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Toolbox: Static Analysis Tools For .NET, Matt Berseth's Blog

Posted By:      Posted Date: August 21, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net

This month we take a look at FxCop and other tools that enforce your design rules, along with jQuery.

Scott Mitchell

MSDN Magazine December 2008

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Toolbox: Static Analysis Database Tools, Managing Remote Computers, And More


If you want to apply static analysis to your databases, connect to remote computers, find out more about the Entity Framework, or just check into some cool podcasts for your daily commute, then you'll want to read more about these latest tools and resources.

Scott Mitchell

MSDN Magazine July 2009

Toolbox: Realistic Test Data, Dare Obasanjo's Blog, Color-Coding Tools, and More


This month Scott shows how to generate realistic test data, visits Dare Obasanjo's blog, and demonstrates color coding code for better readability.

Scott Mitchell

MSDN Magazine October 2008

Toolbox: Database and OR/M Tools, Oren Eini and Custom Visual Studio Tabs


This month we look at tools for enhancing the LINQ to SQL and Entity Framework designers, Oren Eini's .NET development blog, Visual Studio tab customization, and more.

Scott Mitchell

MSDN Magazine December 2009

Toolbox: C# JavaScript, Eric Lippert's Blog, And More


Writing your JavaScript code in C# and having it converted, Eric Lippert's programming blog, and reading up on T-SQL 2008.

Scott Mitchell

MSDN Magazine January 2009

Toolbox: Online Scheduling, Jeff Smith's SQL Blog, Easy Regular Expressions, And More


This month Scott looks at improving development skills, writing regular expressions, a web scheduling control and a SQL tips blog.

Scott Mitchell

MSDN Magazine November 2008

Toolbox: Serializing objects, Scott Allen's blog, Site Performance, and more


Serialize and Deserialize Fixed Length and Delimited Files, Scott Allen's blog, inspecting Web Pages, and more.

Scott Mitchell

MSDN Magazine August 2008

Toolbox: Easy Wiki Hosting, Scott Hanselman's blog, and Snagging Screens


Host a wiki the easy way, get the screen shots you need and mark them up, and read about LINQ this month in Toolbox.

Scott Mitchell

MSDN Magazine July 2008

Toolbox: SQL Code Completion, Subversion Tools, Agile Development, and more


This month: help writing SQL code, modeling your database with SubSonic, and a review of Visual Studio Team System: Better Software Development for Agile Teams.

James Avery

MSDN Magazine Launch 2008

Toolbox: Updated grid controls, open-source comparison tools, and more


This time: Windows Forms grids, professional-looking date textboxes, file merging, and more.

Scott Mitchell

MSDN Magazine November 2007

Toolbox: Rich Web App UIs, Tools for Regular Expressions, and More


In this issue, create rich Web app UIs, explore tools for regular expressions, and create screen mockups.

Scott Mitchell

MSDN Magazine February 2007

Toolbox: Database job scheduling, Browser Analysis, and More


From a developer's perspective, once a database's schema has been defined and the tables, stored procedures, and other database objects have been created, it can be forgotten, abstracted away into the data access layer of the application's architecture.

Scott Mitchell

MSDN Magazine May 2006

SP2010 Blog Tools

Hi guys! SP 2010 newbie here. I was wondering what happen to the Blog Tools Web part in SP 2010. It seems that several options is no longer there.  In the SP 2007, we usually get teh following functions: Create a post Manage posts Manage comments All content Set blog permissions Launch blog program to post But in SP 2010 we only have:  Create a post Manage posts   Manage comments Launch blog program to post Is there anyway we can get the same list of functionalities in SP 2010 other than resorting to hardcode the links using summary links?

Can other ETL tools load data into Analysis Services?


AFAIK, Integration Services is the Microsoft's ETL product, but can other tools integrate to Analysis Services for using it as the data warehouse (I mean, for storing cubes, dimensions and measures).

Toolbox: F# Tools and Resources


F# is a new functional, type-safe programming language for the .NET Framework. It may be a relatively young language, but F# has quickly developed a cult following within the programming community. Here's a guide to the tools and resources that will help you get started.

Terrence Dorsey

MSDN Magazine April 2011

Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint Developer Tools Overview Presentation (Blog Post)

Mike Morton, Program Manager on the Visual Studio team, presents a link to his session at the recent Microsoft MVP Summit.

Table Analysis Tools tab missing in Excel


After i installed the data mining add-in (for SQL 2005 and i am using sql 2005), i saw everything normal, the data mining tab, Table Analysis Tools tab appeared on my excel sample sheet. However, the next day when i open Excel, i only see Data Mining tab but NOT the Table Analysis Tools tab. Please help me on this as i need this tab for my learning. Please note that after the installation, i have the sample spreadsheet with 'Introduction', 'Forecasting' sheets etc. This situation also happened in my home machine as well.


Parser error while using Excel Analysis Tools - Goal Seek Algorithm


I'm running Table Analysis Tools in Excel using the example spreadsheet DMAddins_SampleData.xlsx.  Since I'm new to these tools I’m not much familiar with the errors triggered by SSAS.  While running the "Scenarios Analysis: Goal Seek" algorithm, I'm getting the following error in the Goal Seek dialogue box:

Query (1, 46) Parser: The syntax for 'value' is incorrect.

Any idea what is causing this.



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