install SQL components (which presumably should be SQL SMO and DMO libraries), I would like to understand what had happed to Express install.   Inspecting the .\Logs\dd_error_vs_vstdcore_100.txt file gives the following record:   [09/16/10,16:06:51] Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express Service Pack 1 (x64): [2] Error code -2068578304 for this component is not recognized. [09/16/10,16:06:51] Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express Service Pack 1 (x64): [2] Component Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express Service Pack 1 (x64) returned an unexpected value. ***EndOfSession***   Further inspection of the dd_install_vs_vstdcore_100.txt provides with the info:   [09/16/10,16:02:51] Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express Service Pack 1 (x64): GenericComponent Action: CreateProcess launched with cmd line : x:\setup\..\wcu\sse\SQLE

Install-SPSolution : This solution contains no resources scoped for a Web application and cannot be



What we want to achieve: install/deploy a custom site template ONCE so it becomes available to all site colls in several we apps. 

We have
1) modified a web site based on a Team Site template
2) saved the web site as a template (template is available in (site coll?) solution gallery)
3) saved the site template as a file
4) added the site template to the farm solution store using add-SPSolution

When we try to deploy the solution to a web app using Install-SPSolution we get the following error message:

"Install-SPSolution : This solution contains no resources scoped for a Web application and cannot be deployed to a particul
ar Web application."

Obviously we are missing something here.

Is the ONLY way to add/install the solution at the site coll level?

Sharepoint 2010 Visual Web Part - Personalizable


I have a visual web part which has 2 public properties

One is webbrowsable and the other is not.

I can retreive the data from the properties into the usercontrol and display them, but i'm unable to update the value and store it against the webpart, just as i would from the editor section.


Here are my 2 public properties.

 <Personalizable(), WebBrowsable()> _

    Public Property myString() As [String]


            Return m_myString

        End Get

        Set(ByVal value As [String])

            m_myString = value

        End Set

    End Property

    Private m_myString As [String]



    <Personalizable(PersonalizationScope.Shared)> _

    Public Property myStoreage() As [String]


            Return m_myStorage

        End Get

        Set(ByVal value As [String])


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